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October 08, 2009

Are nt conversations like this supposed to happen when she is in her teens?

Amma, I don't like you.
Its OK. You don't ve to like me.
I am not going to talk to you forever.
That's OK too.
You are not my friend anymore Amma.
(interrupting) I don't want to hear one more word from you.
I said ...
Can I say one thing, Amma?
I don't like you.


Praveen said...

All this for sending baby sis to India with her dad???

B o o said...

Ah! Good question. the answer is - I dont know. It was for NOTHING. She came back from school. this started in the car and ended at home. If I ask her the reason, her answer will be, take a guess, "because I dont like you"! Nothing is more annoying, I tell you! Grrr....

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Sounds like a familiar conversation ...

Its our space said...

I have a question about this than vinai thannai sudum....have you ever actually talked like this to your parents ? I mean , really,seriously..? Looks like I have missed this great thing called teenage..:(

Gauri said...

"Aren't conversations like these supposed to happen when she is in her teens ?"

Boo - I have to say this - you are one terrific optimist !!!

:))))))))))))) The going just gets better and better and better -consider that a bhavishyavaani of sorts !!


PM said...

Hii. Been a silent reader of all the posts, I enjoyed them very much.
Even my son who is 5 yrs says " I dont like you. Bad amma, Bad appa" when things dont go his way.

Anonymous said...

(kudumba) arasiyalla idhallam sagajamappa... Good thing is the way you reacted.. better to quickly forget it.
'ippo adichipom apuram...' is guaranteed now but may not be the case when they are in teens....\\

Poppins said...

And because I can't resist:

Poppin: I won't talk to you
Me: Why
Poppin: Because you will hit me that's why.
Me: Wha-? When did I hit you?
Poppin: When I was a baby
Me: *Stumped* Then rallied - I never hit you as a baby (So not true but ahem)
Poppin: You're not my friend.

And so on in the same vein.
Check your phone bills - I suspect Poppin and Ashu have been talking to each other :p

Sumana said...

I swallowed the title of your post only to read gauri's comment of you being a terrific optimist. Man, we are having the time of our life as the kids grow.

Anonymous said...

Bad: As they grow older they dislike you more often

Worse: They give you specific reasons for disliking you

Worst: Mostly they are right

B o o said...

Its our space - I ve said worse things to my mom!! *shudders*

Gauri - go on laugh! Grr...

Chennai girl - Most of the times, she says it for no reason! I ve stopped asking her why these days! sigh!

Anon - Nah! Im not worried about that. daughters are leeches!! I should know! :D

Poppy and CA - phew! Im glad for some company here! and "you re not my friend" is very popular in this household too!

Sumana - Sadly true!

Inba - LOL! Circle of life, huh? Im only surprised it started so early. But kids these days are fast, are nt they?

Agila said...

Welcome to mom's of growing up kids club, Poo. It is very very hard to get some nice words about their parents from the kids mouth.
As you said, I always think of the things I said to my mom. Pay back time!!!

Shobana said...

Hehehe! I know this will come back and bite in the backside sometime but couldn't resist it, u know!

Anonymous said...

Darling daughter says 'I hate you' and she is 6 months younger than Ashu. And somehow what she says doesnt hurt me at all. My standard response is this - whether you love me or not i will always love you. I dont think i can say this even to my hubby!

And when you publish the BooBook (Boobukku - like Dubukku, I sometimes read his blog too) include the comments too! They are as much fun to read.

dipali said...


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Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

@inbavalli - Spot on! LOL!

@Boo - wonderful tags you've put up. So far mine has only uttered "I not your friend" with a thubs down to me. And she is 2.5 years. God, there's more to come,eh!

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

*thumbs down

mnamma said...

LOL at your answer to Praveen! She seriously said it just like that??? She probably misses Antu and is taking it out on you- I guess.

Trish said...

LOL!!!!LOL!!! This girl is a riot!
BTW,is the little one back?

Lavanya Sriram said...


I have been reading your blog for quiet some time now. Enjoy reading your posts :)
My daughter is yet to turn turn 2, but I have had my warnings from you girls :)

Unknown said...

Boo, been there done that. Been told to geroutofmyhauz.
Ten years more to go.

Diary Of A Stardusted Dreamer said...

hmmmm maybe I shouldn't be waiting so eagerly for my daughter to start speaking after all. she's quite a babble-box already and has started saying something that sounds suspiciously like "kya hai" (kyaaaiii) in an indignant tone whenever I try to get her to do s'thing she doesn't want to!

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Anonymous said...


Me too - want a boo-bukku! :) ...

SwB said...

Haha ... but I reckon her saying "I don't like you" can mean only one thing - that you are a damn good mom!

Hope all is fine with you S. Starting to get cold I guess now in Zuerich. Has it snowed yet? It should have.

Much love.

Lakshmi said...

I am glad to see this post. It is not just me wondering about what my 5 year old says some times.

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