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September 09, 2006

No means No!

Ashu has got this annoying habit of saying Nanah(NO!) to anything and everything these days. She first said Nanah a couple of months back when I asked her if she wanted some water. Then Nanah to juice, biscuits, cheerios,... Food types, basically. But never Nanah to milk though! Whenever we ask her "what do you want", she promptly says "Paal" (Milk). Even when she has just finished a bottle of milk, she ll answer that question with "Paal". The other day she got up in the middle of the night and cried and I consoled her and asked her why she was crying. She said "Paal" and went back to sleep the next second. I laughed so much. Anyway, she has realized the potential of saying Nanah and has started applying it for stuff other than food too.

"Ashu, say hallo to grandma on the phone". Nahnah.
"Ashu say Hi to the baby". Nahnah.
"Ashu blow me a kiss". Nahnah.
"Ashu come here". Nahnah.

She says Nanah when some stranger tries to carry her. When I take her from HD. When HD takes her from me. When we leave the park. When we enter the house. When I want to try a dress on her in a shop. Not even try on her. I just wanted to keep the pants on her waist and check the length, thats all. As soon as I went to her with the pants, she said Nahnah and moved away. The attendant there was really amazed. She thought Ashu did nt like those pants and asked me to try another one! It has nt come to that yet lady! Don't put ideas on my child's mind! Its really embarrassing sometimes. We went to a temple on Ganesh Chaturthi and the priest there gave the Prashad(Sweet poha!) to Ashu. Nanah indeed! So HD got it from the priest and put one morsel in her mouth and she promptly spat it out. It was not "I don't like it so I'm spitting it". It was definitely "I said Nanah and you still force me to eat it? I am spitting it". Generally she does nt like sweets. More spicy type like me! So only to Perumal Kovil hereafter for some Puliyodharai, methinks! And here I am thanking her a hundred times a day for stuff I don't even have to say thank you for and she still has nt mastered that word. Kids these days I tell you...


Tharini said...

Ah. She's finding out that she's an independent being separate of you and asserting herself. How heady must that power feel in her little head.

Hugs to little cutie pie on this huge realisation.

Unknown said...

the next word she will learn is "Mine"

i will bet money on that..

jr.'s first word was no. second was mine!! anything and everything "mine", "mine", "mine" !!!


Anonymous said...

perumal kovil puliyodarai, yummm. hmmmm

The Visitor said...

Raising children is a daily discovery. I remember that each stage of their growth has some label associated with it - I cannot recall all of them - but I remember the terrible twos is one of them. Google "terrible two" and you'll land a wealth of info on the subject, and will keep you prepared for what to expect.

But if you'd rather learn first hand, then all the best, enjoy yourself! :)

Anonymous said...

hi boo
terrible three is worse than terrible two in my opinion. wait till the stage when they start"why" for everything under the sky....whew!! an aunt in my family says pregnancy and labour are the easiest part of having a baby...and it's just harder as they true! but nevertheless so damn enjoyable:-))

Gauri said...

Wow !! She's already discovered a sureshot way to "get to" her mom Huh ?? :-))

S really took the words out of my mouth whilst saying "pregnancy and labour are the easiest part ....."

Yeah - wait till they grow up.

First the "whys" then the "why nots".

Makes you want to walk on the ceiling but then again, a very enjoyable journey.

Anonymous said...

terrible 2s and terrible threes indeed...bah! I have a 1 year old who behaves in this fashion. what shud i call it? Terribles Ones? And yes, the first thing my son learnt to do - was nod his head sideways to indicate no!

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