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June 10, 2011

Schloss Neuschwanstein.

This year for our anniversary, we were in Fussen, Germany. It happened to be an extra long weekend here last week and in continuing our tradition of being in a different city for each of our anniversaries, we pulled it off successfully for the 11th time. When we went here 8 years back on our first visit to Germany, I was so looking forward to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle. But it was a foggy day and we could nt see a thing. While we did take a tour inside, the picture postcard views were sorely missed and I vowed to go back again just for the views. My dream came true last Saturday. Ashu was thrilled to see a real castle and the weather was just perfect.

We bought a combo ticket for both Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle. We booked it online so that we dont have to stand in long lines and also theres a mad rush in Summer. One can see the inside of the castles only with guided tours and chances are that we might not get a time we want if we buy it directly from there. So in spite of the online booking fee, its worth it. (Though kids go free, there was a booking fee for them too. Go figure!) We drove from Zurich to Fussen which is around 3 hours and stayed there overnight. The next morning we drove to Schwangau which is 10 minutes drive and parked near the ticket office. From there, its a 10 to 15 minutes walk to the Hogenschwangau castle. Theres also a horse drawn carriage which takes you to the castle. But we used it for the Neuschwanstein Castle since its a 40 minutes uphill walk and also time was tight between the two castle tours. Its a very good idea to take the stroller for young kids.

Hohenschwangau was King Ludwig's childhood home. He built the Neuschwanstein Castle later but never completed it since he died under mysterious circumstances.(He drowned in the lake at the age of 41 along with his... wait-for-it... psychiatrist!) After the tour of the first castle, we walked back and took a carriage to go to castle no. 2. There was a long line but we did nt have to wait long since there were many carriages. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the royal ride! Neuschwanstein Castle is just breathtakingly beautiful. And what a location! After the tour, we walked to the Marienbrucke (a bridge) which is around 30 minutes walk from the castle for the fantastic view. It was totally worth hiking with the kids. Then we walked back to a restaurant near the castle and had a late lunch. (A platter of asparagus in hollandaise sauce, anyone?) Fussen is also a beautiful town and the town centre with the cobbled roads is very charming with shops and restaurants lining the street. The next day we drove to Forggensee, a beautiful lake, and did a one hour boat cruise. The views were beautiful. A perfect anniversary weekend getaway.


Vidya said...

Belated Anniversary Wishes! Lovely pics and whattay lovely way to celebrate the occasion:)

cantaloupes.amma said...

Happy Anniversary Boo !

Choxbox said...

Happy Anniv - may you continue to be in different cities every time!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Boo, The Castle looks just awesome :)

yaadayaada said...

Dude, you got to watermark these phots. The photos are so beautiful.

the three A said...

Hi Boo Ma'am, naan ungaloda parama visiri. have been reading your blogs for some time now. really enoy reading it. me being a mother of 2.5 year old gal and hardcore tam ,i can totally relate to your posts.take care and lots of luv to your adorable kutti gals

Usha said...

Wishing you many many such anniversaries! I have made the castle pic as my desktop background! Sigh...the heart gets filled with a happy kinda beautiful! -Usha

Unknown said...

happy anniversary!

Wow.. the pictures are amazing.

your policy seems to be better than our policy which is to go to the same golden gate bridge every year!

time to change policy after seeing those photos..


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary boo

Sumana said...

Lovely retreat and a very happy anniversary.

anubharat said...

Belated anniversary wishes Boo. Dont know why my previous comment for this post vanished. Wonderful pictures and beautiful place. Love the serenity it can transcend. Wishing you many more such travel packed anniversaries ;)

Anonymous said...

boo, did both Ashu and Antu get excited about the castle? After 3 or 4 they understand the fairy tales, is it? I stood in front of a castle with Divya and suddenly realized I have never told her any story about any princess and she has no clue what she is looking at, and we actually decided not to go in realizing we didnt do the homework! This also suddenly reminds me all disney castle and mickey mouse and all of that should be introduced through some medium - book or TV right? before entering ... I felt crazy suddenly in front of the castle that I have a princess who never heard any fairy tale from me yet! :) ...
Age 3 is a time they understand? Divya does have great sense of art and beauty already and I wonder when to start!

Ofcourse photos are fantastic!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

oops sorry, somehow same comment got published thrice, so deleted the other two!

B o o said...

Thanks Vidya, CA, Chox, weourlife, YY.

the three A's life - mikka nandri. :)

Usha, Sundar, Jey, Sumana, Anu - Thank you.

Kookaburra - Ashu was. Antu, not so much. Adhu enna castle, palace kandudhu? Take her to a neighbors house and she ll be happy there too! ;) But Princesses? well, thats another matter altogether. She knows everything her sister knows! I think Ashu was about 4 when she got into the whole princessy world thanks to her friends. And it all began by watching Cinderella! :)

Anonymous said...

can't believe missed your anniv! Have a great year ahead and loads of new cities too. Miss our getaways!

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