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August 03, 2007

Aadi Perukku, Sapparam, River Cauvery and fear.

Ashu pulling the Sappara Thatti (Sapparam) today on the occasion of Aadi Perukku. I remember buying the plain wooden Sapparam from the street vendors and decorating it with color paper, garlands and pictures of Gods and Goddesses and pulling it on the roads proudly in this same road when I was young. It does feel good to be back home, just the four of us, Ashu and my paternal grandma. I feel as if I am a child again and afraid that any minute now, my dad will ask me to get ready for school! *shudder* Thankfully Ashu reminds me that I'm the all powerful one now! Shes talking nineteen to the dozen and our heads are spinning listening to her. If my dad has any dreams of having a peaceful retired life without anyone bossing him around, hes sadly mistaken. The little Missy is making him jump through hoops and he is being a willing partner. She takes him to one of the rooms and asks me to get out and bangs the door on my face. Waves bye to me happily if I threaten her that I'm going to go back to Zurich. Few times a day, she switches allegiance and sticks to my sister. Sis is leaving tomorrow and I'm sure Ashu is going to miss her a lot. She also remembers the 2 boys and a girl from our neighborhood who used to play with her 8 months back and is having fun with them. For the first time, I let her go alone with the boys to their house. The older boy who is 9, carried her around and was baby sitting her in his terrace while I stood on our terrace and sneak peeked. OK, I did nt let her go fully but its a start! :) I find it so heart warming to see the children here completely unsupervised, running around and going to friends houses and having a wonderful time. So trusting, so innocent and so ignorant of the bad world out there! I am not sure if I can let go Ashu as easily as these parents have. But its so good to be in such an environment at least for a while. I pray to River Cauvery on this auspicious day to wash away all our fears and grant a safe world for all the children. Now let me go and gorge on the masal vadai, puliyodarai, coconut rice, curd rice and crisp vadaams! So long! ;)


Blogeswari said...

Ther bale joar :) kuzhandai paavadaiyum super:)

Anusha said...

what is this? why list out all the food? an aadi perukku tradition to make all your readers jealous?

Ashu is very cute as usual...and there's nothing more heart warming than sharing your little love with the people who love you.
hey, have you taken her to the river for a bath yet?

The Kid said...

Oh you are also from tanjavur jilla! I have never been to Cavery for aadi perukku :(

Something to Say said...

You are going to have masal vadai, puliyodarai, coconut rice, curd rice and crisp vadaam??? I'm so J

timepass said...

Nice post. BTW did u go to the banks of the cavery as per the tradition..

Unknown said...

You made me sooooo homesick with this post :-(!

Rohini said...

I know just what you mean about the kids having a ball while unsupervised. Part of me is shocked at the parents' relaxed attitude while another part feels like I am robbing Ayaan of some of the spontaneity and freedom these kids have...

Love your family tradition of surprises, by the way

B o o said...

Blogeswari - romba nandri!

Kodis mom - I left Sakkarai Pongal, please add to list! ;) We went by the river to take a peek, no diping!

The Kid - I miss it only when Im not here!

s2s - Hey, I was all J to until last week.

timepass - Just passed through Cauvery, we did nt picnic there.

Archana - So why dont you make a surpise visit! ;)

Rohini - Same here. I guess we have to go with the flow and take decisions for the particular situation rather than saying NO to everything. Its going to be tough to let them go to parties and stuff alone. God save us!

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