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December 24, 2012

Christmas Cheer!

Antu: I want to make a card for Santa!
Ashu: Yay! come on, lets do it. Do you want me to write the letter for you?
Antu: Ok. You write. "Dear Santa, Give me a nice gift. Love, Antu".
Ashu: What? That's so rude! At least say "please"!
Antu: I don't want to say please.
Ashu: Then Santa wont give you a gift.
Antu: Ok. Then write "Please give me a nice gift"!
Ashu: *rolls eyes* What about "I hope you give me a nice gift?"
Antu: Ok.
Ashu: And "I hope you like our cookies!"
Antu: Ok.
Ashu: And "I hope you have a nice trip back to north pole."
Antu: Ok.
Ashu: Dont say OK for everything! It is YOUR card!
Antu: I just want to color and put some stickers. Give me the card!

(A few minutes later)

Ashu: Amma! Is it OK if I write "Thank you for the gifts" in my letter even though Santa has nt given the gifts yet?
Me: You can write whatever you want, Ashu! Santa will be happy to see your letter.
Ashu: But Amma, Santa is not even real!
Me: Then why are you writing a letter?
Ashu: Because you are keeping on saying that Santa is going to give the gifts and not you. And I don't know whom to thank!!
Me: !!!
Ashu: Also Amma, I wrote "I hope you like our cookies" to Santa so you or Appa better eat the cookies before Antu gets up in the morning, OK?

This is what one will get when one has a non believer and a believer in the family - a confused kid! Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Holidays! :)


Choxbox said...


--Sunrise-- said...

Oh, my days! Your little girls remind me SO much of me and my own little sister! I'm telling you this as a very frustrated twenty three year old, ENJOY all the times when at least one of them is still a believer in Santa Claus and all the magic... (Not that I'm saying you don't, because you obviously do, blogging about it and marking it as a memory to remember) it is a horrible, horrible feeling when you grow up and realise there is no magic left!!! You're making me wish I had two little girls to re-live Christmas magic through!!

Merry Christmas to your wonderful family! I hope it's a magical one, and Antu gets the 'nice gift' she's been wanting. ;) The "give me a nice gift" part just cracked me up!! And Ashu's mature, grown up reaction ("at least say 'please'"!!!) made me chuckle too! Ah, ALL me and my little sister. :-)

T's Mom said...

muah to A & A !!!

Anonymous said...

A&A total opposites and what fun to hear their conversations everyday!!! I expected this among your tags for Antu - rendavadhu ellam polladhadhu.Ha ha ha

ashok said...

have a great new year boo!

Shalini Jerome's Thots said...

Ohh my...I really laughed out loud when reading that Ashu - didn't know whom to thank ! More so - to eat up the cookies before Antu wakes up :) Adorable little ones Boo..

Mahi Kashyap said...

Seriously this is a wonderful blog.. I am very impressed...

SwB said...

Ages since I came here. How are you S? The girls look so much bigger than when i last saw their pics. Hope all is well. Tk care. Cheers!

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