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December 31, 2011

Bye bye, 2011.

Last day of the year already! 2011 was sure in a hurry. We seem to spend December either in India or in the US these last few years and I can get used to this tradition. Much fun is being had here. We came back from Tahoe and whaddayaknow, I enjoyed skiing and even got decently better at it. On the last day, sis, Ashu, Hd, Bil and I skied together and I loved it. Bil and Ashu were zooming past us every time. I can't believe she's the same timid girl I see in Zurich. Thanks to Bil, her confidence really soared.

Got back and soon bils bro, sil and their daughter, S left. Ashu was much saddened. They both had a blast together for 10 days. Made it up for not having the Utbt family here. Though I prepared the girls and told them not to ask for Chula and Meija, I had a lump in my throat when I came here and realized that they are nt going to be here this time. Sigh.

Met blog friend, Reva for the first time yesterday and was blown away. Was telling Hd that he can never ever ask me what use my blog is anymore after that scrumptious meal at her place. She's a master baker and that's an understatement. Lovely house, lovely family, awesome dinner and amazing dessert. Such cute gifts for the girls too. How can some people do it all? Thanks much, Reva. You are a sweet heart.

Non stop shopping and restaurant hopping happening here and at this rate, I'm going to look like a beached whale very soon. Hope 2012 knocks some sense into me. Happy new year, folks. Hope 2012 begins with a bang for everyone!


MyGrahak said...

Happy New Year Boo. Seems like you had a great year. May 2012 be as good.

Divya Bhaskar

mim said...

totally agree about reva. she is surreal, man.

and i spoke to the owner of utbt last week...we were talking about the lovely weather here

she told me "this is the only trip to chennai that I am not wading in knee deep water..."


and there was a cyclone a few days later.

i am still wondering if i'll have dry clothes for the flight back to KL.


Anonymous said...

2011 was sure in a hurry! Missing you guys a lot! Good holiday, great people. Some people just manage to attract the best! Hugs all around! Happy shopping/ eating and a great year ahead.

ashok said...

Happy New Year Boo...

Reva said...

Happy New Year to all of you!

Romba too much paaratu! But, like I said, wanted Ashu and Antu to remember the cake so they'll want to come next time too :D

allo.. neenga vareenga nu veeta seri panninom.. you heard my daughter no? (this is my rooom, it is neat!)

btw, mim.. you too? when are you coming here?

utbtkids said...

LOL MIM, I jixed it huh? Like you said, naan yennoda clothes-i oodhi oodhi kaya vechen!

Boo, hopefully we meet this year. Like I told you on the phone, start praying my ventures succeed.

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