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July 14, 2017

End of Klasse. 6 & Klasse. 2 & a Move.

Another school year gone, just like that. Ashu finishes her primary schooling this year and joins the secondary school from August. The kids are separated into different streams after grade 6 in Swiss and she worked really hard and maintained decent grades to get into the more academic oriented stream. So proud of her. The swiss school system is fantastic for the students but then quite a shock to my system!

Antu danced and jumped and skipped through Grade 2 and is super sad that the year has come to an end. She scored the most points in reading in her class and is most proud! She had two teachers this year and both teachers told me in different occasions that they wish there were more Antus in their class. So Im most proud too!

And we are moving! After 10 1/2 years in good old Zurich, we are moving to Basel end of this month. When our USA move did nt happen 3 years back and Hd took up a new job in Basel, we thought we ll manage living in Zurich and he can commute to Basel everyday. The 100 Kms drive took a little more than an hour and he thought he can do it. But it has been tough and stressful for him and the whole family. So finally, we decided to move. Looking forward to new beginnings! And life in Swiss has come a full circle now that we are going to Basel where Ashu was born and where my blogging began! :)


Anonymous said...

Well done girls. .
Good luck with the move boo and more blogging.
Yay..I could write the first comment. .

Anonymous said...

oh Boo!!best wishes..Good luck dear girls..and all the best with Basel..
Three A
(ungal theveera rasigai:))

Me said...

I am little jealous of HD now. I still drive over 100 kms everyday :)

And life in Swiss has come a full circle now that we are going to Basel where Ashu was born and where my blogging began! :)

..I remember your dad going..Ashu is Indian but made in Switzerland :) are your parents doing? You haven't written about them for a long time.

ashok said...

proud mom ...

Anonymous said...

All the best boo!

anubharat said...

All the best and good luck!! Happy moving. Coming here after ages and didnt feel disconnected at all

Panharith said...

Good luck dear girls..and all the best with Basel..

แตกใน xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi ... I realize I don't know your name, your blog was recommended to me by a friend and I have been reading it for a while now :)

Coincidentally, I will be moving to Basel too in a month, after 12 years. I am from Bangalore.

If you would like to connect, do send me an email at


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