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August 04, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

Yeah right! Who am I kidding? All the unpacking and organizing! I really am an idiot. Every time I go to the US, I tell myself not to go crazy while shopping. But I cant help myself but scream "but thats so cheap, thats so cheap" and buy everything under the sun. And do I have enough storage to keep all of that in my house here? The answer would be a big NO. The edible marker pens I bought at Michaels to decorate my future cupcakes - do I really need that? The fancy ribbons which were on sale? *bangs head* The dozen summer outfits for the kids which they cant wear more than a month here? *bangs head again* The nth pair of shoes, the bhel puri mix and the Tetley elaichi tea bags at the Indian store? *bang bang bang* Anyway, long story short - junk junk junk. (sorry sis!) As if all this is nt enough, I find instant Tomato rasam and Pepper rasam bottles in the suitcase. Courtesy - the master packer, my Mom. Next time they ask me at the airport if I packed the bags and if someone gave me something to keep, Im going to confess, "My mom packed. And she must have sneaked in Oorugaais for her Son-in-law or badham halwa for her grand kids. I honestly don't know!"

That apart, the jet lag is killing us and the kids are missing the US and the US folks like crazy. They don't say it as many words but it pains me to watch Antu see her doll after a month and getting all excited to show it to everyone. Only everyone is not here. Only plain old me! :( And Ashu asking after the caterpillars on the phone to my sis. The teeny weeny caterpillars Utbt gave Ashu. They grew fat and big (just like the book described they would!) and were in their cocoons when we left. We miss seeing the butterflies by a few days. Ashu is hoping that it will skype-casted live from there though! ;)

Hd has worked hard around the house last month and it shows. New upholstery for the arm chair, new cooking pots, new storage unit for his office desk, ... Ashu even commented, "Amma! Appa has changed the toilet paper also. Its blue in color!" He also managed to dispose Antus crib(sob! sob!) and moved Ashus toddler cot in her room. So Ashu and Antu would be sleeping in the same room from now on. Ashu was totally cool with the idea and Antu marked her territory by plonking Jamadu on the bed and climbing in even before I could prepare my big girl speech. Sigh! Whats her hurry? Hd also had a fully stocked fridge with idli batter, sambar, chutney and eggplant curry all of which he had made during the weekend and store bought chapathis. I felt only guilt(and very hungry!) since all I left for him when I went was the dirty laundry!! *gulp*

And oh! If you thought I forgot about the travel part, I did nt. It was so uneventful that I was surprised myself. The kids and I slept for 5 hours during the SFO-LON flight. So that was cool. And slept the entire LON-ZRH stretch too. I think BA read my blog or something because I got the stroller both in LON and ZRH as soon as I left the aircraft so that was a life saver. And I wizened up about the LON airport security and packed only idlis for the kids. Take that, you saddos! And I was so disappointed that they did nt ask me to taste the food because I was starving after standing in the line for such a long time! ;)


sraikh said...

Dude you were here, And you didnt meet me! Pfft!

Anyways, the logical solution would be to convince HD to get a ob/project here and that too Bay area Solves 3 things

1.Your parents will only have to visit one place.
2. You can get all the crap err treasures you want
3. The girls will have everyone they know
4.Of course, I am here.

Reva said...

totally missed seeing you and the kids this time Boo.. Well, there's always the next time.
Glad you guys had fun :)

utbtkids said...

Next time volunteer for the taste test. Tell them you will taste not just your idli but the idli from the person next to you too. All in the name of security, of course....

yaadayaada said...

junk junk.. After all the time we spent on shopping, you call it junk.. Hmph..

Sunitha, Reva, I really wish we had met when Boo visited. But since we were out travelling/shopping most of the time, couldn't manage it. Don't worry let me start emotional blackmailing her for a Dec trip!

Manchus said...

Boohoo...Boo...couldn't make it to Vegas. Couldn't meet this time also. So definitely plan for the December trip.
I am with you Yaadayaada. Bring the kids to the Disneyland, Antu really need to enjoy it along with Ashu. Antu was a baby in your tummy when you last visited here.

Next time let me speak to Antu & Ashu and start telling her about the fairies and the Disney princess waiting for her here.

dipali said...

I like the welcome home:)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 'tasting the packed idlis' :-) Just happened to stumble upon your blog, and am so glad I did :-) Will be back to read more!

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