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February 08, 2009

Musical Bed.

Since we now live in a bigger place, we moved Antus crib to another room. So she has her own room now. So does Ashu. And to think I have never had my own room all my life. We have always lived in teeny tiny places and even my parents did nt have any privacy let alone us daughters. In college, shared room with as much as ten girls at one point of time. And of course once we women get married, we share our rooms with the resident gorillas! The end.

Anyway, this one room for each is nt working out too well in our current situation. Take last night. Ashu and Antu were sleeping in their respective rooms. Around midnight, Hd got up to take Ashu to the loo. Then she would nt let go of him, so he slept on a mattress on the floor in her room. A while later, Antu got up. Hd woke up, picked her up and put her near me and I fed her and went back to sleep. Hd also went to sleep in our bed. Around 3 am, Hd got up and took Ashu to the loo. I got up and put Antu back in her crib in her room. I came back to our room. He slept in Ashus room. Then at 6 am, Ashu came and lied down next to me. Antu got up and I brought her to me. Then Ashu went and switched on the light in her room and an annoyed Hd came to our room to sleep longer since it was a Sunday. But Antu began to cry. I changed Antus diaper and put her in the crib in her room with some toys. Ashu was shuttling between her room and Antus and playing. Hd and I caught some 15 mins of sleep before we had to get up. Phew.

I so want to spread a Bhavani Jamakkalam* in the hall and go to sleep with all of us close together. It ll solve so many issues. Ashu can wet the jamakkalam by all means. A jamakkalam is nt a jamakkalam if it has nt been slept on by bed wetting kids. There's no danger of Antu rolling over and falling down. Hd does nt have to get up to take Ashu to the bathroom. Antu sleeps through the night when she co sleeps with us so I don't have to get up either. A win-win on all accounts. Our grand parents were nt exactly the dumb sorts now, were they? And here I am reading Ferber and buying Ikea kiddie furniture. Sorry Thatha. Thappu dhaan.

*a popular brand of bed sheet in Tamil Nadu


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha!! Good Night.. He He He!!

Anonymous said...

Guhahahaaaaahaaaaaa! Orae the dhamashu I say! For some i-dont-know-what reason, I somehow imagined Crazy Mohan reading it, when I read your second stanza and totally R'ed OTFL. You funny funny people!

Rohini said...

LOL! It appears that the only girl who has a room to herself is you for some parts of the night!

Anonymous said...

heh...thanks to internet anonymity I can safely say "Been there, done that!" saw the error of my ways in a *very* short time....moved the kids to mattresses on the floor when they got too big to co-sleep with us, and there they remain :-) Everyone's bedroom works for us.


Artnavy said...

:-)) very tough

am surprised u r not following tradition here- much simpler na?

Anonymous said...

Once N was 5 months old and started rotating, we moved the cot to one corner of the room. we spread 'padukkai' or rajai on the floor and all of us sleep on it. N can roll wherever he wants. there is no fear of falling down. I'm totally FOR this system. Its convenient for all.

Manchus said...

Bhavani Jhamakalam is a good idea.

Now I sleep with R2 as he is still nursing and Mr sleeps with R1. Mr has to study late and hence he keeps the lights on and it annoys the arrangement is working for us now.

Once he graduates in June and then R2 will be 15 months and then kids can be together!

Anonymous said...

Heh heh How true! Night training started ah? I have yet to approach that dragon, as it is, my sleep is too precious

Mama - Mia said...

oh! we sleep on the floor. 3 gaddas for 3 of us and ofcos M and me re relegated to extreme ends while Cubby uses rest of it to roll as he pleases! :p

even i NEVER had a room of my own!

a fun post as always Boo!



Reva said...

Lol! you're funny. It was like watching a song in fast forward! :D

And that last thappu dhaan - I kinda imagined it like vadivelu's tone.. he he.

Me said...

A jamakkalam is nt a jamakkalam if it has nt been slept on by bed wetting kids....LOL! whata profound insight...

Anonymous said...

so why were you not doing it in the first place? Patta dhaan theriyum ...
- Vidya

B o o said...

YY - :)

Revathi - Imagine just crazy without the Mohan, Revathi!

Ro - Shush now. Hd might read it! :)

M - Too cold to do that and mainly no jamakkalam here. Hence the craziness!

Art - You think the pub culture spoilt me? ;)

Aka Monica - Some people like me just like to make their lives more complicated!

Manchus - I cant wait for the kids together stage. Lock them together and throw the key out. *dreams*

Poppy - The fast approaching 4th birthday geared us up.

Abha - So the second one is nt coming any time soon, huh? ;)

Reva - LOL! I was going for a Thevar Magan "Thappu dhen" accent! ;)

Me - A jamakkalam is seasoned with all this, no?

Vidya - Im still not doing it for your kind info. Sila perukku pattaalum theriyaadhu. So which category are you?

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

tell me about his sleeping changes ... atleast Antu and Ashu are not bothered by each other.
In our house, the girls share their room ... so with all the chaos you have said, there is added chaos of the other girl getting up when the sister gets up.
Phew !!

Anonymous said...

dhenum udhai pattaalum jamukaalam dhaan! my sleep is too precious to be woken in the middle - did u think i am a senti amma!

SUR NOTES said...

what a lovely post.
Sanah has her own room, but somehow we just havent had the heart to let go of that cuddly body out of the bed. Even though there are some bed wetting accidents.Even though she kicks. Even though.....

Ps. thanks for the concern about sanah. i think i have cracked the msytery.

Priyanka said...

Sounds like you both had a hectic night. Whats a Jamakkalam? Does it not get wet if Ashu pees on it?

Anonymous said...

My anna was saying last time we visited chennai, 'after the kids got their own room, there is a lot of "amaanushya activities" in their home in the pey ulaavum hours!!! :) Somehow people keep moving between the rooms, and find themselves in completely different order at different hours and wake up surprising themselves when they moved to where! :) He was joking if somebody dared watch their home at midnight they will freak out observing shadows moving around randomly.

And they are 11 and 6 year old kids! :)))...

And we are planning to start the kids in a separate room right after birth and have bought a radio monitor to watch! My mom and MIL had been laughing at it! :) We will learn it the hard way haan?!!! :)

dipali said...

Poor you and your peripatetic spouse! I only ever had a room to myself when I was teaching in a college and living in the hostel, and after my sis got married. Otherwise it's been hubby and kids at various stages. Now of course it's just me and the snoring man.
Much to be said for co-sleeping!

Anonymous said...

Your jamakkalam reference had me in splits, Boo. For quite a while the kids, hubby and I lived out of a 12" x 12" bedroom and it was such fun. For 'special occasions' hubs and I would creep out to the guest room, coyly called the 'lodge' ;)

@Priyanka: Jamakkalams (dhuries) are traditionally enriched and fortified with the pee of dozens of kids :D

Cee Kay said...

The description of "musical beds" made me dizzy!! Yeah - I am sure co-sleeping would be better for all involved, except for any unborn kids. Wait, with the current merry-go-round-the-bed the unborn kids aren't going to get born anyway :D

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