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August 21, 2008

First day to Pre-School.

So Ashu started school. Even though she started play school when she was 30 months old, we did nt take it very seriously. 2 afternoon hours in a day is nothing and we bunked school a lot. But yesterday was her first day to pre-school. Where she ll spend a solid 3 1/2 hours. Where she has to take a lunch box and eat on her own! Ashu was in tears during the orientation day on Monday even when I was with her. Oh ho, I thought. We left the house by 8 am yesterday. Hd and I took her to the classroom. She swallowed tears and asked me not to go. But I promised her that I ll be back and left her. She was okay. It helped that most of her friends from her previous class are in the same class with her. When I went to pick her up, she looked so happy. She had finished the very little spaghetti I had packed for her lunch but had left the apples uneaten. I ve no complaints! ;) Then she went on and on about her day in the car. Seemed like she had fun. She slept on the way in the car and continued her nap at home. The pattern continued today too. Her two new teachers are very friendly and I can see that Ashu likes them already.

Yesterday I came home after dropping her at school and the house was unusually quiet in spite of my mom and Antu being at home. There was a lump in my throat. This is it, I thought. My baby girl has flown the nest. Theres no going back now. My mom tried to cheer me up but what does she know how I feel! :(


mummyjaan said...

"My mom tried to cheer me up but what does she know how I feel! :("

I don't know whether you intended to make us laugh with that sentence or not, Boo....but it did make me smile - in spite of your 'frownie' at the end of that sentence. (Yeah, what does your mom know??)

My girl starts school in 2 weeks, so I will be going through this phase too. I have a feeling that I'll be the one crying while my daughter prances off happily to her class.

Anonymous said...

Boo, I'm not sure if u r being sarcastic abt " My mom tried to cheer me up but what does she know how I feel! :("
Ur mom has faced u n ur sis flying from her nest - what more of an experience can anyone expect :-)
Good Luck to Ashu ,

L said...

Amen to the above 2 comments :-)


Anonymous said...

"My mom tried to cheer me up but what does she know how I feel! :("

Obviously! ;)
I wish Ashu good luck and that she has a really good time at school!

dipali said...

Awww Boo. I remember feeling so broken hearted when each kid started school. Part of your life now belongs elsewhere. Ashu's sounding happy, so i guess that's OK. Cheer up:)

rayshma said...

this too, u shall get used to... chin up! :)

Dee said...

I liked the last line...we all think that way , don't we ? Go on and conquer the world Ashu!!

Sheela said...

aww... Ana will be starting pre-school in september and i've been running several grayscale scenarios in my head about how to handle it...

yeah, what do our moms know how we feel, right?!

good luck to Ashu - I am sure she will blossom and shine while charming the pants off the rest of the kids :)

B o o said...

Mummyjaan - Even though I do realize that my mom has gone through the same thing and so do hazaar moms, the pain is so intense that I feel no one can understand it. Sigh! :(

Shalini - Ya, meant to be sarcastic. She has of course gone through much more than I ve right now. But I of course have to make everything about ME! ;)

Lakshmi - Howz you?

SS - Thanks.

Dipali - Im already visualizing Antu starting school and me coming to an empty house! *bawling*

Rayshma - Im sure I ll wish school were there during her holidays! ;)

Thanks, Dee. And yeah I always use that line on my mom - "What do you know?"

Sheela - Thanks. Good luck with the preschool for Ana. Lets compare notes! :)

bird's eye view said...'s a sad day when your kis spends hours away from you - and seems to enjoy it too! Only solution for you - have more kids so one of 'em'll always be home :)

Mama - Mia said...


am just glad ashu had such a great time!!!



Tharini said...


From where I am at, the 3 and 1/2 hours seem so breezy when I think of the 7 hours I will have to get used to, starting today.

Oh but I forget...there's still that little one to mother and lose myself in. :D

Not very comforting, am I? C'mon...cheer up. She'll be back happier at the stimulation and interaction, and you would have had some breather time to do other things. Its a win-win!!

Maggie said...

Boo, at this rate, the only comment I will have to leave on all your posts will be 'same pinch' :-)

Cee Kay said...

Yeah, what DOES your mom know about daughters leaving home??


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