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June 09, 2008

Four more weeks to go.

The other day I was showing Ashu her baby pictures and preparing her for Baby Pinocchio. And I told her "Look Ashu. you did nt have any teeth when you were born. The baby also wont have any". She was really intrigued and pointed the next photo and said, "Look Ma. Theres no tongue either!" And today after a month or so after that incident, she came to me with a worried look and asked "Amma! Will Pinocchio have hands?" Uh,oh! Then I had to reassure her that Pino will have all the body parts intact. Only the teeth will come later. Its tough being a clueless child, I suppose!


Had a Doctor appointment on Friday and alls well." So your due date is July 3rd! Is 10 am OK for you?", asked the Doc. What? That's all? No more check ups? So the next time I go to the hospital, I ll come back with a baby? Arrrrgh!!!


As always, last minute panic attacks have struck. I'm so ill prepared. Last pregnancy by this time, the crib was assembled, baby clothes laundered and folded and arranged, diapers bought, hospital bag packed, lists after lists were written and was waiting for my mom. But this time, I'm just waiting for my mom. I'm counting down to my moms arrival on the 20th more than the due date actually! But I'm sure all I ll do after she comes is sit on the couch with my feet up and eat all the goodies she cooks. (If you are reading this post today, "Happy Birthday Mom"!)


Talking about the crib, listen to this freaky coincidence. We bought a wooden crib in Basel for Ashu and gave it to a friend before we left for India when Ashu was 5 months old. Fast forward 2 and a half years, this friend moved back to India last month and asked if I wanted the crib!! Its really, really freaky because every one of the ten or so friends we had in Basel have moved from that city and these are the only friends who still lived there and almost 3 years later, we are back in Zurich and they are moving back to India and we got the crib back. The crib we chose and bought 2 months before Ashu was due. The first ever DIY Hd did and I knew he would nt go anywhere without my help. The bed Ashu slept on like a baby! Sigh! Its really huge for me because in the last 8 years, I have lived in so many places that theres nothing sentimental I have hung on to. Buy stuff, throw stuff, move to another city, buy stuff, throw stuff,... has been the story of my life. So I'm really thrilled to have the crib back.


We went to a Lebanese restaurant for dinner on our anniversary. Awesome food. I seem to love Mediterranean cuisine a lot in spite of being a vegetarian. I remember having a great time in Greece, especially the food part. Keep the Pita bread coming and with the Mezze (Salads, dips, olives,...), I'm one happy puppy! Not to mention, the assortment of Baklava for dessert! *drool* Ashu had half a falafel ball, 2 bites of pita bread, one small piece of tomato and one scoop of Vanilla ice cream. Yes, the girl exists purely to torture me. Slowly.


We ve almost decided on a name for the baby. Actually, Ashu has! We made the mistake of asking if that name was good a couple of months back and she stuck to that name. Now whenever Hd or I come up with a different name, she absolutely refuses to give up that name. "No Amma, I don't like that name. I like ****** only", she says! And this one had the nerve to reveal that name to the house guests who were here last week. Well, at least its not Pinocchio. So I think we ll keep that name. We cant seem to come up with anything else anyway!


Waiting for the release of
Dasavatharam this weekend. If the only Tamil friend here is not interested, then I'm going to watch it alone. It better be worth it!



Mad said...

July 3rd? Did you say July 3rd? Okay. If the baby is a boy, he will be smart, handsome, intelligent and will be adored. And growing up, will have loads and loads of girlfriends. If it is a girl, well...Im sure she will be a pretty princess. Im sure I would have been, if I was a girl! July 3rd is my birthday, if the rambling above was not obvious!

B o o said...

I know for sure its a girl and thank God for that! Tee hee hee! ;)

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Thats it? No more checkups? I am shocked! Get off your ass girl, and work on those lists :D

So sweet that you got the crib back, thats like an omen that everything will go just right, like it did with Ashu.

Name decided ! Waaah. I'm way behind on that one.

K 3 said...

Give us some hints on the name? ;)

July 3rd that was my son's due date, of course he decided not to show up until a week later! Boys, lazy bunch all of them! :)

Savani said...

happy budday to your mom! feels nice to have the same crib as ashu, right? all that moving is tough (even though you get to see many cities) put your feet up and relax. enjoy this time alone with Ashu!

Anonymous said...

ah mom's arriving! what fun! my mom's here now and i cant tell you how relaxing it is. i actually have time to blog ;-).

july 3rd. close. all the best!!

Chitra said...

Hey Boo, Good luck for 3rd July.
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

No checkup for a whole month? Am surprised. Here, after the 38th week, it's every week checkup. Though they don't really do much except to check for dilation.
Hang in there till the 20th. All the very best!
LOL on Ashu's query on the body parts. She does have a logic though, if teeth can come later, so can the other body parts :)

DesiGirl said...

wow! imagine!! goosebumps here. things will fall in place once mum gets there, dont worry. u chill for now.

Unknown said...

Bah do NOT Talk abt lists and the like..I have managed to get nothing done as yet and I do mean waiting for ma to come as well!
the crib story? that is so so me all shivery..things kinda have a way of falling into its place I suppose..
Ok..*deep breath* am going to quit rambling now..
and Dasavatharam? Man wish u stayed closer!! I need some company :)

dipali said...

Lovely post! Great that you have Ashu's crib for the baby- that's rather miraculous, methinks.
All the best- happy b'day to your mother.

Sheela said...
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Sheela said...

reminds me of Tom Petty crooning "Wai-it-ting is the hardest part".

awesome that you got the crib back - freakishly awesome, really - in a good way!

i was so darn ready from 34 weeks when they put me on bed rest to prevent early labor, and was so ready to eat "normal" foods again as I was on restricted diet all of 3rd trimester due to gestational diabetes - little did i know that post partum, my mom would put me on a "pathiyam" meal plan... and I had forgotten how the newborns have their own way of imposing diets on their moms by getting fussy as heck when moms eat certain foods :)

Good Luck! I will be waiting for the announcement and pictures around second week of July - no pressure ;)

Manjari said...

good lucks be with u..

Mama - Mia said...

:) l'il less than a month to go! wow!! :)

ashu's observations are always the cutest!! and food in greece sounds just yummylicious!!

great news about the crib too!! i just gave Cubbys to another pal and she is maha-thrilled! i said please note its on returnable basis!! hehe!



Mona said...

that whole no-checkup thing is straaange. and man, i agree, med food is the best!

Artnavy said...

the last movie i saw when i was due to deliver anushka was anniyan!!

i am sure Dashavtaram shld be fun- i am ye to get tickets

SUR NOTES said...

hey all the best for the 3rd. and go with the name the older sister has chosen! they will both think its cute and special when they grow up...

and do post a review of Dashavtaram. i plan to see it, even though i dont know any tamil!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Name decided and crib ready ....thats like major things taken care of !!and once your mom arrives the rest will fall in place !!
Shocked about no more check ups !!

Just Like That said...

Lol at the clueless cutie. :-D
The crib thingie is really goosebumpy. a good omen, don't you think so?

Pliss to visit my blog. My husband wants you to know something. :-D

WhatsInAName said...

LOL at the cluelessness :)
Hey and dont panic. Things will go just right. Till then enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine and Dasavatharam. Even I am waiting for the movie.
And yes happy CRIB-bing times! :D

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L said...

Hey Boo, de-lurking after a very
long time. I used to comment on your
blog in your initial days :-) I am
now in Germany after my Phd and wow
is German difficult or what! Its
sometimes so hard to communicate to
people here as they dont speak ANY
English!! Anyways, I know YOUR day is nearing and my best wishes and prayers for a very healthy baby.
Looking forward to hearing her exploits and Ashu's reactions!!
Keep well.

rayshma said...

SO kewl that u have the crib back! :) i'd be pretty senti abt it actually... so can relate to it totally! but then, i'm senti abt most things i own! :D

bird's eye view said...

Wow, the baby's almost here. Best of luck for it...and did you hafta speak about mediterranean food? I was remembering the awesome food we had last year in Greece the whole time we were on holuday this year. Now I feel like having some of those yummy feta pies...and some tabouleh...and some dolmas...and...droool!

Preethi said...

good luck.. and did you see Dasavatharam.. I saw it this weekend, if you saw all the hype quite a let down.. but still I am an ardent Kamal fan so enjoyed it despite all the short comings!!

Noodlehead said...

good luck boo! hopped here from JLT's blog.

btw, i'm going to baden in aug. what's living in swz like? this is my first trip abroad so i dunno what to expect.

Spontaneous Mini said...

Hey Boo, How are you doing? 3 more to go.... How exciting it must be :))

Chakra said...

Thanks for your wishes (Father's day) and ofcourse for dropping by my blog.

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