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December 07, 2015


I have been walking around with a heavy heart for a week. All my prayers are with Chennai and its people. And cuddalore and all parts of Tamilnadu affected by the rain. Usually when disaster strikes some part of the world, one is secretly relieved to have not been there at that time. But this is the only time I wished I was there in Chennai so that I can help in any way I could. I felt and still feel so utterly useless sitting here and living this comfortable life when people are homeless and starving and slowly trying to put their lives back together. Get well soon, Madras. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Pins N Ashes said...

Ditto! Wish the city gets back its vigor and people their strength to move on.. !!

ashok said...

Madras has shown a lot of character and grit this time ... Its only the people in power who have shamed themselves....Madras will do well soon.

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