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August 30, 2005

Confessions of a breastfeeding mother!

1. I favour my right breast.

2. At first I hated breast feeding.

3. After 4 months, I hated to supplement with formula, wanted to breastfeed forever!

4. I never knew that the breasts would leak so much, I had thought of them more like a tap!

5. I am hungry all the time.

6. I don’t like to pump but I do it nevertheless!

7. I am using the word "Breast" even to strangers!

8. Suddenly I am seeing babies everywhere: road, TV, books, shops, …

9. I am always thinking about feeding Ashu!

10. I wonder why God did nt think of something like "little finger feeding" instead of Breast

11. I seem to be asking "How long did you breastfeed" to anything which moves and has breasts and yeah, a baby!

12. When Ashu bites, I scream and she screams hearing me scream! Go figure!

13. Ashu talks to my breast while drinking!

14. When the first baby was born in this world and the mother found out she can feed her baby the milk that’s coming from her breasts, I think that’s when the concept of God materialised!

15. And very soon, the concept of Formula!!!


Praba Ram said...

Hilarious, boo!

I am breastfeeding my 6 mnth old currently. Breastfed my first daughter for 9 months. Easier the second time.

I can relate to everything you've mentioned.

Just Like That said...

ROTFL at 11. Absolutely hilarious

Vidooshak said...

hooo hoo hoo hahahaha

you are responsible for making me ignore my 1 week old son and spend the last 2 hours gobbling up these blog posts!!!! shame on you

this was absolutely hilarious and so so identifiable-- even 1 week into our parenthood. yeowch!

PS: i see we have a common friend, or at least a reader. why didn't u recco this blog to us earlier, sajita (JLT)?!!!

Anonymous said...

My youngest of 4 is now 12 years old. So reading this very funny blog, brought back a lot of great memories. Just know you will be very glad you gave your very best to your children. It is the one part of babies I miss.

Sh... said...

Nice post. It brought me the memories of my breastfeeding phase. Lovely time. I would cry if a single drop is wasted. I was actually thinking to become a vegan during that period :))

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