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May 08, 2018

Gopala Gopala...

Antu and her Perippa FaceTiming.

Antu - Did u see the chicks? 🐤
Perippa - Cakes aa?🍰
Not cake! Chick! 🐣
Check aa?🤑

Me - *singing* kozhi kunja thedi vandha gopala? 🎶
Perippa - Oh!! Chicks aa?? 🐤🐣🐥
Antu - 😡

Antu's class is raising chicks. The eggs hatched last week. Highlight of her life!


Me said...

Oh wow! Mine had butterfly this year at school. Apparently, they had chickens in KG!

I used to catch the chicks and bring it to grandparents home and used to feed them rice and watch them peck.

What did you guys feed the chicks?

One day I am going to buy some ranch to just have these.

Me said...

Just realized that photo is at the school and not at home. So never mind the question about the food.