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January 12, 2011

What did Ashu do in India?

Dont ask what a step ladder is doing in the middle of the living room? My wish is my grandpa's command!

In Mahabalipuram. Can you spot me?

In the crocodile park. I read that the crocodiles can jump. Is there one behind me? Tell me NOW.

I did nt succeed. But I did try climbing!

At the swimming pool in the resort we stayed in Cochin. Any chance to climb, I will!

A titanic moment in the house boat.

Feeding the fish from a wooden bridge in the resort at Kumarakom.

Holding onto my dear life! This was my grandma's idea of fun!

Now this is my idea of heaven!

For once, Im jumping in instead of climbing!

Who said an Oonjal cant be used as a jungle gym?

Climbing up to see what a water tank is!

Sitting on a terrace wall and wondering why theres no "maadi" in Zurich!

I was going through our India trip photos and was surprised that theres a pattern when it came to Ashu's photos. She truly "monkeyed" around a lot. I swear all the photos were taken in a span of 3 weeks and I had no idea that there was a theme going! ;)


yaadayaada said...

Doesn't remind you of our childhood. Especially the climbing part. The coconut tree, oonjal sangili, water tank.. And no resort, swimming pool in our childhood, but the climbing is a constant! Wonderful pix!

utbtkids said...

Absolutely cute! Proves that children will find ways to be wild irrespective of the place they are.

On a different note, 30 years from now, you will be forced to come back to this post and draw safety nets to every precarious climb Ashu is doing. The political correctness police has its eyes on you babe. How dare you endanger the child?!

bitsofchocolate said...

The Oonjal photo takes the cake !

Ashu looks so grown up now - sigh ..

Can't spot you in the Mahabalipuram photo though :-(

Reva said...

She'll climb high!! :) Love the coconut tree pic.. very cute..

ashok said...

wonderful pics!

Choxbox said...

Looks like she had a ball :)

Unknown said...

Ashu is so grown up... extremely cute with the glasses on...

Just one picture of you Boo PLEASE...
it will be my janma sapalyam :)

I have read your blog so many times that I feel I know you like my own kin!!!yaadayaada can I adopt boo as my sister? :)

My dream is to talk with you one day...

Sujatha Ramesh

Meera said...

Yikes.. Ashu looks so grown up with glasses and all. Maybe she is getting back to her roots by climbing every tall structure in view.. But for Ashu's defense, most of it seems to be cos her granny, grandpa, sis, mom made her do it... So the monkeying is her but the motive seems to errr.... :):)

noon said...

Suddenly Ashu looks like a little girl from being a baby girl...she seems to have become thinner and taller as well. Totally cute as always.
Oonjal pic - totally cool - but I would have been scared if I were there...
Super fun time!

R's Mom said...

Lovely pics...Ashu does look grown up suddenly.. :):) and I loved the coconut tree photo..cute

Sumana said...

Wonderful pics. Ashu had a great time looks like. It is nice to see the kiddos indulge in such things instead of getting glued to that idiot box.

Shammi said...

Ashu is growing up really pretty!

Anonymous said...

When did this lil baby of yours turn into a beautiful little girl:) she looks all matured and grown up suddenly..


A and A said...

Very Cute!

B o o said...

really sis! It was surreal to see the girls in kmu doing all the things we did as kids. well, almost all the things! ;)

utbt - LOL! Good that I did nt take a pic when Ashu was riding the auto in standing with 4 more people, huh? ;)

PV - sorry for the confusion. Its ashu asking "can you spot me?" :)

Reva - awww.. thanks.

Thanks Ashok.

Chox - oh she did! we all did!

Sujatha - so sweet! mail YY and Im sure she ll give you enough reasons not to adopt me as your sis!! ;)

Meera - :)

Noon - I was scared too. But not scared enough apparently judging by the fact that I took a photo first! :)

R's mom - One month has brought a sudden change in her. Everyone in Zurich is claiming she has changed as well.

Sumana - Oh the girls were hooked to Chota Bheem and Little Krishna. I have chota bheem still coming out my ears!! But yes, thankfully they did other things too.

Shyam - :)

Bhavani - I know. sigh!

A and A - :)

Preeti said...

She looks so grown up... For a moment I couldnt believe it was Ashu!....

Sojourner said...

mmm... question:
did they paint the house for your arrival?

baby growth