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June 25, 2007

Walking in the Rain.

Ashu is dressed in a white and green checkered shorts with a flower print. A white and pink lacy top with flowers and butterfly print. Pink Dora shoes and a colorful head band. And oh, ear rings. Shes all of 26 months old. And the Doctors assistant takes a look and asks me "boy or a girl?" Its an insult, I say!

Ashu got two shots today, second dose of MMR vaccine and the Meningococcal vaccine. She let out a scream and then quietened down when I told her I ll put a Dora plaster when we get home. (And she made sure I changed the plaster when we got home.) It started raining heavily when I was about to leave the Doctors office. I had one umbrella with me. I decided to wait for a while. I was getting hungry as I had nt had my breakfast. So I sat on the floor outside the exit door and rummaged my handbag to find a box of Ashus colorful fishie biscuits. We both started munching on them. Theres something about watching the rain through the glass door and munching on snacks with your loved one. As I was thinking about how heavenly that moment was, Ashu accidentally dropped the biscuits and they scattered on the floor. So I was cleaning up while giving dirty looks at Ashu and she has the gall to ask me for more biscuits. Evil incarnated! I decided to brave the rain and go home. I let Ashu hold the umbrella and I held the top while pushing the stroller. She was quite thrilled to go in the rain and to hold the umbrella. It took hardly 10 minutesto walk home and while I was fully drenched, she was bone dry! Now if that does nt explain parenthood...


upsilamba said...

you have a way with words, Boo.
loved the post.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldnt your hubby be twisted in your little finger and dance for your tunes. Naangalae apdi dhaan aayirkom - after reading your last post.

What is with these people - they cannot differentiate between boy and a girl. Happens outside India! May be you should do it to them too! Next time call the assistant Mr? errr Ms?


Tharini said...

LOL! What a picture! Yes, that is indeed parenthood...hope u made youself a nice shot of ginger tea!

Anonymous said...

Thatz a nice post! Need more fishies? Good Ashu was dry.. Keep it up ;-)

Gauri said...

Good going Ashu !! Keep up the good work :-)) Getting momma all drenched in the rain, that is :-)
And Boo, isn't there something absolutely magical about getting drenched in the rain ?

Anonymous said...

I would love to get wet in the rain! Boy or a girl, bhah, whats with these people?!

Unknown said...

Gosh, these people need to get their eyes checked.. boy or girl...hmmphhh!

Unknown said...

it is the haircut I tell you!

we got Jr. a dora umbrella. first she wanted it. then she needed it when we visited the toys'r'us.


Sunita said...

I get that all the time... girl or boy?? even when she is in frocks. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Ummm..err...who's Dora? :-? I learnt about Noddy after reading your blog.. there's another one called Dora? Man, how much more catching up do I have to do?!!!!

I miss those times when all you had was Tom and Jerry..and Loony toons..

P.S: Yes, I am that old and I'm celebrating my 120th birthday in a few weeks :-(

Just Like That said...

LOL! have been there with boy-girl- only in my case, people used to mistake the t-shirt-shorts clad Sonny boy for a girl! duh?!
You are a good parent ;-) hope you had fun getting wet!

B o o said...

Upsi - thanks.

Vee - hee hee hee. Romba nandri. If she asked "Girl, right?" I would be ok with it. but she asks as if she has no clue whatsoever! Hmph!

Tharini - It was lunch time by the time I came back. But did have the ginger tea in the evening as it was raining all day long! :)

S - At this rate. you might have to send another shipment! ;)

Gauri - Oh theres definitely something magical about it! Especially when you are in no hurry and you know you are going back to the warmth of your home! Aww...

utbt - Like I said asking as if she can never make it out is what annoyed me. I should have said "she is a girl and you are... dumb!"

B o o said...

Kiran - Thats an even better line -"She is a girl and you are blind!" Me likey! ;)

Sundar - Ashu has not had a hair cut but I know what you mean. Cant wait for her hair to grow. May be 2 little pig tails with pink ribbons and a big balloon which says "I am a girl" might help! ;) Next item on the shopping lise - Dora umbrella!

Sunita - Some people! Im glad Ashu has company though! ;) May be these people think we are starting them young on cross dressing!

Priya - Dora is GOD and you have highly offended her. To appease her, you should buy a Dora DVD and watch it 108 times. If you dont, your future daughter will definitely will! :)

JLT - It was fun alright until I came home and had to dry my wet pair of jeans!

Anonymous said...

Iyo! enna kodumai idhu saravanan? ;-)

Pretty Woman said...

You have been tagged :)

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the mad momma said...

you're telling me i got the bean's ears pierced for nothing?

வல்லிசிம்ஹன் said...

goodthing they didnot ask u

mom or dad??

maybe they know only to stick the needle...:))

B o o said...

Dont worry Priya. Its not so bad! Dora is tolerable compared to all the stupid movies we watch these days!

Thanks Janani. Will do.

MM - If frocks dont work, I dont have any hope on ear rings! ;)

வல்லிசிம்ஹன் - Welcome. Talk about looking at the bright side. Mom or dad Q would have killed me! Girl or boy is better anyday! ;)

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