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January 06, 2011

Yathaa Sthaanam.

Sanskrit for "in its own place". I love the word. It fits us gypsies perfectly.

So much happened the past 4 weeks and I have duly forgotten what I wanted to write in the chaos of the past 2 days trying to settle into our routine. Its tough when the house is like an igloo and the daily chores beckon.

I remember this one incident which happened in Madras and I ll leave you with that. So we were coming back form Mahabalipuram and Hd wanted to get a cup of coffee and we stopped at the Cafe Coffee Day. We waited in the car while he went in. Ashu who is an avid reader these days read the name.

"Coffee coffee day? Thats funny!"
"Read whats written below, Ashu".
"A lot can happen over coffee?"
"Good Job."
"But what does it mean, Amma? What can happen?"
As always I gave my ready response. "You tell me, Ashu. Take a guess."
"Hmmm... The coffee can spill. Or the cup can break."
"ha ha ha"
"Am I right?"


utbtkids said...

Yeah...she is back!!!!

yaadayaada said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Boo and Happy New Year!! so when r writing your travelogue with pics:)


Usha said...

Kudos to Ashu for such profound reflections...Happy New Year...

Sumana said...

She is such a practical girl. Happy new year to you and family.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Boo... had been missing u!
Ashu's innocent ideas are so heartwarming... esp. when 'coffee' today reminds one of deepika padukone's endless legs ;)

Lekha(long time lurker and a BIG fan)

Vidya said...

Lol! And she's right! Coming in here after a long time!

MalgudiTales said...


Been reading your blog for a little while and thought I would delurk today (out of purely selfish interests).

We were planning a road trip (from London) to the Black Forest & Montreux region early May and wanted to check since you are a local if you had any suggestions/ recommendations for places to stay.
I am looking to stay outside in hopefully a small village/ town.

Would appreciate any tips.

A and A said...

Yeah! You are back. Very cute of Ashu!

Anonymous said...

Nice to read abt Ashu!! Happy New Year to you and family!!

Its our space said...

Happy New Year Boo ! Beautiful choice of title. Nothing sums up the feeling better than that after a busy trip.

Look forward to detailed travel posts . Can Ashu do a guest post ? Please ?

dipali said...

What a wonderfully pessimistic point of view!!!

Choxbox said...


B o o said...

Thanks guys! Missed you all. A very happy new year to everyone.

MalgudiTales - Could you email me at boobabytalk at gmail dot com please?

Nihadh Shareefa said...

Dear Boo,

Am Ms. Nihadh from! We are delighted to read your blogs about your travel experiences with Ashu! We would like to get in touch with you so that you can share more of your baby experiences on our website. If interested, please mail me back me at :

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