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July 06, 2010

30 Days of Summer.

Since I'm a sucker for punishment and also to retain my "Ulagam sutrum Boo" title, I decided to travel to the US with the kids. The husband wisely talked himself out of the trip sighting work and stayed back in Zurich. Ever since my parents reached my sister's place in May, my sis has been nagging to me to come to her place for the summer. But I said no way. 1. I did nt want to travel ALONE with the kids. 2. I did nt want to travel alone WITH the kids. 3. I did nt want to travel alone with the KIDS. OK. OK. You get my point. But I think my sis talked to Ashu behind my back and coached her or something because Ashu insisted that she wanted to go see everyone and "its not fair Amma, if we don't go". So I gave in. Told myself that since Antu turns two and will get a seat of her own, things might be a bit easier. And whaddayaknow? Things actually were easier. Easier to go the bathroom whenever I wanted to. Easier to eat the food when it was served. Easier to walk with both the kids when I did nt get the stroller in London as promised. Of course things were tougher when the security in London threw away all the baby food because I refused to taste 50% of every yogurt cup/fruit puree.

Ashu: Amma! I want my bag back.
Me: You have to wait, Ashu. They are checking it.
Ashu: But why?
Me: To see if theres anything dangerous in it.
Ashu: But theres nothing dangerous in it, Amma.
Me: I know that. But they don't trust you.
Ashu: *shakes head*

Anyway, we all landed safely without blowing the plane up. No bombs in Antus diaper or knives in Ashus coloring book. Phew. You never know what the kids were up to when you were nt looking, right? ;)

It has been a week but feels like a month. We went to Yosemite for the long weekend and had a blast. Saw a bear just five feet from us crossing the road. And I was standing with Ashu in my hip on the road. She was so thrilled. "Why is there no fence? No cage?", she wanted to know. After that incident, she started saving Honey sachets in her pant pockets so that she can give them to the bears when she sees them again! Antu is still in a daze about the change of place and so many people who cater to her every whim. Thatha and Perippa have replaced Appa and she does nt even give the time of the day to us women folks.

We also watched The Amazing Bubble Lady in the library, went to the beach, watched fireworks on 4th of July (Antu's first and she was gobsmacked) and have loads of plans for the rest of the trip. 3 more weeks to go and I don't know how Im going to deal with the good byes. The NOs and tears and tantrums and all the emotional drama. My parents, Sis are Bil are too much to take when they are a slobbering mess all at the same time. :)


anubharat said...

Welcome to the Bay Area Boo. Hope the heat was bearable in Yosemite during the long weekend, two years back we went and got roasted in the heat

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Welcome back Boo !!
You finally managed to travel ALONE to Bayarea WITH the KIDS ???
Brave act !

Sachita said...

Welcome to bay area:)

Shankari said...

You are in the US of A??? Do plan a trip to the eastcoast and give us poor souls also A and A's and of course B's too, darshan :)

Sujatha said...

Hi Boo,

I am a fan of your writing but rarely comment...
It is great to be with family isn't? I am enjoying my parents visit too.
I hope I will "sight" you somewhere in the Bay area, let's see...


bitsofchocolate said...

Welcome to the Bay Area !

Will keep a pen and paper handy to get your Autograph in case I come in the vicinity of your effervescent presence

Neo said...


could you also please let know if you guys played any new games this time, as i always like the suggestion of board games you have mentioned before.

MIkka Nandri

Anonymous said...

wow just now coming back from irctc site booking train back home (after refusing flying with kids to prax and prax said okay I will fly with divya - you take the train with amma and daya - ofcourse - do you see how many times how happy boo travels with her kids!!! :) ... part was added too!) I guess he is checking your site just about now in tirunelveli web center and I have already booked train here at chennai center - he caved in and said okay I will join the train! (train is no less pleasure but lesser pressure I guess! :) ...)

Now he will tell me, see she says "easier" and I will happily quote the very beautifull written three lines with three sets of bold letters!!! :)

And yes I trust you and I would dare to take the 24 hour flight after they are two I guess!

K3 said...

Its a good time to be in Bay area -- hope you have a grand holiday.

Anonymous said...

Omy god! omy god! You, The Boo, are in the Bay area! I hope to magically bump into you someplace(hint: let me know your usual haunts, I will lurk). 'twill be the hugest celebrity sighting I tell ya.

Anyhow, am a kind gentle soul and if you need some fun while you're here or a mad aunty to look at the kiddos lemme know. Happy to be the gal.


B o o said...

Anu - It was nt too hot.

CA - LOL! Or a foolish one. It depends! ;)

Sachita - Thankoo.

Shankari - I have never been to the East Coast. May be next time! :)

Sujatha - you can "sight" me a lot in Saravana Bhavan! :D

PV - *blushes*

Neo - Ticket to Ride still rules. Power Grid is also a great board game but since it takes too long to finish a game, we have only been playing ticket to ride like crazy. May be you should suggest some games this time? :)

Madura - Since you have twins, make that 3+. :))))

K3 - Its always a good time to be in bay area. I love the weather here. Its fantastic all through the year, right?

Deepa - *blushes some more*

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