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July 06, 2008


Federer lost! Federer lost! Federer lost! Boo hoo hoo, Federer lost! But Nadal totally deserved to win. The best player truly won today. But what a match! Almost 7 hours of not changing the TV channel. That has got to be the first time in our household. I became so impatient at the end. Even asked Ashu to pray for "Federer Uncle". But it was too late, I guess. Why else would nt God listen to a little girls prayer, I ask! I remember watching the 2005 US Open when Ashu was a baby. Federer won against Agassi. Now with Baby Antu, the winds have changed. Sigh!

What with winning the
Euro 2008 Football Championship last weekend, Spain is surely on a roll! Here's Ashu in her Euro T shirt practicing her moves. If not a Tennis player, she has good chance to become a goalkeeper, methinks! ;)


Anonymous said...

Missed the historic game! :-( Glad you all had a thrilling adventure!
Thatz a great foto by the way!

rayshma said...

i was rooting for fed too... :(
and heyy.. u all set to be a soccer mom? :0)

Anonymous said...

Cha! Fedex had to lose to that punk;who played exceptional tennis of course ! But what a comeback,man! Made me wonder how awesome it would have been to see Federer play against or Becker or Sampras .

Ashu has started with praying for your favorites ? way to go :)

Mama - Mia said...

quite a shocker, Fed losing!!

but its nice to get some shocks every once in a while rather than predictable matches all along! :D

ashu look adorable as always!!! :)



Anonymous said...

lol...dont know how i landed up here while searching for tennis stuff online but nice blog :)) and my family supported Rafa all the way. He deserves it more than anyone!

dipali said...

Missed the game, but was rooting for
Federer. I guess all good things come to an end sooner or later, but he was truly one of the greats.

Dee said...

hahaha...'Federer Uncle' huh ?! sure are funny..

Altoid said...

Ya! I am a big fan of King Fed, but would always wonder if there would be anyone that would beat him. So in that sense, I was so proud of Nadal-truly a well-deserved, well-fought win. I am sure that in itself adds to the thrill of winning the title. Well worth the 7hrs+ match, the adrenali rush, the excitement-wish I could've watched it live!

Congratulations btw :)

Unknown said...

My amma was rooting for opposed to me sending all my love to Nadal!!!
A truly deserved win , Loved ur post.
If i was 5 and not 25--- amma would have also asked me to pray for federer mama!!!!

Mystic Margarita said...

Almost strangled R coz he was rooting for Nadal. But in the end, I guess, Nadal was in awesome form and deserved to win. here's hoping Federer uncle will win again next year!

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