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July 31, 2007


Today is my fathers last working day. Hes retiring from his job after working for 34 years in his beloved organization. I would nt be lying if I say that he loves his office and his job a teeny weeny bit more than his grand daughter and that's saying something, is nt it? So how can I make his day special? By surprising him, of course! We have been planning for a month now and since my mom reads this blog, I could nt write here and it was killing me not to let you folks know. And how can I not whine to you guys about flying with a toddler alone? But I held my tongue and all for good reason. And that's not all! I pulled my sister into this plan as well and she traveled from the US and reached Chennai on Sunday night. Ashu and I reached in the afternoon. We reached our hometown on Monday night by road. My dads still in shock and my mom almost had a heart attack. But it was all totally worth it! The look on my mom and dads faces was just priceless. Ashu of course is the most happiest of the lot having a blast being with her favorite Aunt and her grand parents at the same time. More details of the whole thing later. Now got to go and get ready for the farewell party for my dad.

Happy Retired Life, Dad! You are the best!


Just Like That said...

That is indeed a lovely gesture. Here's hoping all of you have a blast!
So your Dad is retiring from his job that he just might love a teensy weensy bit better than Ashu. Gift him with the second best- ask him to come with you to Switzerland, occasionally to bond with Ashu and her Mom.
My good wishes to your Dad.

Poppins said...

Oh wow that is awesome. So that's the reason behind your silence on the blog? Have fun, what an awesome gesture !!

Any hopes that you might be in Bangalore and want to meet up?? I can hope can't I?

Sunita said...

WOW!! A surprise visit from overseas...great. I have come home from assignments abroad and rang the bell at 4am and 5am in the morning and the look on the face is absolutely worth it.

Anonymous said...

so your name's shubha is it:-) i think i know you!

B o o said...

JLT - Thanks. My dad hates flying and he dreads to travel abroad. But I have been nagging him. so may be next time!

Poppins - No plans to visit Blore this time. But Im hoping to meet you next time Im in blore. And congrats on the mention in the article!

Sunita - I have suprised before too, its a disease in my family to suprise others! But seeing both my sister and I just blew them away! :)

Sree - Send me a mail. You have made me curious!

timepass said...

Boo, I would have loved to see the reaction of ur parents on seeing u sisters suddenly.. priceless moment...Have a nice time..

Shobha said...

Hey, that's just the sweetest thing :)

Archana said...

That is so awesome! Thank you for making me smile first thing in the morning :-)! You daughters rock!

Wish your dad a happy retired life!

Anusha said...

wow! how did you get to india so fast?!! really sweet gesture on your part! and I agree - surprise on your parents' face is worth it all!

Anonymous said...

how sweet. am trying to get out more words but all i can say is how sweet! (esp the part about how you held back posting about it on your blog too!)

did your dad work for LIC by any chance? asking for no particular reason - my dad did, and the last time somebody mentioned that their dad worked in the same org for 34 years i asked LIC? and she said yes. and it turned out our fathers knew each other very well! so.

- d

Spontaneous Mini said...

I have been a silent reader of yours for sometime. After the M-I-L-K when there was a significant gap. i knew something was brewing.
Very happy for your family.

mnamma said...

Enjoy your time at India Boo! It really must have been a sweet surprise for your parents. Ashu must be having a blast too! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Have a blast, Boo! I love your writing style.

Hema said...

I have been a fan of your writing for a while. since didn't have any post for a while ...i was like is ashu ok .you guys did a wonderful thing .wish your dad a happy retirement life.

Maggie said...

WOW! What a wonderful surprise!

Something to Say said...

what an abso sweet thing to do boo. Really you're the best!!!

Anonymous said...


I did this once for Deepavali (when I just started blogging) and the reaction on their face is totally worth for the pain :))

B o o said...

timepass - Thanks. It was priceless indeed!

ss - thanks.

archana - thanks. we felt our dad deserved it on his special day.

Kodis mom - Yes it is! And since this is our home town and all, just a perfect thing to do and show some conservative people what daughters are made of!

d - no, not LIC. That generation was one loyal one, was nt it?

s&a - Thanks for delurking. You knew? I was afraid my parents would guess too so I called them from Chennai after I landed and spoke to them as if I was in zurich. They did nt know what hit them! I have become a pro at this! ;)

the mad momma said...

boo..nothing you do surprises me.. you're a dudette!

B o o said...

mnamma - Thanks. Oh yeah, Ashu is having fun. More posts coming up!

indianomad - Thank you very much.

meenu - thanks. all your comments mean so much to me.

moppets mom - Oh yeah, it was! Now my sis and I are all upset that it is all over! :(

s2s - Thank you so much dear! I was afraid it will be taken as "too much ado about nothing"!

Dubukku - Why am I not surprised? ;)

ashok said...

my best wishes to ur Dad!

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