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December 05, 2011

"What makes us so bitter against people who outwit us is that they think themselves cleverer than we are."

Ashu and her best friend G were asking each other some riddles and playing in the car. After a few rounds of this, G asks Ashu.

G: Im going to ask you a tricky riddle now, Ashu. Are you smart?
Ashu: Yes.
G: Ok. Are you very, very smart?
Ashu: hmm.... not really.

I dont know whether to be happy or sad! But I can say one thing. She is EXACTLY like her dad! These are the kinds of people who will not give us even an ounce of happiness when we win against them in any game/sport/debate/argument! Do you come across these annoying kinds? Theres no satisfaction in beating them in any game. Whats the whole point of playing, I ask? Take me, for example. Sis and I have never EVER finished a game of chess in all our life because every time she even came close to taking my queen, let alone the king, the board with all the pieces will magically fling themselves to the floor! There have been innumerable card games which have ended with me or my mom in tears. My sis or my dad swearing that they will never ever play with us ever again. And none of us are graceful winners either! Its a miracle how we did nt end up killing each other! But Ashu and Hd are the type of paavam characters with whom you dont mind losing. You even let them win sometimes because they are so paavam! Not that they are nt competitive but theres something in their demeanour. So graceful and sportive and I guess one has to be born with it and can never be learnt. I ve perfected the art of faking though. After 33 years and 2 kids, Im in a stage where I dont throw public tantrums! I said public!

Something tells me Antu is all me! And the thought terrifies me! *gulp*


yaadayaada said...

It looks sounds so funny in your blog. In reality, NOT!!

Me said... it HD's birthday month or something..illa HD pathi imbuttu nalladha solreenga...adhaan kaeten...

MLC said...

LOL! yr tags r truly gems! :-)

kg3 said...

LOL. I love ur way of writing. Very easy to relate to oneself.

Keep writing.

Sumana said...

LOL... I completely agree you need to be born with that attitude. My dad is the same.

MiM said...

idhukudhaan i am against all board games. root cause of all evil

mnamma said...

I was a big time "azhuguni attam" too when I was a kid. And In the twins M is like that. N belongs to the paavam or perunthannmai category like Ashu :) As for Antu taking after you - anubhavi Rani anubhavi :)

Gayathri said...

It's ok. 26 years of life, 1 kid hasn't changed me. I still throw tantrums for losing in public :x.

Anonymous said...

here is a fancy tantrum technique boo :) ... I cant believe chandra babu was such a good dancer until I saw this youtube today!

with such moves in the dance it is going to do supergood than the words alone! )

roses said...

Irritates by seeing those type of people.......

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