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April 25, 2008

So this is what is happening.

You guys seriously underestimated us curious cats, folks! Moppets Mom and Kodis Mom made excel sheets. Poppins Mom put together an impressive first draft and I sort of filled in the gaps. And with the ever enthu Lavs, heres our list of bloggers who are part of this FAIR GAME. Of course, we have to go a long way on the anagram and cracking the code. But we are happy with what we have achieved so far and can only be amazed by all the planning you guys have done and pulled this thing off. Hats off to you, really! And you thought I ll quit this soon and go to sleep. Sorry Kodis Mom, did some sleuthing on my own and figured we got the order a little wrong. Shobana has atlast posted. Tharini, Altoid and Anitha (Nikkis Mom) have rightly guessed our power and refrained from posting. The wimps! If only, I could keep my eyes open with match sticks and wait for them to post. But alas, the time zone plays the villain. (Drafted this post at 12 midnight and went to sleep)

2.00 AM - Ok, I am up for my loo break and the laptop found its way into my lap. After what seems like hours, I am almost there. Take it from here Kodis Mom. And once you go to sleep, Moppets Mom and Poppins Mom can take over. I am seriously tempted to crack the login and password using this phrase. But let me be a good girl and wait until tomorrow and conform to the protocol. Alright, Gauri? ;)

1. Utbt to Shobana - T
2. Shobana to Suki - H
3. Suki to DDMom - E
4. DDMom to Sujatha - S
5. Sujatha to altoid - Blank
6. Altoid to ?
7.Collection of Stars to Cee Kay - O
8. Cee Kay to Upsilamba - R
9.Upsi to Sunita - K
10.Sunita to Monica - A
11. Mona to Yaadayaada - R
12. YY to AA Mom - R
13. AA Mom to Kiran - Blank
14. Kiran to Daisy - I
15. Daisy to Mnamma - V
16. Mnamma to Asha - E
17. Asha to Choxbox - T
18. Choxbox to Tharini - Blank
19.Tharini - ?
20 Noon to Nisha - P
21. Nisha to Dot Mom - I
22. dot Mom to Birds Eye View - N
23. BEV to Trishna - K (The one with 6 blogs is Trishna. This really made us sweat. I formed the word then figured it!)
24.Trishna to Anitha - O
25.Anitha to ?
26Gauri to K3 - R
27. K3 to MM - B
28. Mad Momma - blank (Gotta be Ro based on the word. But Im not convinced.)
29.Rohini to Mummyjaan - L
30.Mummyjaan to CW - U
31.CW to Amrita - E
32.Amrita to Sue - G (Sue has a design blog with hubby. Duh!)
33.sue to Aargee - E
34. Aargee to Itchy - E
35 Itchy to Parul - I
36 PArul to Msytic Margarita - F
37 Mystic to Orchid - O
38 Orchid to Aditis Album - N
39 Aditis album - ?
40. Dipali to Yashodara - L (Nut as in Peanut? How did we miss this obvious clue and went in for the nutty siblings?)
41. Yashodara to nosh n reh - blank
42. noshreh to Silent one - Y
43. silent one to - W (Does Suki come here and Shobana points to someone else? Im stumped.)
44. Dee to Sahithis Mom- K
45. Sahithis Mom to Eves Lungs - blank
46.Eves Lungs to Compulsive Dreamer - N
47.CD to Rayshma - blank
48.Rayshma to Broom - E
49.Broom - W

The Stork Arrivet(h) Pink Or Blue Gee If Only W(e) Knew

Over and out. Will get up in the morning if Im still alive to celebrate! And would bow and touch all your feet if that was possible. Long time since I had so much fun! You guys are the best and I cant wait to see the site. And who ARE the riddlers? Awesome work!

Update: The Right List with the Links. Thanks to some super sleuthing by Poppins Mom, Maggie and Kodis Mom.

1. Utbt to Shobana - T

2. Shobana to Suki - H

3. Suki to DDMom - E

4. DDMom to Sujatha - S

5. Sujatha to Altoid - Blank

6. Altoid to Collection of Stars - T

7. Collection of Stars to Cee Kay - O

8. Cee Kay to Upsilamba - R

9. Upsilamba to Sunita - K

10. Sunita to Monica - A

11. Mona to Yaadayaada - R

12. Yaadayaada to AA Mom - R

13. AA Mom to Kiran - Blank

14. Kiran to Daisy - I

15. Daisy to Mnamma - V

16. Mnamma to Asha - E

17. Asha to Choxbox - T

18. Choxbox to Tharini - Blank

19. Tharini - Noon - H

20. Noon to Nisha - P

21. Nisha to Dot Mom - I

22. Dot Mom to Birds Eye View - N

23. Birds Eye View to Trishna - K

24. Trishna to Anitha - O

25. Anitha to Gauri - Blank

26. Gauri to K3 - R

27. K3 to Rohini - B

28. Rohini to Mummyjaan - L

29. Mummyjaan to Chronic Worrior - U

30. Chronic Worrior to Amrita - E

31. Amrita to MayG - G

32. MayG to Mad Momma - E

33. Mad Momma to Aargee - Blank

34. Aargee to Itching to Write - E

35. Itchy to Parul - I

36. Parul to Mystic Margarita - F

37. Mystic Margarita to Orchid - O

38. Orchid to Dipali - N

39. Dipali to YonEarthNot - L

40. YonEarthNot to NoshnReh - Blank

41. NoshnReh to Silent One - Y

42. Silent One to Sue - W

43. Sue to Dee - E

44. Dee to Sahithis Mom- K

45. Sahithis Mom to Eves Lungs - Blank

46. Eves Lungs to Compulsive Dreamer - N

47. Compulsive Dreamer to Rayshma - blank

48. Rayshma to Broom - E

49. Broom - W


Maggie said...

I just woke up - and you've already solved it! Yay, Boo! :-)

Loga said...

Impressive work !!! :-)

Maggie said...

Ok, I'll be back in a bit, got to get Moppet ready for school...

AA Mom said...

Awesome ladies!! we bow to thee as well.

So much for the groups planning in looking out for auspicious days and all. You bet us to it by a day or atleast a few hours!!

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT job, BOO! thanks for correcting our mistakes - the nut leading to Yashodara was bugging me too!! and BEV to Sue was the other big mistake.

hats off to all you non-MTBs who came up with this!! you guys were just brilliant!
-kodi's mom

Sahithi's Mom... said...

Excellent job boo..
I am mightily impressed...:)

Lavs said... guys cracked it!!
***does a victory lap dance***

Damn..had the computer been in the hall, i would have stayed awake....

And you know what I dreamed..MNamma coming home(I haven't even met her) and handing me a clue!!!

Will catch up on those emails now...

Hats off to the planners!!! You surely know how to bring excitement into a preggie blogger's life:-)

Sujatha Bagal said...

Man, I'm so sorry this has to actually end at some point, but not for a little while longer at least! Great job, you guys.

mnamma said...

LOL!!! I was at your blogspot today Lavs while you were sleeping :) and did M and N come with me too in your dream?

Lavs said...

[Mnamma]-No kids....just you coming home and me wondering how you found my address(me the ever doubting jack)...

Gosh, this was so much fun.....I will relive in the memories for now....

Cee Kay said...

27 and 28 are wrong, and you are missing one blogger. Actually a blogger who played a VERY big part in all this :D

Cee Kay said...

Oh, and number 33 is wrong too. I know you cracked the user name and passwrod, but 99% of the fun is in getting the riddles, right? Right!


Cee Kay said...

32 too. Keep cracking ladies!


Collection Of Stars said...

You guys are super smart :)

And the riddlers are amazingly creative :)

Hats off to all of you!!!

bird's eye view said...

Wow, did not guess you gals would be so motivated you would be up till all hours of the night while pregnant!!! and making excel sheets and all.

Well done!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys on cracking on code! And i see that atleast two of you have already visited the site!

Asha said...

Well done preggies!!

Swati said...

WOW ..never expected that you would be THAT fast ...:) Amazing!!!

Just Like That said...

WOW! :-D That was fast! and smart! Congrats dear MTB's.

Mystic Margarita said...

Great job, preggos! Though, like Cee Kay said, you were off by a few, you solved it!! And super-fast, too!

Daisy said...

AWESOME job guys.. really.. now we hope you enjoy your treasure :)

noon said...

Boooooooooooo!!! You are toooo much! You are more than ready for the second girl!
Your post - that was got us all so excited by that first post! Ahn finally the MTB's are reacting we felt! :))
Great job all of you MTBs! :)))

Itchingtowrite said...

awesome work

Anusha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anusha said...

Ceekay: the missing blogger must be MayG, right?
Amritha - MayG - MM - Aargee - Itchy

~nm said...

Are you sure you are all preggo?? I mean I was such a scatter brain when I was preggo! Couldn't remember a thing after 30 mins!

And you have racked your brains and solved it flat in less than 48 hrs!

So tell me the secret..what have all of you been eating??? Come on..out with it! :D

That was just awesome!!

DesiGirl said...

You are insane! Like Mags, I just woke up, booted the comp all bleary eyed and there's mails galore and you have cracked it! Spreadsheets?! You girls are the heights!!!!

So where's this party again??

Maggie said...

And my trail is done. Have left a return-rhyme at each stop. Thank you all ladies, so much!

neha vish said...

Wow! The mind boggles. Awesome work ladies! :)

Subhashree said...

Well done Boo and gang! But seriously, we thought we'll keep you busy over the weekend, but Boo and the gang being who they are, solved it real quick. Congratulations...

And of course the riddlers! You lot are very creative.

Thanks Tharini for introducing so many bloggers in one mammoth exercise. And of course, your mastermind has to be praised.

Wonderful. And I had the best time after quite a long time.

Anonymous said...

Boo, Boo,
How we underestimated all of you
This will go on over the weekend atleast, thought we
But what do you do? Solve it in minutes literally!
It was so much fun though
Seeing your post and the comments that rolled!
Boy must you be tired
After all this hard work
Go now
Some Zzzzs sure need to be hired.

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

27 is K3 to Ro
28 is TMM to Aargee.
32 is Amrita to MayG
33 is Sue to Dee

By Deepa and Supriya said...

:)...good job!

Anonymous said...

You are one smart cookie :)
very impressive.. well done.

DotThoughts said...

you are one bunch of smart preggo ladies. I don't ever wanna get into wrong books with you. preggo or not :)

Anonymous said...

hee hee hee!!! God, watching you guys react is the best part of this whole exercise! well done ladies! some criminal somewhere is really happy none of you went into police work.

Unknown said...

Absolutely marvellous sleuthing ! Good job done . All the best while you count the days !

Anonymous said...

I am an ardent reader of this blog and it is sad to see that the blog author does not bother to explain whatever she has written despite umpteen requests

Guys, there are other bloggers who are non-moms / non-preggie / non-vetti people who read your blogs and would you care to explain whatever you have written?

B o o said...

Sharadha - I had explained the post as soon as I saw your comment in my recent post. And even apologized too! I am honored that you think reading a mommy, preggie and vetti blog is a non vetti task! ;)

Anonymous said...

Second time lurking around and find a whole lot of catching up to do. Went off line a week and came back to see what I missed. A whole lot of partying. Makes me wish I had a blog like you gals. I could have had my Online baby shower for my second one as well. Looks like I missed my chance.
Expecting my second baby boy Aug 1st and was happy to read all the blog gals are busy with their second babies too.
All the best for all you gals out there.

Amita said...

Well done Boo and gang! But seriously.

baby growth