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July 25, 2008

Thriller Movies and Me.

Any Mommies out there who watched A Clockwork Orange, Kill Bill, Oldboy and Pans Labyrinth in a span of one year? I need to know that I'm not the only freak. In my defence, all the above movies were shown on Film Four and I did nt rent the DVDs.

A Clockwork Orange - Watched it about a year ago, so the effect has worn off. But I had nightmares for an entire week.

Kill Bill - Watched it while I was pregnant. What to do? I could nt resist. I just covered my eyes with my hands and watched it through the gap between the fingers. That did nt help.

Oldboy - Watched it last week. If you have watched it, you know what I am talking about. If you have nt watched it, do NOT watch it. Violence, gore, mentally upsetting, physically revolting,... You name it, the movie has got it. And that too in EXTREME doses. How did someone come up with such a story and screenplay is what puzzles me? Is he a genius or a mental? Am I insane that I actually liked the movie?

Pans Labyrinth - Watched it yesterday. Excellent movie though some scenes were revolting.

I cant believe a weak hearted, easily scared person like me watched these movies. Till date I have nt watched the ending of Moondram Pirai/Sadma because I could nt take it. Did nt watch the second half of the movie Kaadhal because I knew it had some disturbing scenes. Some scenes in Mahanadhi and Kurudhi Punal freaked me out. I cried buckets after one of the Kajols gets murdered in that movie with Ashutosh Rana as the bad guy. By the way, I watched all the said 4 movies alone. Hd watched only Kill Bill after I watched it. He did nt watch the rest at all. And I promptly deleted the movies from the DVR as soon as the end credits rolled. I was a little ashamed for having watched them. Anyway, Hd does nt have the time and unless and until I force him, he would nt watch them. And I did nt want to watch these movies again. I wanted to erase them from my memory as soon as possible. A repeat viewing would seriously affect my mental health!

Anyway, to cleanse myself off these movies, I watched "The Prestige". Just WOW! Officially, The Prestige has become my most favorite movie EVER. I bow to Nolan. I watched Memento five years back. I just knew that it was a great movie but did nt know anything about it before watching it. Hd and I fell off from the sofa when we watched it. And as soon as the movie ended, we watched it again. Back to back. We even thought of watching it in reverse. It was mind blowing. But The Prestige is not as confusing as Memento. I mean, it does leave loads of questions unanswered but Im so much in awe with this movie that the whole world seems more brighter and happier to me. "The Pledge, The Turn and the Prestige" - Michael Caines voice will haunt me for a long time. While I see loads of people raving about Christian Bale's performance in this movie, I just loved Hugh Jackman. I think the casting is stellar. Now Im nagging Hd to watch it with me again. I cant wait to see his reaction and discuss the movie with him. I want to watch The Dark Knight badly now. But apparently, the movie is releasing in Switzerland only in September. And Wall E too. Can you believe that? Sucks!


Altoid said...

Hm, I havent watched any of the movies you listed. But did watch Prestige as soon as it was released. Loved it too, Christian Bale totally rocked, as did Hugh Jackman. It was around the same time I watched the Bond movie(Casino Royale) and The Departed. I was on a movie high!

Mystic Margarita said...

I have an eclectic taste in movies. Watched Clockwork Orange way back. Kill Bill, Oldboy, and Pan's Labyrinth in the last few years. All ecellent movies if you have the heart for such movies. Christopher Nolan blew me off with Memento - and loved Prestige, too.

Have yet to watch Dark Knight - will have to catch it on DVD coz watching movies in the theatre is not feasible right now - mainly because i don't want to watch it alone and wouldn't be comfortable leaving popol with a babysitter to catch a film.

B o o said...

Altoid - Departed is on my list. Im on a movie high right now! :)

Rita - God bless ya! I seriously thought that some wiring in my brain had gone wrong! I could nt explain to myself why I liked Oldboy. It had everything I did NOT want to watch in a movie. Why did you like it?
Since my mom is here, thought Hd and I will catch Dark Knights in the theater but theres some delay in the release here. Sob sob! :(

Anonymous said...

ok, quick one liner as I am stepping out.
Can't resist irritating you. TDK - great.
Heath Ledger awesome. Sometimes Bale made me think, what is this joker doing here? Why do they pick`such old women, old looking women, as heriones?????
Let me know when some one figuers that out!

IBH said...

Boo! u are not the one! if someone's wire is fused or damaged it must be mine ;) thanks to the mr. i end up watching all sorts of odd and weird movies with loads of best ones too...

if kill bill freaked u out then i wont dare mention Ichi th Killer and such..i watch such movis..if it could help...kill bill is 1% of what gore is out of Japanese movies..:)))

yeah out of the movies u have mentioned i have watched few...except Oldboy....might be this week end...:)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Illusionist?

Anonymous said...

i believe its dark knight without the s. the title refers to batman.

Unknown said...
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Balaji said...

have watched all those movies on ur list. was blown away by 'kill bill' and 'pan's labyrinth'. 'oldboy'... 1 of those movies that i can't decide whether i liked or not. had to close my eyes for some scenes. but a truly unforgettable climax if ever there was one! :)

Thirumoorthi Chidambaram said...

The reason is cultural differences. Your perspective of western culture is far different from your original one. Even though you’re living in different civilization, you grew up in a culture which gives more emphasize to human values. That’s why you find it hard in climax of Moondram Pirai. And those movies you mentioned are fantasy movies and nothing to do with the reality… I don’t think, these movies are threat to your mental health. Don’t watch movies like The Green Miles – those would seriously disturb you!

Anonymous said...

Have seen Pan's Labyrinth. Nice movie. Dark Knight, must watch for the amazing performance of Heath Ledger. Not watching any of the other movies. Don't have the heart!

Anonymous said...


if u like prestige suggest you watch Illusionist also...

if you like concept movies like Memento then you need to see "Lucky Number Slevin" also


SwB said...

You had another baby!! Congrats!

Don't knwo when I'll be back in Schweiz, but maybe sometime later this year or early 2009.


Vidooshak said...

mamma-mia was made to watch "300" when she was 4 months preggie. the alternative was "hat-trick" by priyadarshan or somebody. i just had to NOT miss 300 and she relented. the effects can be seen on Cubby, though. he has already sent 300 toys of his to dine in hell... :-(

btw, i saw prestige on a plane and found it put me to sleep through the next 3 movies as well. i was probably just jet lagged. will hunt for it again, after your stellar recco. haven't seen most of the movies in your exalted list and feel so lame.

agenda for August: catch up with Boo... :-)

Praveen said...

seen all the films u mentioned, love all of them. The Hindi remake of Old Boy Zinda was nowhere close to the original. Have u seen Hostel?? Don't even think about watching it. U can't beleive that someone cant conceptualize a gory thriller in the beautiful city Prague.

Try watching these lovely Iranian films; The Children of Heaven (am sure Ashu will love it ) Baran (this is really beautiful), The Color of Paradise and the the Korean films "The Way Home".

Mama - Mia said...

well the jusband has already tol ya i watched 300! i saw Blood Diamond too much to the disdain of my mother! she was flabbergasted to say the least!

and Kill Bill is in my all time favourites! its violence in most stylish form! :D

so there! you are so totally normal!! :)

and me loved Memento and made everyone i knew watch it! its bloody brilliant!



ps: agree with praveen too! have seen only Children of Heaven and its a BEAUTIFUL! MSUT watch! :)

Praveen said...

@ Boo: sorry about the typos in my previous comment.

@Abha: u never know, Boo might have seen those flicks ages ago :)

bird's eye view said...

The dark knight is fab!!! ( just rubbing it in).

But I must say u r very brave - i never watch blood and gore movies these days

Anonymous said...


congrats on your baby. Sorry I haven't been keeping up, just been busy. Guess I have been missing out.
I found your blog by a post you put on mine. I think our girls look alot alike. They even share dimples!


Rohini said...

Watched Kill Bill but found the violence so over-the-top that it stopped being disturbing. It was almost like watching a cartoon... or maybe that's just me. Haven't seen the others.

Anonymous said...

I have watched Killbill,prestige& departed. I also watched the kill bill like you with eyes closed through 2 fingers. Prestige i watched back to back.Even the 2nd time is as thrilling as the first time. Right now i noting down all the " dont watch" movies!


B o o said...

>> Hmm..I shouldnt be too surprised if this baby aint the peace loving kinds! <<

*gulp* you think so, RV?

Utbt - Ya, ya, rub it on! Hope the movie gets released before my mom leaves though! :(

Ibh - Thats what I want. A reason to watch these horrors. A person to blame it on!!! ;)

Anon - Illusionist, not yet.

Anon1 - It was a typo. Sorry. ;)

Balaji - Truly an unforgettable movie. It took me two weeks to come out of the gross factor and discuss the technical aspects of the movie with Hd. Not that I know much about the tech stuff, but the fight in the corridor was pretty awesomely shot, no?

Thiru - Oldboy is nt a fantasy. Some movies does it for me I think. Btw, watched Green Mile 4 or 5 times. I think it helps me when the movie ends in a hopeful note. Im confused as you can see!

YY - Watch them all. I dont want to be the only one in the family to be scarred for life!

B o o said...

Thanks SwB. I promise I wont have another baby by then!!

Vidooshak - LOL on 300. Try Prestige again. Believe it or not, I watched it on the plane a while back and fell asleep in 5 mins!!

Mama mia - Blood Diamond is great. Not gory though!

BEV - Me neither. But was so bored that recorded these movies on TV and before I knew, I had a gore collection!!

Lynda - Thanks for dropping by. Yes, your little girl has gorgeous curls!

Ro - Yes, the violence was definitely over the top. after some time, it did nt affect me. The psychological thrillers are way more scarier for me.

Latha - Prestige is definitely brilliant. And are you planning to watch the "dont watch" movies? Good luck! :)

Vathsan, Praveen - Thanks for the recos. I watched The Machinist the other day. May be its "horror thriller month" for me!!

Maggie said...

But of course you're a freak, Boo! :-) I watched Pan's Labyrinth while pregnant and rather enjoyed it - but I couldn't sit through Kill Bill...

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