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September 14, 2008

"Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there."

I hate family reunions because they come to an end. Sis and Bil left early morning today back to the US. Dad, Hd, Ashu and Antu are taking a nap. Mom and I just finished three back to back games of Ticket to Ride(I won all of them, thank you for asking!) and while my mom is sulking, I looked at our living room now looking empty without the two big suitcases and all the stuff that were here for the past two weeks. When would we see each other next? Antu would nt even remember them the next time. Ashu as always never talks about people after they leave. Mother of all denials, this one has. This time Sis and Bil got her a cute toy stroller. She was over the moon. They said and did all the right things with the kids. I don't how to describe the feeling but they are just so perfect with the kids. Its even scary for me as if they understand my every move. Or may be we are tuned the same way. I know I can leave my kids with my mom without a backward glance but she would do things her way and I am not saying its wrong. But knowing that your kids will be loved as much you love them and in the same way you love them is such an overwhelming feeling. Thank you Sis and Bil for being the rock. You guys are truly phenomenal! :)

We hardly left the house. Mom was doing all the cooking and we stayed home, ate, played games, talked, caught up,... Dad arrived from India on Wednesday with sweets, savouries, new clothes for all us, gifts, etc... and we had a gala time. As if its Diwali already. Sigh! Now no time to sulk as moms leaving in 2 days. Got to save the tears.

By the way, as promised I offered Antu to Bil and he was very keen to pack her and take her with him since she saved all her cutest smiles and coos for him. But then we both forgot a small something while striking our deal. Hd. He totally refused to give up Antu. Sentimental fool that he is!


Neera said...

I, as always, was waiting for the funny twist. It came in the end! ;) Many hugs to u ..I know what it is like when anyone leaves you, mom undoubtedly is the hardest :(

Reva said...

'But knowing that your kids will be loved as much you love them and in the same way you love them is such an overwhelming feeling'

lovely line.


Renu said...

daddy's little daughter:)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yes..i understand..i was quite deppressed when i was away from my family but now distressed as things hv turned sour betwn my sis n me...i so long for everythin to turn out right

Anonymous said...

first time. lovely blog. i could never think of giving up my kids to anyone, though. the separation would slowly kill me. thank god these things have changed in the 21st century!
then again, I am also extremely good with and adored by kids i dont have to go home with :P

Maggie said...

Awww, Boo. Hugs. I cried for a week after mom went home - felt very forlorn and abandoned. At least your Dad's still around for a while.

Lovely pic of the two sisters in the last post. Ashu's really growing up, huh? Moppet now comes back from school by school bus, she's fine with it, but I still cry thinking about it!

Mama - Mia said...


may you guys be surrounded by this circle of love all the time!!!



dipali said...

Awww Boo. Your mom would have left by now. The house must be eeling so empty. But Antu and Ashu are there to love and be loved, and it's going to be fun around Chez Boo. Be of good cheer. Loved Ashu's art gallery, by the way:)

Anonymous said...


I wanted to tell you this story..My dad's very close friend once had twin daughters and his sister did not have any kids..My dad's friend gave one of his daughter to his sister and the daughter whom he has right now is in 7th grade..I know it is hard but it brought a lot of happiness in his sisters life..

I am sorry if I am posting this in your comment section as it might hurt some peoples feelings..I wanted to email you about this but could not find u r email...

Between I am a big fan of your writing..

Reading ur blog posts I am picturing u r family with all my fav actors and it looks like a vikraman,sooraj barjatya film for me (in the right sense) and I want to see your happy family (Hd, dad, mom, sis and BIL)..I know you prefer to remain anonymous but after reading every update from u I feel like seeing u r whole family...I know this is too much to ask for from a anonymous reader..I can send u my Email..

Keep Writing and post u r email in ur contact section for fans like me to contact u :)

Anonymous said...

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