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March 01, 2013

Bunking School - Check.

Antu bunked school today. Fake coughed and said she has a very bad cold. Which is partly true. And since the preschool she goes to takes the kids walk in the woods on Fridays, I thought its a good idea for her not to be outdoors for a long time and said ok. Which was a huge surprise for her! But her master stroke was early in the morning when she wished me "happy birthday" and gave me a card she has scribbled on! And its not even my birthday! "But your birthday is in March and today is March, Amma!", was her answer! So I guess she laid the foundation early and decided to milk the situation later! Successfully, I must add! I must be prepared on Monday.

Yet another attempt to bring the blog back alive. I dont know the reason for this lack of interest. May be the kids are getting older? May be I am getting older? I hope its the former! :)


Anonymous said...

apdi "lack of interest" nu solli bomb podathinge Boo... please write... neenga sambar rasam panna kadai ya ezhuthina kooda super a irukum - we are there to read you!!

Sujatha Ramesh

yaadayaada said...

Like mother, like daughter!!

ashok said...


Sjscribbles said...

Happy Advanced B'day Boo !
Ohh comm'on just break that Writers Block and just write Boo..Just write..It comes very naturally to you :) We are just waiting to read about Ashu and Antu growing up. We have been so much a part and parcel of their kiddo days through your blocks - that I was wondering where those little one are ?

dipali said...

I remember faking stomach aches to bunk school!!!
Couldn't do it too often though, my smart parents caught on!

B o o said...

Sujatha - aww... thanks! Naan sambar panna kadhai romba boring but on the other hand the first time I made Rasam, adhu oru periyaaaaaa kadhai! :))

YY - I know!

Ashok - yes, thats my daughter! always has clever excuses! :)

SJ - thanks. Im trying, Im trying! :)

Dipali - LOL! me too!

Sue said...

You don't write because you don't sit still long enough to bang out a post.

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