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November 19, 2008

Imai Irandum thani thani...

So Hd is away again. For two weeks this time. So like any self respecting girl, I cried and went running to "daddy" and my dad caught the next flight and arrived! :) Not exactly. But his visa was still valid and there were other stuff to consider, so he decided to come. This is the man who thinks twice before traveling to Madras from his home town and poor guy had to do two trips to Zurich in a short time all because his daughter asked him to. (More like son-in-law asked him to but I am not complaining!) Anyway, this post is not about that. I remember doing a post almost 2 years back - Sappy Me on how I discover some new song whenever Hd is away and repeat it to death. I swear I was nt even looking this time. So watched Vaaranam Aayiram last weekend and one song caught my attention and at last had some time to find the song on the net and listen to it yesterday. And what a song! Oh man, totally fell in love with it. It has been on indefinite loop fot the past 48 hours.(and this time totally annoying my dad!) Its on the background while Im typing this very post. I had the song on repeat even in the car today while I went to pick up Ashu from school. Anal mela pani thuli... Sung superbly by carnatic singer Sudha Raghunathan(although I feel guilty enjoying this song without the usual Bombay Jayashree.) and mind blowing lyrics by Thamarai. The lyrics are absolutely wonderful, I tell you. A woman in love, in pain, in want,... Sigh! And such a haunting music too. Now I cant wait for Hubby to come back and hear the song with me. So glad that the romance has nt withered and died. Yet.

Listen to it here.

anal mele pani thuli alai paayum oru kili

maram thedum mazhai thuli ivai dhaane ival ini
imai irandum thani thani urakkangal urai pani
edharkaaga thadai ini

endha kaatrin alaavalil malar ithazhgal virindhidumo
endha dheva vinaadiyil mana araigal thirandhidumo
oru siru vali irundhadhuve idhayathile idhayathile
unathiru vizhi thadaviyathaal amizhndhuvitten mayakkathile
udhirattume udalin thirai adhu thaan ini nilaavin karai karai

anal mele...

sandhithome kanaakkalil sila murayaa pala murayaa
andhi vaanil ulaavinom adhu unakku ninaivillaiyaa
iru tharaigalai udaithidave perugidu vaa kadal alaye
iru iru uyir thathalikkayil vazhi sollu vaa kalangaraye
unathalaigal enai adikka karai servathum kanaavil nigazhndhida

anal mele...

Thanks to Thamarai, we get to hear gems like these where a women sings about her desires. Have you ever wondered how few and far between they are? Did it all start with Vaseegara? From the top of your head, tell me the song which comes to your mind first. Anything in Hindi?

Sorry non Tamil folks. Theres no way I can translate this precious song in English even if I try. Any volunteers?


Anonymous said...

Un siripinil un siripinil
En manadhin paadhiyum poga.
Un imaigalin kan imagalin
Min paaravayil meedhiyum thaeya.
MMMmmm indru naetru endru illai en indha nilai.
Mmmmm unnai kanda naalirindhae naan seiyum pizhai.

Unakul irukum mayakkam
Andha uyarathu nilavai azhaikkum
Idhazhin vilimbu thulirkum
En iravinai paniyil nananikum
Edhirinil naan.. Yerigira naan..
Udhirndhidum mazhaicharam neeyae
Oru murai alla,mudhal murai alla
Dhinam dhinam ennai soodum thee.

Un siripinil...............

Mudhal naal paartha vanappu
Thuli kuraiyavum illai unakku
Urakkam vizhipil kanavaai
Unai kaanbadhae vazhakkam enakku
Aruginilae.. Varugayilae..
Thudipadhai niruthudhu nenjam
Mudhal mudhal indru
Migalgiradhendru nadipadhil konjam vanjamae!

Hi Boo! Sorry for hogging your comment space. But just couldn't resist this one!What with being in a long distance relationship and all.I study in Ireland.And my SS(Significant Someone) is in India. So I'm never short of sappy moments and songs!Un siripinil and Iru vizhi undha(Minnalae) suits me most of the time.Btw, delurking for the first time,though I've been reading your blog for about 9 months now(Thittalaam,naan thappa eduthukka maataen)I shall frequent the comment space more often hereafter(not just for reading :P )

Anonymous said...

Errr sorry,I typed out the lyrics on my own and nigazhgirandhendru in the last line became migalgiradhendru by mistake.Sorry :P

Anonymous said...

:( I apologize once again.I just came up with Thamarai's song.But its not necessarily a she to he song.Its a duet.Ondra renda will fit though.I'll stop here, else I'm sure you'll shoo me out of your blog.

Unknown said...

Hahaha ... me too ... me too ... i live in toronto and my guy lives in india ... and i am the over romantic sap... but for the first time ... he took over that role and told me that annal melay ... reminds him of us ... and yeah i was totally floored ... song has been on repeat mode too ... hehehehe

Anonymous said...

How can I forget Vaseegara.. Everytime I hear it, I imagine you in my guest bedroom hearing the song and crying!!

Anyhoo.. Sudha Ragunathan has sung this song with perfect diction. The la, LA, ra, Ra.. Beautiful! Now I can see the difference between Tamil and non-tamil singers!!

BangaloreMom said...

Not so much about female feelings but 'Nee partha paarvai' from Hey Ram was definitely our song....:D

Anonymous said...

forget the song, gurl!

post a pic of you doing sashtanga namaskaram in front of your father's feet;
the man is a saviour!!
TWO WEEKS in a foreign country


imagine you'll have to rename your blog boohootalk...if not for him

(now, if only i can get MY husband to persuade my dad ... aah)

Anonymous said...

oh..u have to translate it ..even if it sounds a little bad. i cant understand this complicated tamil...only know the regular conversation tamil. please please translate!

Artnavy said...

Beautiful song.

killi polai - bharati
devan thanda poovay- kaanthil mutham ittal
mera kuch samaan - ijaazat
tujse naraaz nahin zindagi- masoom
wouldn't it be lovely- my fair lady

ACTUALLY i think i did NOT get the criteria

L said...

Hadnt heard this song before!
Its very soothing and touches
chord somewhere! Now this is
running on infinite loop in
my laptop :-)
Cant think of anything sung
from a woman's point of view..
but I like New York Nagaram from
the men's!


L said...

Just thought of these!
Do 'Enge Enathu kavithai', 'Kannomoochi Yenada' or 'Margazhi Thingalallava' fit
the criteria? :-)


L said...

Just thought of these!
Do 'Enge Enathu kavithai', 'Kannomoochi Yenada' or 'Margazhi Thingalallava' fit
the criteria? :-)


Anonymous said...

Female singing about her desire are there from old days. the oldest that comes to my mind is, karnan songs.. 1. malare malare theriyaathaa.. and 2. kankal enge nenjamum enge

but my fav is. engengo engengo en ennam poohum thoorum from valli.

- premalatha

Anonymous said...

finally a song did it :P

beautiful song indeed. So many of them missing Bombay Jayashree in this album!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bombay Jayasree has also fought with Gautam Menon :P

B o o said...

Revathi - Oh thats Hubby fav too. I like Unakkul Naan better though! I think the music, the lyrics, the magic in the voice everything has to come together for loving a song. Oh and to an extent, the video too. Not like that stupid Mayiliragae.... Grrr.....!!

Prithvi - Same boat, same song aa? :)

YY - Shush! Dont spoil my clown image! Yes, the diction! Awesome, no?

Bangalore Mom - There are lots of wonderful duets. Even male solos. The "tadap tadap" song from HDCS is my all time fav. But its a nice change when a woman writes for a woman.

MinM - What are fathers if not saviours of their little girls? ;)

Aka Monica - will give it a try if no one does.

Art - Nice list. Mere kuch saamaan was my fav whenever Hd and I had a fight and I was ready to leave the house! :D Im sure there are hundreds in english. Didos White Flag comes to mind.

L - Yes, surely touches a chord for me. New York nagaram is nice. And thats what I was thinking, we always identified with the supposed to be "men songs" too! Kannamoochi yenadaa is too peppy to feel sappy! :) Margazhi - Nithyashree no? No way! Enge enadhu kavidhai - bingo!

B o o said...

Latha - But were they written by women? I love "kangal enge" but not enough to feel sappy about it. Give me "Sonnathu neethaana" from Nenjil or aalayam, anyday! enegengo is an awesome song. Long since I heard it. Here I go...

Inba - So harris and menon - ladaai aa? Not "divorced but still friends"?? :)

Its our space said...

Written by women lyricists argumentai eduthuttu patha nothing comes close to Unnai kaanandha kannum kannalla. That is the epitome of romantic lyrics if you ask me. Starting from the nee solladha sollum sollalla to kaadhalin munney neeyum naanum veralla climax,it so beautifully describes the various moods of people in love . Only Kannadasan could do it ,Boo. The best thing about him was he always kept it simple and straight unlike Dye mandu who goes over board putting flowery words in to the mouths of adutha velai sapatukku vazhiilladha padikadha hero/heroines.

In hindi ,though it has got to be Gulzar - starting from Mora gora ang layile to the (not so) recent Jiya jale ..they are all such captivating stuff.

Thanks for the good start to the day . It is going to be a song fest here :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo,

I love reading your blogs.....
This is the first time I am posting my comments.

You have a wonderful father - may be a movie on Father/daughter....

I loved the song Mundinam parthene

I just cannot stop hearing it and that makes husband and kids mad!

I did not hear this song - I will do it today.

Keep blogging.


Anonymous said...

'Enge enadhu kavidhai', 'Porkalam angae', 'Ninaikka therindha maname' are my favs. Come to think about it. I dont even like happy songs. I like sad songs more. Totally agree with Its our space - Kannadhasan's simple and straightforward cannot be surpassed.

I heard your song - Did not like it. Liked the violin piece in it though.

Absolutely Serendipitous said...

Lucky you..your dad is coming all the way to Zurich.Wish mine had some time for me too.

Mama - Mia said...


I shall be back to check if you do a translation! :D



Anonymous said...

Boo, (Thaalaattum poongatru) (maalayil yaaro)


Anonymous said...

Do you take up tags only from mom bloggers?. tagged u.

Sini said...

Hi Boo,
I happened to come across ur blog and now am hooked :)...keep the good work u have a fan ;).

sansmerci said...

wow .. wish the romance doesnt die for me too .. my fiance already refuses to hear songs that i ve fallen for :(

Unknown said...

Can somebody translate Un siripinil for me PLEASE into english or French.
Many Thanks.

ADJ said...

thnx for lyrics....

ADJ said...

Amazing :)

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