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April 18, 2008

Miss. Know-It-All.

So I was in school waiting to pick up Ashu. I was 10 minutes early and saw the kids playing in the yard. I did nt know how Ashu would react if she sees me, so I hid behind a car and was watching her. Another mom joined me and we both were talking and watching the kids. Then the teachers took the kids inside and they all came out 10 minutes later. I strapped Ashu in her car seat and was on the way home when Ashu asked, "Amma, what were you doing while I was in the School?" Wondering how thoughtful my darling little daughter is, I replied, "I was reading a book, Ashu." "No Amma! You were talking to an aunty. I saw you". "What? When did you see me?" "I saw you from the garden. You were talking to that aunty". Can you believe the cheek of her? I did nt even notice her noticing me. She has quietly gone inside and then has the cheek to ask me what I was doing in the first place to cross check. Kids! I'm sure my MIL will be so proud of her!! Its all in the genes, I tell ya! ;)

After we found out that the baby is a girl, I told Ashu that the Doctor has told me that the baby is a girl and to choose a girl name for the baby since Pinocchio is a boy name. But she refused. Later, I talked to her again and asked if Pinky and Pingu is OK? So she tells me, "Pinky is OK amma. But I will take care of Pinocchio. Put Pino in the cycle and go to school. Give Pino milk and hug Pino. I wont do anything for Pinky." If you mean it my dear, I don't even mind naming the baby Pinocchio officially! And do you see how very successfully she put an end to that debate?

One day she got curious and asked me, "Amma, your tummy will come out when Pinocchio comes out?" So I told her, No, the doctor will take the baby out of my tummy.
My sister who was with us in the room asked Ashu, "How will the baby come out Ashu?"
"From the hole."
What hole?
Ammas hole.
Wheres Ammas hole?
Inside Ammas pants.
Of course, I butted in and put a stop to this conversation before aunt and niece started pointing to certain parts! But how in the hell these kids infer all this? And the thing is even if I was given a million chances, I would nt have guessed what Ashu was going to say. Kids these days! Know-it-alls, all of them!

Yet another day when she was being really cute, I asked her as I have done a million times before, "Shall I eat you up Ashu? You are so cute!" As always, she screamed, NO!! I asked her why not.
So she says, "Dont eat me Amma. Because I am real". (Naan Nijam)
"You are real? Not a doll?", asked I.
"No amma, I am real".
"No you are not. You are a doll Ashu".
"No amma. I am not a doll. I am real".
"How do you know you are not a doll like the dolls you play with?"
"Like Appa is real, like Amma is real, I am also real" says she!
I am speechless, of course!



~nm said...

Those were really adorable incidents!! Its amazing how smart this girl little is!!

Anusha said...

omg! each kid's version of how baby comes out is just getting way too close to the truth. should we still call them kids?!!
the Pino argument was smart as heck!

Maggie said...

Call the baby Pino, Boo, then put your feet up and let Ashu do the rest! :-D

Lavs said...

Jeez, I knew the baby coming out of hole part only in my 10th std!!!!

Ashu is damn smart. Hugs to her!!!

Savani said...

I have said it before.. she is onr bright kiddo. I was laughing at the hole in pants :D:D:D

Manjari said...

Wow, Ashu is soo clever, she knows a lot of thing..

By Deepa and Supriya said...

hole in the pants indeed!

Anonymous said...

Thatz my niece!! :-)

Daisy said...

she has a bright career in marketing I tell ya!

B o o said...

nm - I ll admire how smart she is too if she were nt mine!! ;)

Kodis Mom - I know! When I read Kodis version of the baby coming out, I was amazed. These kids do go to some class, methinks!

Maggie (Checking the profile to see if its indeed you Moppets Mom!) - Eggjactly! ;)

Lavs - So did I! *rolling eyes*

Dot Mom - I was on the edge of the seat when my sis asked "wheres the hole". And "inside ammas pants" just blew me off. Out of the mouth of the babes indeed!

Manjari - Ask the right questions and you would be amazed how much kids do know! Its amazing!

Orchid - Its better to turn the Qs to the kids and let them answer. I would have struggled if she had asked me the same Qs. Such simple answers!

YY - Yeah! Just like her aunt! :)

Daisy - LOL! Thats a thought!

Shobana said...

A Miss Know-It-All indeed!!!!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Ms.Know-it-all indeed. But a very cute one. Mine used to say,"Amma, you cant eat me. You are a vegetarian." Another time she said,"You shouldnt eat me, coz then there wont be me anymore." Kids!!! Love reading your posts. Priya

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Ende Daivame! Amma's hole? What's up with these kids? She is just too cute Boo. Suthi Podu.

Anonymous said...

Krishna Guruvayoorappa!
Hard to keep up with her, isn't Boo?

Loved Ashu's pic in this post. Cutest best. Maybe you should buy exact similar outfit and take pics.

Anonymous said...

Still recovering.

Just Like That said...

OMG! How did she know about babies coming out of Ammas' holes??!LOL!And she certainly put paid to any hanky panky with Pinky :-D

Swati said...

Too smart to comment ..she is not even 3...OMG ...LOL at the HOLE!!!

Sunita said...

How did she know that!! me dumb or a fool but I knew about babies coming out from holes only when I was 20. I always thought it was the belly button that would pop-deliver.

Mama - Mia said...

awesome!! :)

thats all i can say!! these kids leave you speechless!

super post!

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