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November 16, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram.

If I want to see just excellent acting, I ll stay home and watch my 3 year old all day long. I don't go for a movie ONLY to watch excellent acting. I expect a good movie. But Vaaranam Aayiram is nt one. I don't know how to explain it though. I mean each scene on its own was good but they did nt add anything to the movie. Take the songs and dance away. Take the action scenes away. Take one of the romance angle away. What do you have? Nothing. Agreed that in real life, nothing makes sense so what can we expect from a story about a father and son and passage of time? I think it was nt interestingly shown. That's all. It was long and boring. I read some news today that Gautham has trimmed the movie and the kidnap scenes have been totally cut off. What the hell! So people who watched the movie in the first couple of days are idiots? Guinea pigs? This ain't fair, Mr. Menon.

Now for some thoughts:

So what else is new? Surya is awesome. And he proves it again and again.

Simran is good. Sameera Reddy is OK. Ramya is bad. I never liked Jyotika before. But after watching these two new heroines, I ve new found respect for Jo.

The supporting cast is excellent.

I think the word "daddy" has been used like a million times in this movie. Annoying! And the Guinness award goes to...

I had gone for this movie along with my Dad. He did nt like the movie either. For the record, I call him Appa. Never "daddy"! And the "daddy" of my two little girls sat at home while we went for a late night show. At least he can say he got a good night sleep.

I had not listened to the songs before. They were good. Loved the choreography. Surya has come a long way in the dance department, has nt he? Nice moves.

Surya does nt need a six pack for me to drool at him. All I can do at guys who go "Look at me! Look at me! I have a six pack" is *yawn*.

Needless to say, there were kids in the theatre (for a 11.30 pm show!) and the 5 year old boy behind me kept kicking my seat, pulling my hair and what not. And during one of the graphic drug scenes, he loudly asked his parents, "andha uncle ku pei pidichiduchaa"! (Is the uncle possessed by a spirit?)

Came out of the movie and while paying at the parking meter, the machine gave me an extra 10 cents. As if to mock me. Indha padatha paathu 10 paisa prayojanam unda? (Is the movie even worth 10 cents?) Hmpf!

I hope they don't trim the movie when my sis watches it next weekend. Yaan petra inbam... And she owes me one for


Anonymous said...

I still stand firm, Dasavatharam was a decent movie!! I will watch Varanam Ayiram only next week or the week after when the price comes down!

Unknown said...

hahaha -- good review --
loved "andha uncle kku pei ..."
and The very metaphorical parking meter ...

Anonymous said...

Oh, is VA that bad? But I'll def watch it anyways for Surya *drool*

BTW, Is ur dad back? I thot he left last month.

- P

Blogeswari said...

Go for Dostana , Boo! Good fun

Ayyo, I was really looking forward to bunking office and watching VA on Friday.. but.. but... Gautam Menon did not want to release the film here in Mumbai (pal wants to remake it in Hindi with Amitabh and Abhishek, is the rumour), so ended up watching Dostana instead, but was worth it and yes, no kids around to ask "Daddy, yeh GAY kya hota hai?"

Praveen said...

another bad review!!!! 10paisa kooda prayojanam illaya??

good music indeed. but the combo has split :(

Artnavy said...


i saw it only becos i like surya

i thought simran was miscast too

my current post is with my take on the film

Dee said...

my brother saw it and had very similar review...and ditto on the "daddy" part. I'll watch it on DVD only...

L said...

Ha Ha Ha!! Unga post padichu vizhundu vizhindu sirichaen!! By the way,
Zuerich la enna ellam Tamizh padamum varudha??!! inga onnumae varadilla!
But I have been waiting to see Varanam ayiram ..adanala 10 paisa
ku prayojanam illadha padatha free ya
thiruttu vazhila paaka poren :-) :-)


B o o said...

YY - Now its a "decent" movie, huh? Appadi vaa vazhikku! Go and watch. Dont forget that I warned ya!

Prithvi - Just my view. not exactly a review! Appuram yaaravadhu adikka vandhuda poraanga!!

P - Dads back. Long story. Will cover it in my next post! :)

Blogeswari - Want to watch Dostana after reading all the reviews. And please watch VA. Would love to read your take on it! :))

Praveen - My review bad? Sob sob! :(

Art - Simran was good. Of course the flash back made her look older than Surya but I can forgive that. I thot the old Surya and Simran had moer chemistry than Young Surya and Ramya. No?

Dee - Keep the remote ready with your finger on the fast forward button! :D

Lakshmi - Quite a lot of Srilankan Tamil presence here. So we get special screenings of selected Tamil movies. Nothing like that there?

L said...

Maybe other parts of Germany have..
aana naan irukkardu Dresden which
is probably not a very big city...
and where the main foreigners are
students and those working at the
University! Havent found any
Indian movies running here, although
German colleagues here seem to know
a lot about Shah Rukh Khan :-)


Mama - Mia said...

all this is greek, latin and err Tamil for me! :D

but then nothing ventured, nothing gained, naah Boo?! :D



sansmerci said...

i heard the movies good from some friends... now m confused if i shud watch it or not!

Anonymous said...

Boo, I have good news for you. My friend watched what must be the abridged version -- says it got over in two-and-a-half hours. And she complained that it seemed incomplete. So good thing you saw the full version :))

Will be watching the movie later this week. Waiting!!

Anonymous said...

Even the parking meter is mocking The Boo! all kali kaalam!

Sachita said...

I suffered the movie last saturday for three hours, as misery needs company, I thought will let you know.

Ps: Dad is back na, more posts no?:) We are all orey glad.

trying2beperfectmom said...

So reassuring to know that I am not the only one to be disappointed by VA :D

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