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August 23, 2008

Late Night Show with the Joker.

At last, after the entire world has watched and raved, we got to watch The Dark Knight. The movie got released in Swiss only on 21st Aug. Hd and I went for a late night show on Friday. So far we ve never left both the kids with my mom at home. But since the show started only at 11.45 pm and Antu has sort of got into a routine, we decided to risk it. Thankfully, both the girls slept the whole time, so relief. Cant say the same about my mom though. She was thinking we ll be back by 2.30 and started worrying when she got up around 3 am and did nt find us back. We were back at 3.15 am. Moms! When will they stop worrying? ;)

Needless to say, LOVED the movie. Bale, Ledger, Oldman, Freeman and Caine. By Nolan. How can it go wrong? The Joker was truly mesmerising. Could nt believe it was the same guy who acted in 10 things I hate about you. Heath Ledger. Sigh! Cant help but wonder what could have been...


Anusha said...

what! you already have a life outside the babies?!!
uff, all this peer pressure....time for me to rally the family!


Anonymous said...

Thank God for this blog! Otherwise I wouldn't know what you thought about the movie!!hmmpf!!

Glad you liked it!! Did you get startled by the pencil scene?

Sukhaloka said...

Wow, Boo. That was brave! Glad it went through smoothly, I'm sure it would have killed you to have to come out in the middle of Dark Knight.

@yaadayaada, the scene which startled me most was Ledger's phone call. Oh boy.

Artnavy said...

oh am yet to see it

just been reading the rave reviews

all the best to ashu at playschool

she will soon be idol worshipping her teachers!!

B o o said...

Kodis mom - he he he! It was our 9th "meeting" anniversary and we had a dark (k)night! ;)

YY - Oh yeah and the phone scene as Suki mentioned. And the scenes left to our imagination and 2 face.

Suki - The phone call! *shivers*

Art - You gotta watch it. Awesome. And thanks.

Shobana said...
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Unknown said...

You too, you too....I'm feeling like a lover know, hopeless ache at the loss...such a brilliant brilliant brilliant actor.

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