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August 19, 2013

3.Klasse & Kindergarten.

Ashu and Antu began their yet another first day today in third grade and Kindergarten 1 respectively. I could hear the butterflies fluttering in Ashu's stomach! She wrote an email to her friend yesterday which said "My school starts tomorrow and I wish I can stay home a little while longer!" My poor litte darling! Antu, of course, has been dying to go to KG with her BFF and thats the only thing she kept talking about this whole year. The day was here today at last and Hd and I walked her to her class, stayed for a while and said bye to her and came back home. She seemed thrilled to be there!

In the afternoon, Ashu walked to the KG and met me there at noon and we picked Antu and got home by 12.05! Ashu has agreed to this pick up duty from next week which means I dont have to step out, yay! Of course, Antu is all "I can go on my own" already! Sigh! Why do they have to grow up so fast?

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