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June 27, 2007

Update on Ashu at 26 Months.

I'm in the kitchen warming Ashus milk in the microwave. I take it out and while stirring it, spill some milk on the counter top. I go "chee chee chee chee"! Ashu who is sitting on the sofa in the living room hears me and asks "Amma paal kottitiyaa?" (Did you spill the milk?) I went speechless for one whole second! HOW? Am I wasting *that* much milk everyday?!

We have now entered the grand era of doing everything on our own! But theres a mix up between "you" and "I". She says "You do it" which actually means "I ll do it." The first couple of times when she said "You do it" and we did it, she screamed and did it herself. Now when we tell her - Its not "You do it" Ashu. Its "I ll do it" - she thinks we want to do it and screams again!

Yesterday we were playing with the Play-Doh and I made a tortoise. I mean, I tried. Ashu sees the finished product but does nt have a clue what it is. So I giver her a hint and then declare "Its a tortoise Ashu" and she goes "No Amma. That's a Snail!" My baby girl knows SNAIL? How?

Today as soon as Hd came home from office, the little rat ran to him and said in Tamil, "Appa, I threw the play doh and Amma got angry and Amma hit me"! LIAR! Usually when she does something naughty, we make a sad face and she goes to the other person and says "Amma/Appa is making sad face because I hit them" irrespective of whether she hit us or not. So now madam is complaining that she has a sad face because I hit her. Everyone believes the child much to my inconvenience. I dont have to hit you for the stupid play doh, Honey! You give me plenty of other opportunities, so beat it!

These days, when she says "sorry", I MUST say "its ok" or else she ll keep on saying sorry and it will get louder and louder and then her voice will break and she ll start crying. Sometimes she herself will mutter a "its ok" after a sorry and move on. At other times she ll NEVER say sorry when the occasion demands it and after a double time out, she ll mutter a sorry and would nt care if its accepted or not! The bigger the mischief, the tougher it is to get a sorry out of her. For example, if "I" bump into her, she ll say sorry immediately. But if "she" throws the remote at me and it gets me on my nose and I see stars, she ll NOT say sorry until I order her to.

This weekend we had guests over for dinner and Ashu had fun playing with 2 kids. She shared her toys, played with them and there was no violence whatsoever. Just when I was relaxing, I saw Ashu climb on our bed and saying "Ashu bed this. No!" to the other little girl. Where do kids learn these? And it was nt even her bed! I mean how do they associate that this is "our" house and "our" bed. Because according to her something is either hers or others. She always says Amma appa bed and Ashu bed or Amma laptop, Appa phone, Ashu dress, etc... But in front of a guest, Amma appa bed has become "Ashu" bed! Such a brat!

Her language is also evolving. From Babulu to Dabbu Dabbu, now she clearly pronounces W as Double U much to my chagrin. As if this "huge" change is nt enough to dishearten me, her silly dad is hell bent on teaching her to pronounce F which she says as S. Fan is Shan, Phone is Shon, 4 and 5 are Shore and Shy respectively. Until yesterday that is! Instead of doing the dozen things that has to be done around the house, he showed her how to say F before sleep time last night and she got it immediately. And he sent her to me to gloat. She did too. "Phone" sounded so wrong coming from her mouth after listening to "Shon" for the past one year. Every morning when the alarm in our mobile phone goes off, she used to say "Appa Shon, Appa Shon" and wake us up. Now it will be just a dull "Appa phone". Sigh! My lil girl is growing up.


Anonymous said...

When my cousin was little he used to say "t" for "k". So thatha(grandpa) was thatha and kaka(crow) was also thatha. Most mornings when my grandpa sat down for breakfast...and my aunt was feeding him in the would be funny to see my grandpa respond everytime he was pointing to a crow :)

Musically Me said...

that is a funny post....

soon there will come a stage when she will speak normally and give you weird looks when you try to say some words in a childish manner so she would understand.... my friend's daughter whom we have seen growing right in front of our eyes started correcting our accent as she started going to school "it is not bouwl, it is bowl"

hey your daughter looks cute in those pics... good hairstyle...

Anonymous said...

Pictures are so cute.. Happy 26th month Ashu!

Trishna said...

awww this is such a cute post!! Ashu looks great in all the pics..And her mommy painted such a beautiful picture with her words..I feel I am watching her!
God bless her and lotsa love to the little Princess!
Happy 26th month!

Poppins said...

Cute updates.. I love the pictures of Ashu with her tweety lips :)

Anusha said...

cute, cute!!! Isnt it the best when they mangle language to suit them and then assert that theirs is the right way :)

pls ask your HD not to correct her pronounciation - it will deprive you of bloggable material that will make us readers go 'sooo cute' ;)

BioFreak said...

Great! that was very well written! I was laughing to my self just when I read that, especially the thatha and kaka one! It was so realistic!

Reading of confusion "you" and "I" confusion, a lot of kids are confused about yesterday and tomorrow! One of my kid cousin used to say "Naan naalaikku vandhene!" meaning "I had come tomorrow" :)

BioFreak said...

Sorry about that typo in my comment! Sure you guys can make sense out of it.

As I said (in my blog)I am hurrying to disappear for a short while out of the blog world!

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

Ashu is so cute and the last picture - the smile is wonderful. Do you always have the camera with you or does she pose so well?

Unknown said...

really cute photos Boo.


Asha said...

Happy 26th month to Ashu!!

In the first pic she looks really grown up and mischievious :)

Anonymous said...

Boo, she looks absolutely adorable in these pics! and I looooooove her hair(style)! :-) and yep, your li'l girl sure is growing up!

Sunita said...

Such a sweet snaps.
"Sometimes she herself will mutter a "its ok" after a sorry and move on" - LOL :)

Just Like That said...

A very cute, readable post and Ashu is absolutely cute too.

The sorry bit made me laugh- Sonny boy too is like that too - mulish when it comes to being forced to say sorry, otherwise uttering sorry all the time, for even calling me by mistake instead of calling his Dad.

IBH said...

very cute and sweet....absly tweety like :) :) dare i say!!....she has Angeline Jolie-sque go insure :))

u know , my niece, Malu, used to call Squirrel as kullal...and used to frame such scentences..."chachi, see see kullal....he is dunning..." (r in d) :) cant wait Kaju to grow up and baby-talk....

Anonymous said...

Yet another post thats leaving me with a smile :)
'Now it will be just a dull "Appa phone". Sigh! My lil girl is growing up' - I feel you.
D had a phase where she would pronounce diaper as diapur. I had gotten so used to it that I started saying diapur. And one fine day, she corrects me that its DIAPER and not diapur. I miss that phase.

Ashu looks very cute..

Gauri said...

Nice post Boo !! Loved Ashu's pictures too. She looks really sweet.

Ask me about the "You Do" "I Do" confusion. Lasted for quite a while after it began.

Itchingtowrite said...

cute pics. loved the you do i do and the crying becoz u said i do

Collection Of Stars said...

Glad you are back after your long break :) Your posts on Ashu make my day :)
Great post and the pics are real cute.

Anonymous said...

Like someone said Ashu has Jolieish lips. So cute. Dont allow any more 'mazhalai' corrections. At most the 'mazhalai' would last another year or two. Shon is sooo cute. Why change the cuteness! And she has started learning so much more and you dint even know it!
My DD(I remember your parents peethal post - man! you have covered most topics) says Golilla for Gorilla, Ecca for Erica, Mamya for Ramya - just replaces the following alphabet in place of R. And she even says I appeeciate it! So cute illa? And she is just 22 months old. I hope she does the same for another year atleast. Gorilla would sound so lame!

Tharini said...

Sooo cute! And big big *sigh*. There has to be a rule in your house correcting Ashu's fellings. wokay?

Loved reading abt her DIY attitude...ouhave a no-win situation there!

And what is it with little kids and big egos???? Akhil won't say a sorry even if we order him to, andthat's always for the biggest offences.

Hapyy 26 months Ashu doll!

Ps- Loooved the picture with the table reflection of her. What's that pretty thing lying om the table? A trinket? Made a nice touch in that picture.

Anonymous said...

Ashu looks very cute!!

Yes My elder daughter has mazhalai even at the age of 7 but only when she speaks tamil (not in peter) strange isn't?

Anonymous said...

This on more comment on how adorable Ashu looks. Mothers never get tired of hearing this don't they?!

SS, kaka instead of thatha, was was a thing my toddler did too.

Pretty Woman said...

indeed....ur baby girl is growing up..sigh...her pics are adorably cute! :) I sneak into your blog to read everyday..:)

when i was a kid, i used to ask my mom if she would have a baby...and that baby would remain a baby forever? ;)

B o o said...

Thanks all of you. All the 3 photos and almost all the photos I have posted after the US trip were taken by my BIL in his Canon SLR. He was literally "Cameravum kaiyumaa" for the entire trip clicking away Ashu.

Tharini - Those are 1 cent coins. We were in Vegas! ;)

BTW, Hd feels guilty after reading all your comments and I caught him teaching Ashu "Shon" this morning! ;) But little missy is all set on "phone" much to his displeasure!

Aqua said...

hi boo!!! send me your email id asap to i don't have your email id.

mommyof2 said...

Happy 26m Ashu:-)

Boo, I love reading about Ashu..She sound sooooo adorable.. Well she is adorable but after reading all this she is more:-)

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