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February 06, 2008

A walk through the clouds.

This is one interesting tag Dot Mom and Tharini have set up on me. Unlike them, I rarely read my own posts except when I am specifically looking for something. Somehow reading my archives embarasses me. Did I actually write that? - kind of a feeling. But at other times, my eyes fill with tears when I read about Ashu when she was a baby. As if Im reading somebody elses writing. So let me go and dig my archives now to complete this tag.

"Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given (family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like). Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better."

Let me begin with Maatha, Pithaa, Guru, & Dheivam.

Family - The posts I wrote on
my mom on my birthday and my dad on Fathers day.

Friend - I ll cheat by saying my sister is my best friend (& Guru) and link this post I wrote on my sisters Birthday.

Myself - How I rediscovered God after becoming a mother.

Love - Strangely, I have nothing on this subject. But theres one post about the love of my life and how my love grew for him after this particular incident. Check it out. (Though cant say Hd would say the same about me!)

Anything I like - This might sound strange. But I love this post of mine on creepy crawlies and makes me all nostalgic about the good old carefree days and ache for them but at the same time puts a smile on my face. :)

Now to tag 5 people.
Inbavalli and Neera, my two new blog buddies.

Sundar, Gauri, and Cee Kay, my not so new blog buddies. Go dig!


Chitra said...

Oh such a lovely post. I got to read your older posts as well. Will keep visiting :-)

Anonymous said...

A trip down memory lane not only for you, but also for us :)

Dubukku said...

Fantasic posts ...loved them all

lovely writing

Savani said...

enjoyed each one of the gems you picked. Lovely style of writing!

Preethi said...

lovely posts.. I especially loved the one on love... what a beautiful tale!!

Neera said...

Good to know more about u, Boo.

Great post on ur Mom ..moms are the best, aren't they. SO much to learn from them. And my Dad is my hero too. Knowing that he is there to worry for me takes the worry off my shoulders ..I so resonate with that part :)

Lovely lovely love story thoughtful :) As much as we fight, our HD's do take GOOD care of us when the need arises :)

Shobana said...

Nice one :) I enjoyed reading the older posts.

BTW, do u remember the name of your blog template? TIA

Anonymous said...

Shobana: U can find the template here:

Anonymous said...

noon said...

Boo - really enjoyed all your old posts. I loved the one about your parents...what a sweet family. You are blessed! And the love story was so sweet - it felt like a scene from "Alaipayudhe"! :)
Aren't you glad it happened - in retrospect - such a sweet memory!

Inba's Corner said...

Done :)

Cee Kay said...

Tag: done.

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