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February 22, 2011

Malaysia Vasudevan, MMKR and my Mom.

A couple of days back, I was listening to "Vachaalum Vaikaama Ponaalum" song form Michael Madana Kama Rajan (MMKR) in my car and was giggling like crazy thinking about the picturization of this song. Ashu asked why I was laughing and I told her its a funny song and that I will show the song to her later. ( But soon forgot. ) I can never listen to this song without at least a smile in my face. God, what a movie! I cant event think about MMKR without going "bheem boy bheem boy" in my mind! And then yesterday when I learnt that Malaysia Vasudevan has passed away, it brought a lump in my throat. The same person who put a smile in my face every time I listened to his voice is no more. RIP, MV.

Im sure I have a screw loose up there somewhere to mention this song as one of my favorites when people all around me are going "Kodai kaala kaatre" and "Poongaatru thurumbumaa" but let me redeem myself by saying that "Vetti veru vaasam" is my epic favorite too.

This made me wonder what are the other Tamil songs which are really funnily picturized. And the first one which came to my mind was the one from Bale Paandiyaa - "Neeye unakku"! God, MR Radha's body language is hilarious! And the whole suspense of what will Sivaji do when he sees MR Radha is just edge of the seat funny. (on another note - how the hell did Sivaji lip sync with such perfection for this extremely difficult song? The mind boggles!) And the "Jambulingame" song from Kasethaan Kadavuladaa. Thengaai is just too good in this one.

And talking about funny songs, I have to mention that Nithyashree song from Jeans - "Kannodu". I know that its not really hilarious or anything but then you dont know my mom. So my mom. You know how we type "ROTFLOL" for everything these days. But are we actually Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud? Most often, we are nt even smiling while typing it, are we? Lets just say that who ever coined ROTFLOL got the idea after seeing my mom go ROTFLOL for the Kannodu song. In the cinema theatre that too! One second my mom was sitting right next to me and the next, she was on the floor and I thought she had a heart attack or something! It was 1998. Sis was in the USA and my dad had better things to do so it was just my mom and me. And then I heard her laughing with tears in her eyes and everyone was looking and I was so embarrassed. Then she managed to get up and sit in her seat. But she laughed so loudly the entire duration of the song, slapped and pinched my thigh so hard when the skeleton dances at the end that I had tears in my eyes too. From the pain! God, it was all so embarrassing that I pretended I was not with her when the lights came on. I should have known better though. She has a history. All my cousins and uncles and aunts run a mile from my mom whenever any scene from MMKR comes on TV. "Ava pakkathula ukkaandhamo, sethom" (we will die in her hands if we sit near her!) can be heard from various parts of the household and Im not exaggerating here! So imagine watching MMKR the first time with her in the theatre. Sis, Dad and I kept switching seats because our legs were getting sore!! "anga joke varudho illayo, unga amma kai namba kaal kitta varudha varudhaa nnu paakardhuke time sariyaa irundhadhu! padatha yaaru paatha?" - this was my dad after the movie!! (who had the time to see the movie when I had to watch out for your mom?) Play any of the Thiruppu-Kameshwaran scene to my mom if you want proof. But if theres Delhi Ganesh or Thiruttu Paati in that scene too, then watch it with her at your own risk!

I am just like her too but a bit more restrained after seeing family members run from her! I am always the one who laughs the loudest in any group. We watched Quick Gun Murugan last week with some friends and man! It was awesome! What a brilliant spoof! It was so wonderfully funny that I was truly ROTFLOL. But then I watched it sitting on the floor, so it did nt look quite as bad as my mom! :)

Can someone settle this for me once for all? Who sang the "Nila Kaayudhu" song from Sakalakala Vallavan? SPB or Malaysia? The song is credited to SPB but it totally sounds like Malaysia and I ve been thinking it was indeed him until a few years ago when my sis raised this doubt. It has been nagging me ever since. "Kattavandi" is credited to MV, "nethu raathri amma" is credited to SPB. So why not this song to MV? But if it was indeed SPB why did he sing it so different from his own voice? Discuss.


yaadayaada said...

Ha Ha Ha! You write so funny! Let me get up from the floor before my team calls the ambulance thinking I had a heart attack! (I shouldn't have read it at work!)

yaadayaada said...

And by the way, Malaysia and Nethu rathri amma mystery, still not solved since this post.

Me said...

..i laugh rolling on the floor too...with tears and all....even in office!...UNoHu is always surprised how i find things so funny...& during movies i laugh the most at jokes kids find funny and not so much on the ones adults find funny...and i watch only funny movies..

few days back i was reading all of alpha's archives & rotfl so much!!

Usha said...

It is good to roll on the floor while laughing as you may hurt some muscles otherwise;) Double up in laughter is a bad idea as you may bang you head on the floor doing so. Nila kaayudhu is SJ & MV(RIP). Credits are also given to him in a few sites. No doubt...check out

MLC said...

i was really LOL whn i read the "angey joke varudho illaiyo.." bit!!! i was jst imagining tht & it was sooo funny!!:-)))
MMKR is truly supr comedy movie!!

Sachita said...

I dont even remember listening to this song. Now that i have heard it, But vouch on everything that it has to be malaysia vasudeva, SPB can change his voice quite a bit but not to this extent.

On the ROFL, my family watches MMKR everytime we get together but thankfully we only LOL. atuke i feel embarrased:)

Manchus said...

Vizhundhu vizhundu sirichen!! Really funny anecdotes and funny writing. I totally remember the time we went to watch "Avvai Shanmugi" in Maris.

Anonymous said...

Nila kayudhu is very much MV. I did think for a while it was Kamal himself. And your mum rocks :D

MMKR is the bestestest of all Tam movies.

Anonymous said...

Nila kayudhu is very much MV. I did think for a while it was Kamal himself. And your mum rocks :D

MMKR is the bestestest of all Tam movies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo,

what a coincidence... Just yesterday
I was telling my husband my favorite MR song is from MMKR Vechalum...

MMKR enno sariya odale...I never understood of the few movies you can watch again and again and jokes don't bore u at all...

Its my favorite Kamal movie even though I am a super star fan :)

Sujatha Ramesh

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo,

what a coincidence... Just yesterday
I was telling my husband my favorite MR song is from MMKR Vechalum...

MMKR enno sariya odale...I never understood of the few movies you can watch again and again and jokes don't bore u at all...

Its my favorite Kamal movie even though I am a super star fan :)

Sujatha Ramesh

Uma said...

...this post was really a fun read :D
Kodai kaala katre is one of my all time favs... another fav is aasai nooru vagai - cult number that one! I haven't seen any other singer doing justice to that oozes attitude...

..and your mom reminds me of my FIL :D

Reva said...

Nila kayuthu is no way spb.. it sounds MV all the way.. I think I wrote this on YY's post too.
I love all his songs in mudhal mariyadhai.. and yes 'kodai kaala katre'..
Having seen your mom in person, I was seriously roflol reading your post. YY, when are they coming here next? I am inviting you guys home for a spl screening of MMKR. (My mom and dad do the mallu slang for days together every time we watch this movie)..

Anonymous said...

Boo, Nila Kayudhu is credited to MV. I have seen this in multiple websites online. And of course there is no mistaking that voice.

Anonymous said...

I have a screw loose too - I lol rotfl only while typing. Just a wry smile in person.
Nila kayuthu is Malaysia Vasudhevan - how can you doubt? the part after the moan! was a little doubtful (maybe they recorded it on different days) but it is still MV.

Anonymous said...

There you go again Boo :)) I dropped my laptop while ROTFLOL. Your sense of humour is unparallelled. Come back to Bangalore and stay with me. I'll take care of Ashu and Antu.


Vidya said...

Super post! MMKR and Thillu Mullu are my favs in that order! Vachaalum.. has the bestest coreography and the story literally moves forward with the song.. Few other songs that come to mind- Maadi meedhu maadi from Kaadhalikka neram illai, Varavu ettana from Bhama Vijayam, Maargo maargo from Sathi Leelavathi... Btw, your mommy sounds childlike-cute!!

Its our space said...

lovely post . Your mom is CUTE !

MV's was a unique voice. Its a pity he was used more for the dandanakka numbers. Alli thanda vaaanam , kovil mani osai are all nothing short of perfection. Rip MV.

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Hey your mom is perfectly justified laughing that way!I will never ever tire of MMKR!

A and A said...

Ditto on others, MMKR is my favorite and I never get bored of that movie. So funny about your mom!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! :)

Btw, I have another song which I think MV sang but the credits say SPB. 'Mounamaana Neram' song from Salangai Oli. Have you had that doubt?


Anonymous said...

Hi Boo,
That was tooo HILARIOUS..ROFLOL..i really mean it..
Enjoyed the post more than i did with watching MMKR before..

anubharat said...

MV was definitely a wonderful singer. Have liked Vetti veru vaasam, Ennama Kannu song so much. This recent article in India Glitz cites Nila Kayudhu was indeed sung by MV

Unga amma pathi chance illa. She truly laughs her heart out :)

B o o. said...

YY - No one seems to know why the credits to SPB! musicindiaonline still credits SPB and I just checked Raaga and they seem to have changed to MV. Im 100 % sure they credited to SPB too when I checked last time. But if you click on Janaki, it takes you to a list and there the same song is credited to SPB!!!! The plot thickens...

Me - we are both "thiruvizhaala tholanju pona" bro-sis, I guess!! I remember ROTFLOL with Alpha's archives. sigh!

Usha - Like I replied to YY, too much confusion with the crediting. hence the doubt.

MLC - MMKR is MMKR. And it will always remain the case, I guess! :)

Sachita - Long since we watched the whole movie but not a day goes by without using MMKR dialogues in our household. Just brilliant!

Manchus - Was it Avvai Shanmugi? Or kadhalaa kadhalaa? Now Im confused!

Inba - That MMKR truly is. Dot. :D

B o o. said...

Sujatha - MMKR was a huge hit for those times as far as I know.

Uma - oh yes. I LOVE that song!

Reva - so why the confusion is my question?!! And LOL! You better invite me also.

Anon - but why biggies like Raaga and musicindiaonline credit to SPB? ARGH!

Vidya - i had no doubts until I saw the credits to SPB!!

Rashmi - LOL! Like a court jester, huh? Im ready! :)

Vidya - Maarugo Maarugo is hilarious too! how did I forget? varuvu ettana, aduthathu ambujam(edhir neechal), etc... are all cute for me. Not ROTFLOL category. But Bhama Vijayam is one of the funniest movie ever! I LOVE Sowcar in it! Thats another movie we quote all the time! :)

IOS - You are right. If not for Mudhal Mariyaadhai, he would nt have got such Mariyaadhai, illai?

TIA - She laughs for just about anything. So MMKR is her idea of comedy heaven! :D

A and A - All this talk about MMKR makes me want to watch the movie again in a big group!!

San - Mounamaana neram is definitely SPB. I just listened to the song again. Especially the slight laughing voice towards the end - thats classic SPB, no? With all due respect to MV, SPB SPB dhaan! :D

Priya - NO!!!!!!!!!! Go wash your mouth and watch the movie again. And again! :))

Anonymous said...

-Kodai Kaala Kaatre
-Aagaya Gangai
-Koodaluru Kundumani (this is one from a very old prabhu, not well known one,Kumbakarai Thangaiya)
-Poove Ilaya Poove
-Kovil Mani Oosai thannil

and as far as funny songs goes - how can you ever forget aaahaa vandhuduchu aasaiyil odivandhen by same the great MV??? hmm? how? how???

these are my all time favs of MV that particular order


Anonymous said...

NIla Kayudhu is definitely MV MV MV...!-IBH

Sree vidya said...

I almost read all your posts but never commented :)
Brilliant Blog

And coming to the funny songs, I couldn't help but comment about my fav - mamavukku kuduma from punnagai mannan :)

யாரோ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
யாரோ said...

'O.. oru thendral puyal aagi varume...' from the film Pudumai pen.

The voice & verse haunted me-then a middle school kid - it conveyed revathi's suffering to me more eloquently than barathiraja's craft on screen.

...kaala devanin dharma ellaigal marugindradho.... - Vasudevan still hallucinating in my ears!!

PVS said...

really ROTFLOL reading this!!! You write really well.

PVS said...

really ROTFLOL reading this!!! You write really well.

Anonymous said...

Pls come.. and I promise I wont tell anyone if you are landing here as a surprise visit! ;)

I came back to write abt Mounamana neram that San had written abt.. Listened to it again yest and yes, SPB for sure. Athe laughter bit at the end than naanum solla vanthen.. munthitteenga!


Hema said...

LOL! And I thought I was the only one who ROFLd in a theater for 'Kannodu'!!!!

bouncingbubble said...

Do you know if "thanni karuthirichu..thavala satham ketturuchu" from ilamail oonjaladukirathu is by Malaysia? I like that one, though my most fave of his numbers is "aasai nooru vagai"

Subhashree said...

What yaadayaada said. This post is too hilarious. The husband is giving me are-you-nuts glance as I read it. Well, I'm a bit like that when I am in that mood, anything anybody says makes me laugh out loud. Good you wrote it, it has been quite a long time that I laughed so much, as good as watching MMKR :D

crusher said...

Thanks for your article.

Gayathri said...

Hi Boo! Great blog, and boy , your writing is just amazing! I was reading this post in my office and ended up biting my hand to stop me from laughing out loud! :))))
About Nethu rathiri- I think it was definitely SPB, though there are times when I get confused between the two too. A few months back, I was listening to a SPB song, and I swear I heard MV's voice in one of the lines. Thinking back now, I can't seem to remember which song was it. Will get back to you on this.
Anyway, this post is definitely hilarious and amazingly written. Keep it up!

Gayathri said...

sorry, you were talking about nila kayuthu and I quoted nethu rathiri. silly me :(

Gradwolf said...

I have to say the music of MMKR is severely underrated thanks to the general cult-ness surrounding the movie. And especially this song. Malaysia Vasudevan is brilliant in it and unfortunately everyone only talks about Sundari neeyum.

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