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December 21, 2007

The Very Observant Ashu.

The other day I was reading "The very busy spider" to Ashu. I had got the book from the school library. So there is this spider busy spinning the web in every page not answering any of the animals and at last catching the fly and going to sleep. Alls well that ends well, except for the fly of course! So on page 7, Ashu asks me "Amma, wheres the spiders face? Its gone". So I tell her, "the spider is facing the other way and spinning the web, Ashu. So you are seeing the back of its head". For your information, the picture of the spider is relatively smaller. The pictures of the animals are big, bright and colorful. So I was surprised she was asking something about the spider which is in every page and not the different animals in each page. And then I had a doubt. So I took a look from the first page again. Well, what do you know? The first 6 pages have 2 small dots for eyes on the spiders head and they missing in the 7th page. And this little one had noticed THAT. And the thing is I was reading this book for the FIRST time to her. I could sort of understand if it was the 20th time. How freaky is that! I immediately said, "Oh God! You are so much like your Grandma Ashu". And not as a compliment since the grandma I'm referring to is my MIL!

If my mil was in a gathering, she would sit in a corner and scan every moving and non moving object with her laser eyes. If a person crosses her, she would say things like "Ava kaadhula pottundu irundha jimikki gold aa enna?" (Do you think the Jhumkas in her ears were gold?) And I'm the sort of girl who after talking to a person for an hour would nt notice even if the persons ears were missing. So I would be like "What ear rings?" And if you tilt your head suspiciously towards the Hd, let me assure you he has nt inherited this gene from my mil. Hes a man after all. So mostly he ll be like "What person?" So I cant believe together we have made this specimen which notices 2 tiny black dots missing from a small spiders head. Karma, huh?


Anonymous said...

She is such an observant cutey pie!

Its our space said...

Wow,noticing Missing dots! She's awesome. LOL,@//Hes a man after all. So mostly he ll be like "What person?"//

Thanks very much for stopping by my,ahem,blog.No one would have known its existence but for the new upgraded security measures at Tharini's.I have posted a few anon comments on your blog and should have actually come to you long ago to ask "ennayum vilayauttula sethukareengala ":D but decided against it because,like you said in things about yourself,i don't just have the mother of all complexes, but a full family of them :D.So, wasn't sure of the writing.Anyways, I am not a closet commenter anymore!Yeehaw!

ps: Is the doo phase over :)?

Anonymous said...

Here's an explanation for Ashu's observations. Little children havent learnt how to read as yet. For them the story unfolds through the pictures and not the words. We adults look at only the words (at least I do) more than the pics. Kids dont care about the letters they see, so even a slight difference in the pics is noticable to them. How do I know this, I have a little girl too and she notices EVERYTHING. Keep watching for these signs of observations to become less and less once she starts to read. If they continue even after that, then you may go thank your MIL for her trait. Until then hold off on the Thank Yous. Suriya Sweets Priya

rajk said...

This sounds so familiar. My son surprises me every day by pointing out things that I'd never have noticed...Hope that they stay this observant and curious always!

Anonymous said...

Is'nt she the one who spotted u having tea from her father's cup and said "Appa Tea Appa tea"...when much younger.

IBH said...

i tell you....Kaju is what 14 months all together..and she is so observant tha sometimes i am ashamed that am not half observant as her..:)

my mum used to use cotton ear buds to keep her bottu all this day in front of kaju she used one ear bud to clean her ears...from then on every time she sees an ear bud she takes it puts it in her ears and admires her in the mirror :) now she also knows that her dad's car key is to open cars and not the doors...she knows that the acs remote and tvs remote are two different things and that she tries to operate them in that fashion...

i tell u this generation kids...:) and LOL at the last statement :)

Subhashree said...

First timer at your blog. Came through Tharini's blog. This post is so hilarious that I rolled over the floor laughing with tears streaming down my face. Or probably I was PMSing. Nevermind, you either way have a way with words.

Usha said...

Kids have an amazing capacity to observe and assimilate - I guess as we grow old we stop looking and hearing fully. We observe partially and then assume the rest.
They observe all the pictures and symbols on equipment and learn to operate them even without a manual of instructions.

Daisy said...

WoW!what a cutie pie!ahem- apart from the fact that it reminds you of your MiL, it is quiet cute- you must agree...

Mona said...

i've noticed this too. kids are so observant, it's ridiculous. they catch everything we miss.
a little boy i know who does not read yet can tell every single car logo from the other - no confusion there! he's a little over 2.

Aryan-Arjun said...

Really oberservant...and that too for the first time.
What happened to the Doo phase????
Aryan's mom

B o o said...

Yaada - :)

Mias Mom - Good to see you delurking! :) Reading your posts so far, you have nothing to worry about! Im loving it! You have got yourself a regular reader!

Priya - Thats too bad, this power of observation going away, is nt it? Part of being an adhlt I suppose! Well, it sucks! ;)

Rajk - You are right. Its just that every time Ashu does it, its the least expected thing and it always takes me by surprise! :)

Anon - Whoa! Who are you? Are you writing a thesis on my blog? Im honored someone remembers such trivial details from my blog! ;)

IBH - Oh yeah, the remotes! Sometimes even Hd mixes up the remotes and Ashu helps him! Like my mom said, they are like new sponges now absorbing everything and we are the sodden ones with too much information overload! ;)

B o o said...

Nisha - Welcome. And thank you very much for the nice comment. I hope it was the pms though! ;)

Usha - And not to mention the know it all attitude that comes with the age which makes us refuse to listen to others or observe anything. Sigh! If only I can learn a thing or two from Ashu...

Daisy - Its cute alright! On Ashu, I mean! ;)

Mona - My nephew did that too when he was around 2. Kids, huh!

Aryan - May be Ashu reads my blog. Because the doo phase is sort of waning! Its still there but not as often as it was before. May be I should post on her poor eating! ;)

Mama - Mia said...


awesome!! whoever called kids innocent and dumb never had any of his/her own!

kabir is just 5 months old! and he knows when i holler at him and shows his indingnation too by not smiling at me inspite all my efforts for quite some time!! :D

hubby dearest read your blog very often in my first few months of depression oriented mothetrhood and got me outta lotsa wet eyes and runny nose situations!! :D

hope to read you myself more often now!

hugs to ashu! and hope you had a super super trip!



Neera said...

Ha ha ha smart kids!! And amazing how the same kind of things happen at the same times in our houses. Just yesterday I was boasting in my front of my husband that I knew and he didn't that Windows Media Player can be paused and re-started by using the space bar and guess where I learnt that from - my 2 yr 9 mth old son.
Great going Ashu!!

Anonymous said...

This is EXACTLY how Aashna is!! VERY VERY observant, noticing the tiniest of things.
Thanks for sending me this link, its amazing how some 2 yr olds are!


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