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June 09, 2007

All Good Things...

When Hd arrived last week, it was a total surprise for Ashu as I had not told her that her dad was coming. On Thursday evening, Bil picked up Hd from the airport and came home. We made Ashu stand near the door and she was thinking that her Pepa was coming back from the office. When the door opened and Hd stepped inside, Ashu was so shocked for an instant and we could see her go speechless. Then she started jumping and doing a tribal dance of some sort and then running to her Appa. She said "Appa, Appa" and then stuck to him like glue for the next 2 days. Even her precious Pema was ignored much to my sisters disapproval. Then we left for Las Vegas where Pema ruled again as she was the one who always carried Ashu and also baby sat her in the room while the rest of us gambled away Ashus inheritance! ;)

Vegas exceeded my expectation and we had a swell time.
The hotel we stayed was awesome and the service was excellent. We never wanted to leave the room which was in the 25th floor or the jacuzzi in the bathroom. But when we left it and entered the casinos, we never wanted to go back to the room either! We visited almost all the must see casinos like Wynn, Bellagio, Ceasars Palace, Treasure Island, Planet Hollywood, The Venetian, The Mirage, MGM Grand, Luxor, Paris, New york New york, Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, etc... Watched Cirque DuSoleil's Mystere show at the Treasure Island. It was mind blowing. The stage production and the original music and the spectacular performance makes it a must see show in Vegas. We also did the Manhattan Express roller coaster at the New York New york. It was amazing. Then of course gambled until late night at the blackjack and the slot machine. I gathered guts and sat at the blackjack card table and played $5 chips against the dealer. As soon as I got back the $20 I started with, I got up and ran out. It was the more thrilling than the roller coaster ride and I found out how addictive gambling can be. Stayed away from the tables for the rest of the trip. But then I lost some on the machine which was totally worth it! :)

Children under 18 can only pass through the casino floors and should not even linger around. The casinos are completely smoke covered anyway. Ashu took in all the colorful machines, the lights and the noise and could nt figure out what the people were upto. She had fun at the MGM watching the Lions and two newborn cubs. She enjoyed the aquarium, the rainforest cafe and our hotel room. After she slept, three of us sneaked out for some late night gambling. It was like college again. The desert heat was tolerable this time of the year and the free drinks at all the casinos made up for the meagre amount of money we lost there! Not to mention the waitresses who brought the drinks and their barely there costumes!

Hd and I had the best anniversary which began at midnight while we kissed and wished each other under the security camera of a casino. He had given me the Nikon D40 two days earlier. I gave him a cheap card which I just remembered to buy before midnight but did nt have a pen to write! I had told him I will get him a sun glass as he wanted one, but he did nt like anything so the day went without a gift from me! We have hardly unpacked the bags from Vegas and now we have to pack and leave the country.

We are leaving tomorrow to Zurich. There has been a lump in my throat and a sudden heaviness in my heart whenever I think about Ashu saying "Bye" to her Pema and Pepa at the airport and disappearing from their sights. The next second she ll be asking me "Pema illayaa","Pepa illayaa" (No Pema/Pepa?) in a hurt tone and I'm sure I ll have tears in my eyes. I feel as if I am snatching their baby from them and going away. But then, what to do?


noon said...

Belated wishes for your anniversary! I can relate to how you feel when your child will look for "pema/pepa" when you leave...nice she got to spend time with your sister/BIL - such interactions with family are just precious...

Blogeswari said...

paavam ya ashu
A new camera and not a single picture on your blog yet. We are disappointed, boo :(
Am sure your first pic from the new camera was that of ashu's .
Do email us..awaiting your next post from Zurich

Collection Of Stars said...

Oh...I wish Ashu did not have to leave her pema/pepa. My sis comes home every weekend to spend time with my daughter and my daughter starts missing her the minute she leaves.

Sunita said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Waiting for pics now. It would have been a relief for Ashu's father that she recognized him, I have heard tales of kids forgetting completely.

MikeeUSA said...

Could we swap links. I have an MRA weblog at . (If you do put a link
to it please tell me in a comment on one of the articles so I know).

Anonymous said...

Alas! All good things must come to an end..including holidays!

Wanted to let you know that I started my blog finally...You've played a significant role, because only after reading your blog, i thought of starting my own. Thanks.

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Hi Boo
I'm so glad that you had such a rocking time, but sadly all vacations have to come to an end.

I love Vegas too and Umm why have you not posted any pictures? Is it because of the 'What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas' policy ;-)

Would love to see pics of Ashu

Trishna said...

Belated Anniversary wishes Boo! seems like you guys had so much fun!That last para about Ashu leaving her Pema and Pepa.. I felt like a tiny fist was clutching my heart! I hope Ashu gets to see her uncle and aunt real soon!

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