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February 04, 2016


Life is a blur. I don't know when 2015 ended and 2016 began. Kids growing up like weeds, husband traveling like crazy and I am doing what I do best - binge watching Netflix series! :) Parents went back to India in January after 3 months here. Kids and I were miserable after they left. Hd more so because his beloved Mil left. That woman is a house elf and minion combo, I tell you! Food on the table, clothes folded and neatly arranged, kids playmate, movie partner for us, shutter crazy, whatsapp crazy,... Basically crazy! I wish I have half of her enthusiasm for life when I am her age. 

Winter is non existent here. Snowed only like two days in the last 2 months. Never thought I would start complaining like the locals about the lack of snow! Antu more than me. Ice skating and skiing going on as usual and Ashu decided she has had enough of skiing and switched to snow boarding this year! Half a dozen lessons later, she's getting almost there. She's one determined girl when she wants to do something. I gotta give it to her. I have nt even mustered the courage to get back to skiing after the injury four years back and only this year I am even thinking about it. Crossing fingers.

I hope 2016 is going well for everyone and heres to more blogging! Or is it no longer fashionable? What are people into these days? I have realized twitter is not for me. I only stalk people there. Cant think of anything clever, witty or useful under 140 characters! I have never been on Facebook. (You can close your jaw now!) I have panic attacks when people add me on whatsapp groups and l Iook for the nearest exit! Hd says I have become old and anti social and a snob. Anyone out there like me? Do we have a name for it? Im sure theres definitely a whatsapp group! :))


Sowmya said...

Hi Boo.. I am so glad that you have decided to start blogging more often.. Love your blog and have read it 'n' number of times- it's like reading a favourite book again and again.. Hoping you keep up this New year resolution :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo,

I am commenting on your blog for the first time. But I have read your blog 100 times. I kept on visiting your blog this year to see if there is a new post. Finally there is one!! You are an inspiration. Please don't stop blogging.

Badri said...

Yes please keep blogging. Only few good ones are left, lol!

Me said...

I am not on facebook, linkedin etc...little over an year ago UNoHu twisted my arm to make me join whatsapp. We all are antisocial snobs..we just masked it well in our 20s and early 30s and now we don't care :)

The Visitor said...

Hi Boo,

Visiting after a long time. Your blog was one of the first that I connected with. Happy to see you still active after all this time. I agree, Cant think of anything clever, witty or useful under 140 characters.
Do blog - I will drop in more often.

Anonymous said...

Boo everyday I drop in to see whether you have blogged anything new(comment panna evalavu neramanu ketkadhinga:))....keep blogging..
Abi (three A)

Anonymous said...

I'm you and you are me, dearie, 100% long lost in mela types twin sisters! No seriously, am even worse than you. Not even a blogette I write you see:(. And as for social media savvy, lets just say my 60+ year old mum and 89 year old FIL are way more snazzy at it than I. (both are active on Facebook, have lots of fans for their write ups there, follow folks on twitter, snapchat-instagram-whatsapp like crazy.) Remember those hulks called dinosaurs they say disappeared suddenly. Nope they didn't. There's atleast one of them that survived the meteor holocaust thats lurking around here in bay area.

Now, now don't you ever think even of stopping your blog or stop writing here. I stalk you here like crazy and you write so sporadically these days makes me hopping mad:-) Yo's funny Boo, and zany and a helluva good writer so if you don't blog how will the www get to know about your awesomeness, not to mention the aeseomness of the two Miss As.


--Sunrise-- said...

Boo! I am another of your fans who hopes you never stop blogging! I've been following your blog for the past 10 years or so (gosh! how time flies!) and I love, love, love hearing about Ashu and Antu. They are growing up into such beautiful children, and it is a credit to you and your husband, for giving them a good home. Soon it will be their teen years and a whole other ton of drama! (Silver lining - it makes for excellent blogging fodder! :P) I really delight in seeing how wonderfully they are growing. It often makes me want to have a family of my own!

I hope you are well and please keep us updated on the antics of an Indian family in the Swiss! Also, Netflix is literally my new best friend. What shows have you been watching? Parenthood is a REALLY good one to get into, as well as Gilmore Girls, if you like family-oriented shows, as I do!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Another admirer of your blog returning after a long gap.glad to hear you will blog more.
Looking forward to more fun stories of your girls and family.

Warm regards,

B o o said...

Thank you all you lovely people for your sweet comments.

B o o said...

high five deepa. you and me sister! the last two standing in this social networking world! :))

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