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October 21, 2009

Bloggers block. Bear with me.

In no particular order,

Diwali went well. We celebrated in Legoland, Germany. They had special fireworks to begin the Halloween season. The universe does conspire, does nt it?

Antu came back from India with Hd and gave me a cold shoulder. Was more excited to see Ashu than me. Whatever! I dont care. I dont.

Did a Diwali do for Ashus class today. Im a natural after all! whowouldathunk it? I had butterflies in my stomach today morning before I went to school like before an exam. But I aced it. The kids had a blast. Ashu was so proud and went around "my mommy, my daddy, my baby" to all her classmates. It was so cute.

Antu is in a stage where I want to bottle her up and gift it to everyone. Sigh! And then they turn four!

Winter is here. I ve decided to make the most of it. Im not going to whine. Im not, Im not.

I joined this gym a month back. It has a beautiful baby care and Antu ,though cries a little bit when I leave her, is fine staying there for an hour. It has been 2 weeks since I went for one reason or the other. Wondering if Antu will be ok when I start to go again. We are older and wiser now, you know?

Ashu is happy now that she can wear tights, cardigans, jackets, mittens, scarves and caps. Weird, this one.

The other day a friend asked Antu, "are you eating a banana" and she said "yeah"! Instant reply. It was so cute. I think this was the first time shes answered a Q on her own.

My mom might visit in November. Ashu is on could nine. Im sure Antu would be too if she understood the concept of future. Me? Im dreaming about the dinners and movies out with Hd. I am a simple girl, that way!

Ashu is at her silliest. Now I know why kids push each other a lot. Hell, I want to just push her, out of a window sometimes, when she just would nt see logic and want something absolutely impossible. Like what, you ask? The same pink cup her friend is drinking milk from. Wanting a friend to stay back after quarrelling with him the entire duration of the play date. The "I am right" attitude even when she spells Sofia as Sofea and I correct her. Only because she asked me if the spelling was right, ok? Otherwise why would I make the stupid mistake of saying Her Highness is wrong?

A word Antu picked up on her own without any one of us teaching her - Dora. Do I even have to explain this?

Got back in to mailing with some dear old college friends of mine and God it feels so good. Just to think about the college days. sigh! But then that means - no Hd or kids, right? Hey wait a minute! What am I complaining about? ;)

The other day Antu was looking at Ashu with so much adoration. I told Ashu, "Antu loves you, Ashu. She thinks you are the best in the whole world"! So Ashu tells Antu, "No Antu. Amma and Appa are the best in the whole world"! Kids do know how to play us, dont they?


noon said...

WOw - all of a sudden Ashu looks so much more grown up - esp in that last photo. Must be bliss to see the two girls looking so cute in their pavadais.
Winters must be gorgeous out there...I love warm weather but from a distance winter, the mittens and the lovely scarves and hats with little round tassles hanging from them - all seem so much fun...a different feeling of warm when you think of huddling in the cold! :)

Balaji said...

Its always nice to see the girls in matching dresses. The first pic of them in their pattu paavaadais is very cute. And yes, when we miss something real bad, the universe does conspire :)

Anonymous said...

They look gorgeous in the first pic! And yes, agree with noon, Ashu looks so grown up now! I can understand why you'd wanna bottle her up and gift her to everyone =)

R's Mom said...

Awww! Thats such a nice post..loved the last photo...with matching clothes and all..thats so sweet..and Ashu is a sweetie...Amma Appa are the best...thats my girl!!

Manchus said...

Ashu sure knows how to please her Mom by saying those sweet words. Both look so cute in their Pattu paavadai. I also loved the last picture, wish my second was a girl so I could have dressed in matching outfits.

Sands said...

how sweet. They both look adorable :)

Anonymous said...

Belated Diwali wishes to the Boo family!! :)

cute photos! is the blue and gold paavadai that Ashu is wearing in the first photo cinderalla/snow white paavadai? My first one has the same combination cinderalla/snow white paavadai from rmkv.. so just wondering. :)


Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Ashu loves caps ??? WOW ... she needs to be friends with my kids ... they refuse it in rain and sun shine :D

The last pic is so adorable ... loved Ashu's cut !
Antu says Dora by herself, while Junior yells out "TV"

You are one lucky lady ... either you get to visit your parents or they are by your side ... enjoy... get pampered and those gym classes are signed even during Nov when mom is around ... right ???

Reva said...

Cute pics.. esp the last one..:) Belated Deepavali wishes!

So the gym now is to get ready for your mom's visit is it? he he..

Sumana said...

Gosh and you write so well don't you.I just adore your humor and god bless you have wonderful kids and family.

Shobana said...

Wow! I loved the last piece of conversation. I love them both in the 1st pic.

Praveen said...

Alls well with Ashu after Antu is back :)

Poppins said...

Nice nice nice :) loved the updates!

Anonymous said...

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ashok said... are growing fast...good to hear from u :)

Sachita said...

seriously, you are lucky o have parents who visit you so often:)

And it is sweet to see antu smile shyly but i do miss her clueless expression from few months before. she is one chamatu kutty, huh?

utbtkids said...

Such dolls....and I am going to see them soon :)

Don't tell Ashu, but I have been waiting to see Antu. Not that one is special-er than the other, but it is just the small is cute mentality :)

B o o said...

Noon - Winter sucks! the shorter days are a bummer, you know!

Balaji - It does, no? I was so thrilled that day. *wonders when it ll conspire and magically make her lose weight!!*

Shraddha - You mean Antu? shes growing fast, is nt she? sigh!

Rs Mom - For now, she says that! ;)

Manchus - I ve nt bought one matching outfit for them. Its all the Perimma and cos fault!! :)

Sands - thanks.

San - no it not the rmkv paavadais. it was tailored. a gift from a cousin for the girls.

CA - Actually whenever The TV is switched on, Antu says "Dora"!! ya ya, gym is definitely on. Keep nagging me to go, ok? :D

Reva - was nt feeling too well the last coupla weeks and then oct break for Ashu. resumed this week again.

Sumana - Thank you!

B o o said...

Shobana - thanks. I think it was a slip of the tongue. the way she behaves, I dont think she meant it!! ;)

Praveen - what about poor me? who always got to do the panchayathu between them? :(

Thanks, Poppy. You re it, now! :)

Madura - LOL! Indeed they were!

Ashok - You too. Hows Nith?

Sachita - you think they re coming to see me?? its all the pethis charms! :)

Utbt - and the fact that you have nt met Antu yet. That too right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Do tell us about the Diwali do. With you it must've been great fun :)

Rainmusings said...

I have read some of your blogs. Nice hilarious posts.Nice photoes.
My mom likes to dress up my daughter in my sweater and compare our photoes. This post sort of reminded me of that.

Rainmusings said...

Oh the comment was meant for the latest post with your 2 kids in same dress

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