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November 17, 2006

I am back...

... in Bangalore.

One long month resting my behind in my parents place - Check
Ashu having the time of her life - Check
Ashu catching a severe cold and suffereing from wheezing and generally having a tough week - Check
Traveling to Chennai to stay with my in-laws - Check
Mosquito bites - Check.
Meeting up with my BIL, my sis's husband - Check
Attend wedding and hog food - Check
Bye bye to BIL and Welcome to HD - Check
Grand re-union of daughter and daddy after a month - Check
US visa appointment in Chennai on Monday - Check
Jumping queues thank to Ashu and visa approved - Check
Shopping and dining out - Check
Back to Bangalore, home sweet home - Check
Passports to arrive from the US embassy - Check

So many things accomplished, wont you say? HD is only here until the weekend and he will leave for Zurich again. My Swiss visa is still a mystery. Loads of my favorite blogs to read but no time. HD has made me promise that I wont sit before the computer until he goes back to Zurich. Hoping he wont notice this post!! So catch you all soon and The Mad Momma, slow down a little for my sake girl! I cant catch up with your posts fast enough! ;)


Nee said...

Reunion of daughter and daddy must have been fantastic! Daddy must have had nightmares about Ashu forgetting him - hope she put those fears to rest ;-)

Anonymous said...

woo-hoo! nice to have you back...wait, I thought you were headed for Swiss - why the US visa? When are you gracing the amrican soil with your feet? ;)

Anonymous said...

:) Have fun, hope everything gets sorted out soon

Anonymous said...

hi...welcome back! anshu must be sooo thrilled to see her dad! i bet she's become very clingy to him now :)

and US embassy? r y going to USA or swiss?

upsilamba said...

US aa? When and where?

Artnavy said...

You did not meet up when u were in Chennai?? very bad.

Welcome back and HD deserves this time with u

B o o said...

Its good to be back. Father-daughter reunion was indeed very sweet but a week just flew and HD is back in Zurich now! :(

US Visa appointment - we had booked like 6 months back. Just to visit my sister whos in California. Luckily we got 10 years multiple entry in spite of me cursing the embassy to hell for coming in between me and my sis! (4 years back they gave me only a 6 month visa!) Now no more worries for another 10 years! Yippeee! :)
Still waiting to hear from the Swiss embassy! My life, I tell you.... ;)

the mad momma said...

Wish i could slow down but I cant stop typing! Welcome back anyway!

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