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March 18, 2008

Busy doing nothing.

Social life in Bay Area is hectic. I am more busy here than Zurich and Bangalore put together. There are always parties to attend, Athais visiting, a grahapravesam to dress up, friends dropping in, calling up college friends who live in the US, cousins to visit, restaurants to check out...

On Saturday, there was a pot luck dinner at Sundars place. Loved their newly done up house. His older daughter was being the perfect little hostess. Such a sweet little thing. The Little one was very quiet and observant. I wonder if Sundar is making up things in his blog about the kids! There were at least 8 bloggers including me. I was all teeth to meet the Blog Celebrity Balaji of Bbthots. Did you buy my "acting cool" part, Balaji? ;)

Thanks for all your lovely wishes folks! Updates on pregnancy and Ashu coming up soon.


Balaji said...

we were pretty thrilled to finally meet Boo! and u call me 'blog celebrity'? this has to be a case of the pot calling the kettle 'blog celebrity' :)

Anonymous said...

>>I wonder if Sundar is making up things in his blog about the kids

That thought crossed my mind too!
But I ruled in favor of Sundar.

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Go on then, rub it in even more.

Manchus said...

Now that the trial run is done, it is high time that you move over here and settle down. I know by now there must be too much pressure on your HD :)

Life is fun in California :) What do you say?

Shobana said...

Sounds like oodles of fun....and u met Balaji in person??? WOW! U lucky woman..he is indeed a blog celebrity...

Mona said...

hey you :)
congrats on the pregnancy. blogger was being snotty and not letting me access or comment on any blogs. but i'm back! and very happy for your little family.
hoping for the best for you guys.
much love!

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