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May 29, 2008

Bose, the Boss!

Did I tell you I got an iTouch from the husband for my birthday in March? Since we were in the US then and Hd was leaving back to Zurich a week before my birthday, he took me to the Apple store and let me choose an iPod. Of course I fell in love with the iTouch as soon as I saw it and I wanted that or nothing! Its as cool as it comes, I tell ya. Love it! Yes, this is my first iPod. Hd got an used iPod(bought it from my sis) a couple of years back and somehow I never bonded with it as much as I did with my 1 Gig MP3 player. The trusty player helped me through the boredom of breastfeeding Ashu 24/7, three years back. So I thought that iTouch would be ideal for the coming months. Then Hd with his mastermind kept ordering this and that from Amazon sitting in Zurich and a package a day was arriving at our door steps with my sisters name there! A beautiful leather pouch for the iTouch one day, a language translator the next, then a Digi cam lens protector, some Digital photography books and then came one more package. I knew about it of course but was discouraging Hd but he went ahead and bought it anyway. A Bose Headphone (the one in the picture) is what Im talking about. It looks bulky but light weight and when I opened it from the package and tested it, I knew for sure that I was never going to give it to Hd!! All my favorite songs sound even more fantastic now and the way the music surrounds me and the way I can appreciate every single musical instrument which is a part of the song is truly bliss! Hd is mighty annoyed that I ve stolen it from him even though I was the one who did nt want him to buy it in the first place. Hey, a girl cant change her mind or what!

Currently, Jodha Akbar and Guru are on non stop loop! Oh God, how can I describe the feeling. Its 10 pm. Ashu is in deep sleep in her room, Hd is busy with some office work and Im lying on the bed in the darkened room with just the music surrounding me. Occasionally, the baby kicks and reminds me that Im not entirely alone! And then my mind goes on a tangent and I start to look forward for the months of feeding the baby when the baby will actually be kicking me from the outside. The moment is just precious.

If only I can lose some weight post partum with my innumerable (mentally) choreographed moves for the Mayya Mayya song from Guru, life will be just perfect. I think I can be at the Elpitical for hours if I have this song on repeat. Got to hit the gym as soon as possible. Crossing fingers.

Now for some bashing. Why would Harris Jayaraj make Bombay Jayashree and Madhushree sing the same song and release them both in the album? Pachai Kili Muthu Charam was released sometime last year and I have heard the songs hundreds of times so far. But with Bose now, every little mistake is glaringly obvious. Unakul Naane is truly amazing when Jayashree sings it and annoying as hell when Madhushree sings it. Wont a Music Director realize that? What was the whole point? Did he have something against Madhushree? I definitely think so. Every "vaa" (sollavaa, allavaa, paarthidavaa, ...) sounds like a question when Jayashree sings it which is what it should be and is like "Vaa" (come) when Madhu sings it which is just annoying like hell!!(solla VAA, alla VAA, paarthida VAA,...) I mean theres a huge difference between "Ranamum Then Allavaa" and "Ranamum Then Alla VAA", no? I cant help but remember that old Bhagyaraj movie where the Hindi Teacher is trying to teach Hindi to that friend of Bagyarajs ("Ek Gaaon mein ek Kisaan...") and in frustration bangs the students head and beats the hell out of him because he cant learn one sentence properly after all those classes. I feel the Hindi teachers pain. (Madhushree thalai la naalu kuttu kutti, nangu nangu nu nalla nokkanum pola irukku!) On a good note, how fabulous is that song "Karu karu Vizhigalaal". Why am I not surprised that Karthik is one of the singers! *drool*

And I also realized that my most favorite movie album is "Mudhal Mariyaadhai". I know! I am surprised too! The movie is 25 years old, I guess. But what great songs. What great lyrics! The thing I like most about it is that you cant take these set of songs and use them for any other movie. Unlike movies today where the songs are totally interchangeable with any other movie. Of any other genre even! Every song of Mudhal Mariyaadhai is just so apt for that particular scene and the lyrics are as if they are part of the screenplay. I never thought I would rave about Bharathiraja, Ilayaraja and Vairamuthu so much especially for the same movie! The trio truly rocked. And the singers Malaysia Vasudevan and S Janaki. They just created magic. Of course, the entire credit goes to the cast. If not for Sivaji Ganesan, this movie would have never worked for me! Comparing this to Kizhakku Seemaiyile where the music(AR Rehman) was great, the lyrics too and the same Bharathiraja as the Director. And great acting too. But somehow Vijayakumar did nt do justice.(But Napolean rocked though!) Sivaji would have taken the movie to a different level, no? According to me, Devar Magan would nt have been Devar Megan without Sivaji even though its a Kamal movie. By the way, I either like a movie or dont. I dont care whether I like the actor or not! On that note, I have made up my mind that I like Ilayarajas music better than Rahmans. But I like Rahman better than Ilayaraja.(If that makes sense!) And thats the reason, celebrities should nt give too many interviews. It totally affects a fans impression of them irrespective of how great their work is. In a good way and bad! It should nt be that way but hey, its not a fair world. If it was, would PR be such a thriving business? ;)


Praveen said...
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Praveen said...

Hi Boo, delurking after 2 years :). Same here, I like IR's music compared to ARRs but like ARR more than IR.

U a fan of Karthik?? Have u heard his songs from the Telugu flick "Happy Days"? and the one in Harris's music in Thotti Jaya..Uyire yen Uyire??? I could mail u if u have'nt, they are simply awesome.

Lol at the Bhagyaraj film :) But Boo have u heard Udit Narayan's Tamil?? for "aKKA vera aNNi vera" this guy sings "akku vera aaNi vera", for Priyamaana poNNai rasikalaaam...he goes, periamma poNNai rasikkalaam, there are many more actually :)

Good luck :)

Sraikh said...

Ohhh The headphones are next on my list. And when I buy it, my dh better stay far away from it!!

Blogeswari said...

Hi Boo

Congratulations Gadget Guru!

Oh ya Madhu'tamizh-kolai'shree! Talking about tamizh kolais in tamizh songs, have you heard YAARO YAARODI in Alaipayuthey?

What's the line after Aathi avandandi un timiruku arUsan? The singers sing something which goes "Igi polanavazhikka...Indiranaar pandadikka.." Any idea what IGI POLANAVAZHIKKA means?

Have been trying to find out for quite sometime..please to help

Anonymous said...


if you found Unnakul nanne irritating, please listen to "mayil irahe" song from that SJ Surya's movie
Naresh Iyer and Madhushree what a difference!!!!


Anonymous said...

I lost my way in blogosphere and landed here. And whoa.. You are awesome!! Totally!! I'm sure you've got hundreds of fans out there.. well news is you've got one more :)
I totally love the way you narrate. In 2 days I've dug deep into your blog that I totally adore Ashu and her wit.
Ashu is one lucky kid to have a mom like you. All the best with the "Pinnochio" as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, i forgot to mention, if there's bliss other than "Ashu moments" its Rehman through Bose.. :)
Add "Jillunu Oru Kaadhal" to the list as well..

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Oh another Mudhal Mariyadai fan ! We're big fans here too. I love love the songs in that movie. And what's with all these Madhushri/Sadhana Sargam type people killing the language? I like Sadhana's voice a lot, but her diction?

Shreya Ghoshal that way is really good, she's sung quite a few Kannada songs as well, and her diction is perfect.

I need to load up more music in my trusty ipod too, time to start cracking. Those all night feeds, what would one do without music? Maybe I can do the bose headphones as well, gift it to hubby for fathers day or something and promptly flick it heh.

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Forgot to mention that the Ek Gaon mein ek Kisan Raghu Thatha is quite funny in that silly Tam filmi humor way

Dee said...

looks like you are having fun listening to good I know what I want for my wedding anniv..

By Deepa and Supriya said...

lol at "if you lose weight for mentally choreographed moves"...don't we all wish that :)

Reva said...

yes.. bose rocks!
I use it when I have an endless amount of paathirams to be washed!

karu karu vizhigalal is one of my favs too.. anything from karthik seems to be out of this world - nenthukkitten from star, maya maya from baba, chithiraiyil enna varum from sivapathikaram.. I could go on.. n bombay jayashree - harris jayaraj combo have some wonderful songs..

nice observation on celebrities not giving too many interviews.. maybe that's why we don't hear too much from Manirathnam! :)


Anonymous said...

Went and listened to the two versions after reading your psot,though I don't understand a word of Tamil and preferred the BJ version too.

Praveen said...

Oh yea I remember reading this somewhere, seems Gautam the director wanted to picturise both the versions of the song, one with Andria and Sartah Kumar and the other with Jothika and Sarath Kumar, but finally stuck to Jo's in the final print which was sung by BJ.

Hey Boo but Madhushree was'nt bad in Sada Kozhi in Mani Ratnam's Aayitha Ezhuthu..illa?.
U can find her songs under the name Sujatha Bhattacharya before this film...naraya Tamizh kolai :(

Praveen said...

Oh yea I remember reading this somewhere, seems Gautam the director wanted to picturise both the versions of the song, one with Andria and Sartah Kumar and the other with Jothika and Sarath Kumar, but finally stuck to Jo's in the final print which was sung by BJ.

Hey Boo but Madhushree was'nt bad in Sada Kozhi in Mani Ratnam's Aayitha Ezhuthu..illa?.
U can find her songs under the name Sujatha Bhattacharya before this film...naraya Tamizh kolai :(

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Great fan of Bose music system myself !! I love listening to Carnatic Classical !
If only you can explain the meaning of "Ranamum Then Allavaa" ... it would help :)

Sukhaloka said...

The part about film music totally lost me but... AAAAAAHHH! Bose Headphones, yuo lucky lucky girl! I am so friggen' J!
Heck, you have a new baby coming. You deserve it. Congrats :D

Unknown said...

hi Boo.. those headphones will b my next on my list. and ir's music has always been wonderful to listen to and soothing too. i do like arr's too and mostly its the duets or the sad songs, they r really good in arr's list. u have fun and take care

Anonymous said...


oh you got me on vadakku-singers killing Tamil! I HATE Sadhana Sargam singing Tamil songs as well, for the same reason - like someone else posted, I find Shreya's diction is fine. Listen to Munbe Vaa from SOK.

BTW, if the Bose headphones' bulk bothers you (I can't lean back comfortably in the rocker with them on) - Sony makes a very good set of noise-cancelling headphones with the ear-buds that fit into your ears. Love them!


Unknown said...

Hi B.O.O,
I just love u and ur style of writing..have been coming here for a while,read almost all ur posts!
Wanted to wish u all the best..will be praying for u and pinocchio.God bless!

B o o said...

Praveen - Yeah, Karthik is awesome! :) Udit does kill Tamil, but somehow I dont hate him with vengeance. Cant explain why though!

Sraikh - I think Hd will be accomadating only until I pop out the baby. ;)

Blogeswari - Sariyaana kelvi! Porkaasuku aasaipattu yaaravadhu vandhu sonna dhaan undu! I have no clue!

Srivathsan - Been there, heard that. Ranted about that too in my blog somewhere I think! But the picturization of that song took the cake. Even Madhushrees kolai was forgivable in front of SJ Suryas dance moves!!

bubbles - Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment. JOK is already in the list, of course! :D

Praveen said...

Lol at SJ Suryas dance movies :)

Hope u liked the ones I mailed.

B o o said...

Poppy - Yes, shreya is definitely better of the lot and she has an amazing voice to boot. But her "zha" and "La" need work though. And I like the Fathers day gift idea!! ;)
"Ek Gaon mein" is hilarious. It one of our family tradition to bring up that dialogue and laugh our heads off when we have a family reunion! :D

Dee - Glad I could be of help!

Orchie - Sigh! If only...

Reva - Good idea on the paathram washing and I actually did that yesterday. Was deaf to the whole world and it was frightening. Hd came behind me and I almost screamed. I dont think its advisable to do that when Im home alone though! Nenthukitten is my all time Karthik fav! Jayaraj and Jayashree combo rocks!

B o o said...

MG - You really amaze me with your passion for music beyond the language barrier. Glad you think Jayashree is better too, Tamil or no Tamil!

Praveen - Yeah, Sandai Kozhi was nt bad. Ragasiya kanavugal from Bheema was bad though! Vaaji, Vaaji was ok. May be she sucks with Harris. There! We ve found the problem!! ;)

CA - "Ranamum Then allava", huh? Thats a tough one. "Even pain is pleasure(in love)", I guess.

Suki - Im glad HD thinks so too!! Hee hee hee!

Aartee - I love all types of music. Depends on the mood. One day, Im listening to the sad songs and crying on my pillow and the next day, dancing to Maiya, Maiya! I cant mix them up though! I skip a sad song when Im happy and vice versa! I know. Im crazy! ;)

M - Yes. Munbe Vaa is just perfect. Shreya gets a ten for that song definitely. Also for Uruguthey in Veiyil, a nine. Except for the inital la, zha confusion, shes amazing in that song too.
the head phones are bulky but I wanted "around the ears" more than "on the ears". The difference was huge when I tried them in the shop. And I do have a small Sony one when I go out. I would go deaf and would nt know even if a bus hits me if I took the Bose out! Its really hazardous and I like my music LOUD! :)

Thanks RR. I need all the good wishes. :)

Anonymous said...

hi boo,

u write really we. it would be a surprise if u dont take up writing a book/novel.

it makes a good read. i must say u r really talented

Pretty Woman said...

How quirky are you? You have been tagged. Check my blog for details! :-)

Anonymous said...

//I have made up my mind that I like Ilayarajas music better than Rahmans//

welcome to the club :-)

Anonymous said...

You shld listen to Madhushree singing Ragasiya Kanavugal from Bheema - instead of 'azhagiya mirugam', she says 'azhUgiya mirugam'. GRRR!!!

B o o said...

Pria - Thanks. I would be surprised only if I ever write a book! ;)

PW - I think I ve a long pending tag on quirks. Will take it up soon.

Prakash - I just *knew* you would say that! :)

DG - Scroll the comments above to read my reply to Praveen. Bheema was *bad*. "En IrooDHAYAM"... GRRR indeed!

Praveen said...

Hii Boo, got the mp3s I sent????

Unknown said...

Surreal .. the music is going to be good for baby - just hold the phones close to your tummy !

aargee said...

" ek gaon mein ek kisaan raghu thatha".. hahaha... can never forget that movie. Nice to know there are still many who knows those kinda movies :)

WhatsInAName said...

I am completely with you when you say you like Ilayaraja's music better than Rahmans but Rahman more than IR!
Very well said about Mudal Mariyadai too. Sivaji was at his best and the songs were awesome!
Meanwhile, you keep Bosing :)

Vidooshak said...

Geez, i pride myself on not falling for marketing hype. This one post was enough to crumble that wall and make me run to the nearest Bose+Apple showrooms. You are persuasively enthusiastic. Been so long since I heard music the "every instrument jingling in the ear" way. Those were days we let momma handle the complaining neighbors, when the stero was turned on too (bole toh, TOO) loud. Nowadays, we don't dare--- those are now OUR neighbors.

Someday. Someday we will welcome Bose uncle home. Until then, we will read your enchantments with glee and envy.

Good luck with Pinnochio (got that from JLT)

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