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March 06, 2008

The Grand Reunion.

If all of you are jealous about my vacation and the family reunion, wait till you hear about the vacation inside this vacation and the mega grand reunion. We are just back from a luxury cruise! To Mexico and back! Four fun days! 12 Adults and 3 kids! My Bils brothers family and his sisters family who live in different parts of the US and his parents who are visiting all flew to San Diego from their respective homes while the 7 of us drove to San Diego from here. Took us almost 10 hours what with frequent susu breaks for Ashu and peak traffic time in LA. Met Bils family there and the next day we all went to the harbor. This was our ship - Carnival Elation. I cant begin to describe the feeling when I first saw the ship. It was AMAZING. Cracking the cheesiest Titanic based jokes, we entered the ship and found our rooms. Sis and Bil had a surprise as soon as they opened their door. Hd had called Carnival the previous day and arranged for the room to be decorated specially for their anniversary. So we started with a bang. Then we were all off to explore the ship and were simply awed by just the size of it. The swimming pool, the Jacuzzis, the huge casino, the 24 hour buffets, elaborate formal dinners, the view, the music, the magic show, stand up comedy and dance shows in the evening,... It was truly a different world. We started on Thursday and reached Cabo San Lucas on Sunday morning. We had till 4 pm to see Cabo. It was a beautiful place. We whale watched, we para sailed, we went on glass bottom boats, sighted Seals, posed with Pelicans, bought souvenirs,... and caught the last boat back to the ship in the nick of time.

We dressed up every evening for dinner. Took amazing portraits almost everyday. Felt like celebrities. We had our own personal waiter for all the 4 nights. We ate fine food and mouth watering desserts. Sis and Bil cut cake amidst much fan fare. Ashu was in a daze the whole time. Is this a hotel or a ship amma? Is this US amma? Wheres the Captain Amma? Wheres the fish Amma? She would nt go to the Children's camp there. She was with us the whole time and had fun with the other 2 kids. With 12 adults, there was nt a shortage for people to baby sit the kids. We showered Sis and Bil with gifts and cards. We all wore matching personalized T shirts with Sis and Bils name on it. We made them exchange garlands and rings. We did the whole nine cheesy yards!!! It was fun, fun and more fun the whole time. My best moment was after a dip in the pool and soaking in the jacuzzi, lying down on the deck chair and looking at the passing clouds. It will stay in my memory forever. I had absolutely no care in the world. Everyone who mean the world to me were around. Perfect bliss.

Now we are back and still talking about the cruise. Time did fly. We also spent half a day at Sea World in San Diego and Ashu was thrilled to see Shamu. Met a very good friend of mine after almost 8 years, stayed a night at her place and met her absolutely cute toddler. Thanks a lot for accommodating all of us, M. You are the best! Now we are back in the Bay Area and Ashu is down with a cold. I would have been surprised if she were nt what with so many changes in the past one week. Hope it does nt become worse though. Crossing fingers.

Off I go to find out what has been happening in the blog world for the past one week. I missed you all.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I envy you.. Glad you had a good time

- Mylapore maami

Just Like That said...

Wow! WOW! WOWWWW!!!! Glad you had a ROCKING time.

Timepass said...

Great...I don't know if there is any word bigger than jealous?? Have fun.

Anonymous said...

i hate you.

(but glad you had fun)

Anonymous said...

*gaping mouth refuses to shut*

Vinitha said...

Aww! I know the pleasures of a cruise. 5 course meals, pampering to the nth degree, towel animals..
Glad you guys had fun!
So did you by any chance step on the weighing scale after you got off the cruise?
A typical cruise vacation is known to add around 5 pounds ;)
But it is worth it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, glad you had soooo much fun !!
Arent cruises the best ? :)

Anusha said...

"I missed you all."
yea, right, Boo, save us these obligatory phrases will you?!
and blast doesnt begin to describe your vacation inside vacation!
so nice how you guys gang up and go all the way for special events - matching t-shirts, garlands!!

Tharini said...

Oh wow Boo! What an adventure of a time. I love how all of you went all out with to make it such a grand time for your sister and her husband. Awesome touches!

And like Kodi's Mom...I don't beleive for a minute that you missed us. You said so yourself...when you looked at the passing clouds wishing for nothing more! :D

B o o said...

Kodis mom and Tharini - I missed reading your blogs. Happy? ;)

Mad said...

Im so glad the ship did not drown, like the Titanic!

Hope you have lots of pictures, to remember the moments after years to come :)

Anonymous said...

and u didnt tell us abt the US trip before...was it all planned or just happened!!!

Spontaneous Mini said...

heyy, all this happy family reunions, large family outings, celebrations, and surprises sounds so much like a Barjatiya mushy stuff. I just love reading abt it. makes me feel just as elated.
Have fun.
No news abt the guava cake, i got.
but i think its Aki's guava chiffon coz that the only one that has max reviews online. I am gonna try it this weekend.
Have loads of fun and make us a part of it by sharing the fun.

B o o said...

Spontaneity and Afterthought - So sorry. I wanted to confirm with my sis before telling you but kept forgetting. Yes, its from Akis. Im sure you ll love it. :)

noon said...

Boooooo - OMG - this sounds heavenly! My God - just too much fun. What a wonderful family you have! Just too good...Touch wood Touch wood!! Incredible really. Wish all of us could be united and happy like this - wow what a world that would be!

Chitra said...

Awesome boo :)

Maggie said...

That's it! I'm putting you on my 'most hated' list! ;-)

Anonymous said...

WOW! That sounds like fun! Belated anniv wishes to your sis and BIL!

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

What a beautiful idea!! And I'm not feeling one bit jealous somehow, I think you certainly deserve it. I'm so happy for you !

I'm sure your sister and BIL were totally bamboozled with all the attention. I think cruises are the best way to have a family vacation.

And yeah, you missed us all? HAH.

P u said...

Wowwwwwwww... am still trying to shut my wide-open mouth after being dazzled by all the pics... and now this!

Glad for all u guys... u can make a movie video out of this trip I think!!

Mama - Mia said...

wow!!! :)

arent these the times make life what it is! a blessing! :)

wishing you happier times ahead with the new angelic addition to be!! :)

my hubby read me a lot of your blog when i was a new mom and was having horrid time breastfeeding etc!!

somehow i never ended up reading again! now here i am again!! hopefully to read through your new chapters! :)



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