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July 10, 2015

Bye Bye, Kiga. 2 & Klasse. 4

Antu says bye bye to Kindergarten finally and will get to First Grade at the grand old age of seven. She has attended play groups and pre schools and kindergarten for the past 5 years that it feels like forever! Not that I did nt enjoy it. She has been so sad to leave KG and her fantastic teacher that I would gladly make her repeat another year in KG just to hold onto this stage of her life. She had a sleepover in KG last night and I walked her to school at 7 pm with a sleeping bag and a pillow with a lump in my throat. She has had the most exciting two years in KG and not for one day did she ever say that she does nt want to go to school. Even on weekends, she used to whine that she's missing school! She has a huge group of friends in the neighborhood and had a great birthday party at home last month. She is super excited to walk to school with Ashu from August and it is giving me sleepless nights that she has to leave 25 minutes earlier than she does now. *gulp*

Ashu completes 4th grade today and I am having a panic attack and had tears in my eyes when she walked off to school this morning.  She has truly enjoyed this year even though she did sulk a bit in the mornings. She had a super duper birthday party with school friends at a water park. The last few months, lots of the incoming phone calls are for Ashu and she's always planning something with her friends. The big milestone was when she went to a movie with just her friends and one of the moms dropped and picked them up. She felt so grown up! One of her friends comes home every morning and walks with her to school. The whole class is going to Lucerne today to celebrate the last day of school and she will be back late evening. And just like that, another school year has gone by.


Me said...

Ashu looks so grown up! It just feels like she was a baby! [oh god...I am becoming like my aunts & uncles...and saying the same things that they said back in the 80s!]

yaadayaada said...

Aww my babies growing so fast!!

web lol said...

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CT said...

Hi boo,

Can you provide your email id. I need some information from you. Thanks :)

CT said...
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B o o. said...

Boobabytalk at gmail dot com

The Visitor said...

Children are growing up fast. And Ashu wears specs? I didn't know of this development. Shows how much out of tough I've been.
Talking about Myopia I came across this article about increasing incidence of myopia - The Sudden Surge of Myopia in Children.

Incidentally, I got to Kanika's blog after reading a story written by her - Tania Casts a Spell.

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