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August 27, 2012

Antu starts Preschool again!

Antu started her new pre school and today was her first day without me. She missed the cut off by 2 months for Kindergarten this year so she has to go to pre school again. Now that we know we will be going the local school route for her too, we have changed her preschool to a bilingual one. Last week was induction and she went for a couple of hours each day but I stayed with her too. Today madam got ready and I left her in her class and could nt even stay for a few minutes because I had to go for my physiotherapy session. I just waved a good bye and left. When I went to pick her up at 1 pm (From next week, she ll be there full day until 4.30 pm, 3 days a week) she was happily getting paper and color pens from the shelves and refused to come home with me. I stayed with her for 5 minutes until she finished her coloring and brought her home. The preschool group head said she was absolutely fine and even ate good lunch which was... wait for it... salad, country potatoes, green beans, bread, cheese! Of course I refuse to believe it until I see video evidence! And when I asked Antu if she likes the school, she said, "That girl E said she is my friend. And there are real bunnies in the school, Amma and they really LOVE me!" Of course its all about "me" when it comes to my little diva. Such an attention seeker, I tell you! 

And that reminds me we went to the rope park again yesterday after a long time and now that Antu is four, she can do the kids beginner course there. So we got her the harness, helmet, etc.. and it was hilarious to see her literally shaking like a leaf while walking the course! She stopped at one point and absolutely refused to walk and there were 10 kids behind her waiting for her to move! And we had to call for help and the lady working there had to climb up and rescue her! Talk about being a drama queen! If she does nt get attention, she ll demand it I guess! Of course she said she wanted to go again and got stuck again! Uff! I had thought that Ashu would be a scaredy cat and Antu would be more of a dare devil but its the other way round. As yet.  


ashok said...

its fun to watch them grow...this rope park stuff is cool...wish we had such places here

BTW, this is still waiting for you to be collected here

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

The rope park really looks awesome ... would have loved to go to one, if found in neighborhood.

Abi said...

Hi Boo,

nice to know about Antu...i am reading your blogs but sorry for not commenting often....u and ur gals rock...

Here in Bangalore as well, these schools are very strict with their DOB cut off...big time paduthal..

Abi (The Three A)

sundar said...

cool kid to grow with. Rope walk episode is just awesome LOL :-) God bless her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo,

You and your girl battalion rock just as always !

Have been reading you since 2008 when Ashu was the only child and Antu was about to be born - It was around that time the M was also born ! Enjoy reading your blog and now I've started my own blog - requesting you to please put it up at the Indian mommies blogger list.


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