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June 25, 2008

Dasavatharam - My Take.

We watched Dasavatharam on Saturday. I am a HUGE Kamal fan. I loved him in the movie. I was in awe. I was bowled over by his performance. But the movie sucked. BIG time. What WERE you thinking, dude? And all this incredible and brilliant performance for this script? What a waste. But hats off to him. I ll always be a fan.

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Liked Fletchers make up and performance. Brilliant. And Balram Naidu and Poovaraghan. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Liked the Japanese dude and Nambi too. Bush was nt as bad as I expected him to be. Avtar Singh get up was good but hated that character and the Paati and Kalifulla. Total waste. And these were my honest, first impressions. I dont want to be told how its a movie on chaos theory and how these characters matter. Just because its based on chaos theory does nt mean the story has to be chaotic. I mean some story discussion did happen before making the movie right? Or did they just let 10 characters loose and asked them to be as chaotic as possible and shot them candidly? Give me a break.

And here I went for the movie 38 weeks pregnant for the 11.30 pm show leaving Ashu with my jet lagged mother. It hurt my back to sit there for 3 hours. The ticket cost 50 freaking Francs for both of us. I had read dozens of reviews, discussed the movie with my sis and parents. Did nt expect too much but still I was disappointed. Even though I had made up my mind to like it. I think theres no cheating oneself. What you feel is what you feel. Cant help it. But saying "I hated the movie" in one sentence is such a huge insult to Kamals performance. That I can say for sure. But right now, I am the black sheep in my family. My mom, dad, sis and bil have let me live because I'm carrying another life. Indha oru vaati, mannichudungapa please.

Some of the ridiculous reasons I was given defending this movie:

1. Its better than Kuruvi.

2. It does nt have romantic duet songs.

3. I did nt get the story.

4. Kamals performance is brilliant.

5. That I discussed this movie for 45 minutes on a long distance phone call to my dad.

6. I had too much expectations.

7. I ve watched far more worse movies.

8. Kamals performance is brilliant.

9. I should not compare this to Devar Magan, Anbe Sivam and Virumaandi.

10. And did I mention, Kamals performance is brilliant?

Yes, Kamal is God. Hes already up there for me, even without Dasavatharam I would worship him. So I ve nothing against Kamal but I did NOT like the movie. Came out of the theater with a bitter taste is my mouth, thats all. Im only wondering how far worse the movie could have been if it were nt for Kamal. But then Ajith did prove that in Citizen, did nt he? ;) Hd and I decided to make hay while the sun shines and went for Indiana Jones last night. Now this, me likey! What to do? I can totally imagine Kamal saying something like "Namba vera naatula porandhurukalaam da"! If only...


EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

I believe Kamal stopped making good movies after Mahanadhi and since been living on halo :). Anbe Sivam was ok, but a bit contrived (and Madhavan helped). Since then, other passable movies were Sathi Leelavathi (hilarious) and Vettaiyaadu... (underplayed, thanks to the Director)...

Anonymous said...

....And...She liked Indy....
*throwing up hands in air and walking away*

Reva said...

Ah.. nothing can replace Devar Magan. And you know why! Sivaji Ganesan :)

I actually liked Dasavatharam. It wasn't a bad movie... but I agree, it wasn't great either.

I wish that instead of all these pastes on his face, he did characters like in Michael Madana Kama Rajan.

Anonymous said...

Reason#1 ???? !!! - you are priceless !

And you liked thatha Ford and not Krishnaveni paatti ? Enna kodumai saravanan idhu :)

Anonymous said...

oh Boo! I was actually very eager to watch this movie. Still will watch it atleast for kamal.
And yeah, the more I read you the more I begin to feel myself very similar to you.
and you imagining kamal saying " namba vera veetla porandhurukkalaam da" is hilarious, but I am sure he will have such feelings.

Shobana said...

Have been reading a lot of mixed reviews for this movie, though some of them were by Kamal's "aathmaartha" fans. Don't know what to expect.

Radha: Ford thath is atleast has a nice voice that you can listen to, unlike Vijayknath thatha...who doesn't look, sound and feel good. This is the same man, who compared himself to Clint Eastwood, sometime back.

B o o said...

Engeetham - Hey, what about Hey Ram and Virumaandi? Flawless, in my opinion!

Utbt - Woman, go write your own review in your brand new website! Grrr....

Reva - Exactly. Why waste on gimmicks when we would love to see the original?

Radha - Sorry. I am ashamed myself!!

Aargee - Go watch it. Its unpredictable. But for Kamals acting, its a must see.

Shobana - I expected to like it. I read so many mixed reviews too. But you dont know what will hit you when you actually see the movie. "Kannaal kaanbhadhe Mei"!! ;)

Praveen said...

Hmm hope Marmayogi turns out to be good, thankfully hes got Rahman this time.

Aditi's Album said...

This is exactly what I was waiting for. And you WERE the prime reason why I went and watched the movie and dragged my 16 month old along. I am sure it was not worth it, however it was a nice performance by Kamal.

Anonymous said...

Hey I am glad I am not the only one on this planet who liked Vincent Poovaraghan's character. I thought it was brilliant. Khan was wasted. Liked Avtar Singh a little but didnt like the totally cinematic-non-Kamal-like end to his 'situation' (in respect for those who havent seen the movie yet). Good time pass movie which does give one a lot to talk about, love him or hate him! Priya

B o o said...

Praveen - Himesh Reshammiya is the least of the problem for this movie!! ;) Lets see how Marmayogi turns up. One lives in hope! :)

M - Apologies my dear! :( But yes, Kamals performance made it worthwhile.

Priya - So true about "a lot to talk about". I ve been discussing this movie non stop since its release. Love him or hate him, cant ignore him!

WhatsInAName said...

My thoughts! My thoughts!
I didnt like the movie either. I wish Kamal came out of the i-me-myself-syndrome... he is so wonderful otherwise! Sighs.
Actually Nambi's story could itself have been made into a wonderful movie!
Anyways, nice review that!

Anonymous said...

to me it was nostalgic. reminded me of the fancy dress competitions in school. :p
i wonder why kamal dint play asin's role too

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yaa, this was probably one of Kamal's worst movies. And I don't agree with you about it being better than least I got my laughs out of Kuruvi.

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