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June 14, 2012

The Last Day of Many Things.

This week has been an emotional roller coaster ride for me. Farewells and goodbyes are tough for me and when I have to do that for myself and my two girls, its so overwhelming! Today was Ashu's last day in First grade. Even on a good day that would bring tears to my eyes and now that she is not going to return to the same school, it makes it a million times worse! It was Antu's class performance yesterday in her school and she got a trophy and a certificate for finishing pre school and since shes not going to return to this school as well, it made me an emotional wreck! I cried all the way home today after dropping Ashu. Antu was also unusually quiet in the car! Wonder why we realize how much we love something only when we let it go! 

Antus German playgroup will go on for a few more weeks but for Ashu, its going to be a looooong holiday of NINE weeks! I dont know what I was thinking when I decided to stay put here for the holidays! This is going to be our first summer here not counting 2008 when Antu was born. (I did nt even see any sunlight that summer since I was stuck at home!)  Wish me luck!

Will leave you guys with a little anecdote. I finished vacuuming the house and asked Ashu to put the vacuum away. Next thing you know, I hear Antu crying! When asked why, she says, "I wanted to pull your plug Amma! But Ashu pulled your plug instead!" Sigh! My future looks so bright!


Anonymous said...

Awww enjoy the holidays:). I can totally understand the feeling as I am going to be in the same boat in 2 months when the firs one will finish Pre-K.

LOL on the anecdote. I was waiting for the Boo touch after the somewhat serious post and there it was.

Oh you are not coming to the US for the Summer???? cmon YY what happened ;)))


Aneela Z said...

Errr get the husband to be the one giving final consent when it comes to the DNR forms OK!

Aneela Z said...

When A was moving on to a new montessori group and I was trying to convince the teacher if he could stay on In her room or one where she was the class teacher she said something like THESE KIDS WON'T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE / RECOGNIZE us in a week's time THEY GET OVER US
and I was whimpering
she was a sweetheart ! Still is.

Usha said...

My maid stopped sweeping and is looking at me curiously as I am uncontrollably laughing at your anecdote! Wonder if she will turn up tomorrow:) I have seen many "she is my most favourite teacher amma" long forgotten even before ink on their new labels dry! So, you buck up girl!

Sue said...

Nine weeks? Wow.

Anonymous said...

sweet post..

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