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June 18, 2009

End of a Pre Schoolers Era.

Today was Ashus last day of Pre School. Went in the afternoon, collected her port folio and all the other stuff, said thank you and byes by dozens to the teachers, Moms and kids and came back home with a heavy heart.

I cannot believe that from August,

Ashu wont be among the youngest in her school.

that shes going to attend full day.

that shes going to go on field trips.

that her class is upstairs.

And what the hell am I going to do with all that extra time? *shudder*

Last night, Ashu and I sat and made Thank you cards for the teachers and Ashu drew something and wrote "Love, Ashu" by herself in all the cards. But today she refused to say thank you and bye to her teachers when we were leaving. And one of the teachers said, "Thats ok. Ashu has her own special way of saying Thanks. Thats what makes her Ashu. She would nt be Ashu otherwise." I grinned while I was seething inside. But when I think about it now, she does make sense. THAT I HAVE A STUBBORN BRAT FOR A KID! Special, my foot!

I thought I would never say this. But grow up, Ashu. You have to become a precocious pre kindergartener pretty soon.


L said...

Somebody seems to be on a blogging spree - seems to be a good start for what you could do with all that extra time :-)
And LOL at mustafa mustafa!!


Subha said...

"Kiliku rekkai mulachiduthu" - LOL.

Good luck to Ashu.

Me said...

LOL on the tags....& ROTFL on kili kku rekkai molachuduthu

Saya said...

Hey.. I am working for an IT company and have an offer for Switzerland.. Since you live there.. i thought i could ask you some questions about the place.. is there an email ID i can mail you on?

Its our space said...

You are on a roll with these labels..Hilarious ! You are taking all the attention away from the posts

yaadayaada said...

Growing up so soon! :-(

Reva said...

kiliku rekkai molaichuduthu... he he..
She's not a stubborn brat.. she's 4 :)

sole said...

ROTFL @ "I grinned while I was seething inside. But when I think about it now, she does make sense. THAT I HAVE A STUBBORN BRAT FOR A KID! Special, my foot!" You don't have to be this nasty you know ;-)

Anonymous said...

avaraiya pottaa thovarraiyaa molaikkum? You must have been azhuthakaara kid. Why dont you ask you mom/dad to write a guest special then we will know if you were a avarrai or a thovarrai!
Paavam kozhandhai - Does she ask - is it a school day today? My daughter asks that everyday.

Poppins said...


Boo, this is not fair we don't know if we should comment on the tags or on the post.

So she's going to be joining KG in August? Wow. I wish I'd had D in June instead of Sep, then even she would have been out of preschool, she's been there for too long already :(

Pleased to inform you that Poppin is well on her way to becoming precocious. *Rolls eyes*
Ashu's time will come, anyday now.

IBH said...

yaeeen maaa yaeeeen!

Kilikku Rekkai Molaichuduthu! Parannnnndhu POiduthu! LOL!

yeah! i can see it coming soon!

Usha said...

Nice blogs man! Ashu is already out of pre-school and Antu is goingg to be one!!! Man oh guys said you would be BACK soon and still hanging around there?? In your absence we have been frequenting Mast Kalandar...thanks for the invite...We are in going to be there the previous weekend and let us try to catch up then.
-Usha (remember me??!)

Mama - Mia said...


what free time? there's still antu innit?

and we dont understand the tags! bah!

Unknown said...

yay..think of it as her first graduation :)

dipali said...

She's a big girl. And Antu is going to keep you very busy, don't worry:)

AMIT said...

Yeah that is good.So your child started going school?

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