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July 02, 2007

Off to School - Part 1.

Me: Ashu, what did you do in School today?
Ashu: I cried.
Me: You cried? My poor little darling. Why did you cry?
Ashu: I want Amma. I cried.
(gives her a hug swallowing the tears.)

Yes! My baby girl started school from this week. We call it school but its just a small day care. "Drop the kids anytime, pick them up anytime, kids do whatever they want to do" kind of day care. We had checked it out 2 weeks back and Ashu seemed to like it. I talked about the school and the caregiver, lets call her Miss.Hooley, all week long to Ashu and prepared her.

On Wednesday (27th June 2007, when she turned 26 months old) we got ready and I dropped her at 10.30 am. I planned to hang around a bit and see whats going on. But Ashu started playing with all the toys there and did nt bother to look for me. So I sneaked out. I called 30 mins later and Miss.Hooley said shes doing good. It was raining cats and dogs so I was just sitting in the tram and going nowhere in particular for one hour and then went to pick Ashu up. She was eating a cookie and as soon as she saw me she started bawling. I hugged her and said its ok but she kept sniffling until we reached home 45 mins later. She had her lunch and went to sleep. When she stirred from her nap, she started crying and asking "Amma, where did you go" and it broke my heart. In the evening she said she liked the school, she liked Miss. Hooley, she liked S and S who are her friends who go to the same day care and she would go to school the next day.

On Thursday, I left her at 10.30 am and said Bye and she waved back at me. I walked by the lake and did some window shopping and checked with Miss. Hooley by phone half hour later, she told me that Ashu is looking for me and crying a bit and clinging to Miss.Bee who is another caregiver there. She told me she will be ok and not to worry. I worried. When I went to pick her up 90 minutes later, I saw Ashu holding Miss. Bees hand and whimpering with a tear dried face. As soon as she saw me, she started crying. I hugged and told her to STOP crying. She did. She happily said bye to everyone there and we took a tram home. She gave the same "I like school. I like the teacher. I ll go to school tomorrow. I wont cry" feedback in the evening.

On Friday, we bunked.

(To be continued...)


the mad momma said...

okay i'm on the edge of the seat here. i am waiting to see what all you other mothers do before i send the brat off... sigh. they grow up so fast, na?

Premalatha said...

//On Friday, we bunked.//

Me said...

I was the first one to go to school among my cousins(in Madras). First day ..everyone in the family...parents, grandparents, uncles & aunts came to school to see how I am doing...heard from them.. that I was crying a lot and seeing me cry...everyone started crying...& it went on for 10 days...

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

Don't worry Boo. She will be ok and soon will say doesn't want to come home :)

Manchus said...

Oh wow!! She is a big girl now. This is one of the hardest step. Good luck with the daycare this week.

My little girl is starting daycare in 2 weeks, and thinking of it makes me sad. She is at home with her grandma now, but everything would change. But sometimes I wish she is in a daycare, as she thrives on competition and competition would make her eat better. Just a hope!

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Uh oh.. Give her some time..I'm sure she'll be fine in a bit.

Trishna said...

Awww she is going to school!!Already??? Awwww!! I am sure pretty soon it will be "Oh mommy why did you come back so soon?" I almost choked when I read" Amma,where did you go?" I am sure at this rate Aadya will stay home forever!!
Waiting to hear the rest of the story

Anusha said...

you don't think this is similar to the "you" and "I" mixup, the "I like school" really means otherwise...?? hugs to her and to both will love it in no time...

Anonymous said...

Take it easy Boo.
She will be fine, soon she would want to go to school on Saturdays and Sundays too!

Collection Of Stars said...

That was a cute post! I guess it must be hard for me. I don't even like the thought of sending KT to school!

Collection Of Stars said...

Sorry I meant - it must be hard for you.

Anonymous said...

//On Friday, we bunked//

sooper :))

B o o said...

MM - Its so hard to predict how these kids will react on the first day! The little buggers are out to get us, I tell ya!

Latha - I loved that part too! :)

Me - In my case, I cried and made the teachers cry too! ;)

Kowsalya - Thats what Im hoping too. But the first day is a killer man! I never thought I ll have such a hard time letting her go!

Manchus - I think sending them to day care when they are younger than 2 is the best thing. Now Ashu clearly says "Amma venum" and cries and it breaks my heart. Gotta push them out before they start talking! ;)

Poppins - I hope so too. this transition is really bad.

B o o said...

Trishna - I cant wait for that day when shes happy to go. It will be such a huge relief!

K's mom - she likes school but does nt want Amma to leave. :(

Rbdans - Actually on sunday morning, she woke me up by saying "Amma, I will go to school". shes all talk! :)

collection of stars - Very hard indeed. But hoping this too shall pass!

Dubukku - Thats what my dad exclaimed too! ;)

Laavanya said...

Hi! First time here... I can totally relate to what you've written since I went through the exact same thing - my daughter is 20 months and started daycare on 25/Jun - it's been tough on both of us.

Anonymous said...

hi firsttime commenting - as an 'experienced' mom have this to say - it will be okay soon. the changes that happen after they go to school are amazing. suddenly they seem all grown up :( :)

btw is miss hooley from balamory?!

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