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May 27, 2012

Where did May go?

I cant believe Ashu has less than three weeks of school left. May-June is such a crazy period in school what with concerts, sports day, farewells, lunches, coffees, partys,... There was nt a minute to sit down and take a note of anything. This month began with Ashu's birthday party at the Kindercity. I had completely outsourced the party this time partly due to my leg and partly because I was afraid Hd would walk out on me! So around 15 girls had fun making chocolate covered fruit sticks, knowing all about chocolate and having fun at the terrace riding trains and battery operated cars in miniature roads and taking home their fruit sticks, an apron and loads of fun memories! Ashu had a blast, so thats that.

Mid May was a 4 day long weekend and we planned at the last minute and went to Cinque Terre in Italy. Cinque Terre is 5 Villages along the rugged coast and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was so beautiful and so picturesque. We stayed 5 minutes away in Levanto and took the train to visit the villages. We walked only between two villages in the Via Dell'Amore. It was fantastic. We also took a boat ride one of the days to get the view of the villages form the sea. Its hard to describe the beauty of it. Half a day we just spent at the beach in Monterosso and it was pure bliss. Not to mention the Gelatto! Yum!

On May 22nd, Ashu had her Violin recital. She played a solo song called "Saraswati" which was in her book! And three more songs along with the group. The recital was very beautiful just like last time though Ashu made a teeny mistake in the note towards the end and I was all chuffed because I could recognize it! No one can call me tone deaf now! :) Since she is changing schools this year, we dont know whether she will continuing her classes with the same teacher. I hope she does but that would mean classes during weekends and I dont know if we are ready for it. Sigh! Decisions, decisions!

It is Cousin S's birthday today and I threw a dinner party for her and a few of her friends last evening. It feels so good to feed the young! :) My cake turned out fantastic much to my surprise. I made butter cream frosting for the first time and it came out yummy! And Rainbow cake on Ashu's request. Antu who never eats cake unless and until its plain licked the frosting clean this time. Happy Birthday, S! :)

And some friends are coming over in a while to watch the IPL finals together. Go CSK! :)


Blogeswari said...

Why aren't you active on twitter? We miss you there

ashok said...

why dont u upload the recital by Ashu!

Me said...

i am like antu...i don't like frosting...but this cake looks really good...and you have a pink (polka dots?) pattern matching ashu's & antu's pretty dress! ...yengayoo poiteenga Boo...:)

yaadayaada said...

Me, I bought those for them. UTBT selected those..

Me said...

YY...i am still thinking of a comment that will not get me banned from this blog...

yaadayaada said...

Me.. she is too busy to be reading the comments!! So neenga veluthu vaangunga!! Odds are she won't notice!!

B o o said...

Blogeswari - Im in a limbo now. Cant keep it short in twitter or enough fodder for the blog!!! :(

Ashok - Will try. :)

ME - what pattern? in the cake? thats the deco pastry paper and its red! Trust YY to take credit for anything!! *rolls eyes*

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