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October 07, 2009

Antus sudden vacation.

You would never guess but Antu is in India. Hd had this official trip coming and he was to leave on Monday. On Sunday morning I ask him, "Why dont you take Antu with you? She does nt need a ticket. And conveniently my mom is in Bangalore visiting her family. So you can leave her there." Much to my surprise, Hd said yes. I spoke to my mom and she was thrilled. I was also feeling not too well and the thought of managing both the kids for one whole week while Im sick did nt seem like a good idea. So after a little hesitation, I asked him to call the airlines.

Ashu went to school on Monday morning protesting. "I want to go to India too amma. I want to see Paati Thatha too. Thatha told me that I can come there whenever I want." I told her we both can have lots of fun here and sent her to school. Dad and daughter left in the afternoon. The flight was ok, Hd said. Only a dozen people asked Hd, "you are traveling alone with the baby?" and helped him carry antu, carry the bags,.. Even a co passenger helped Hd to make Antu sleep, it seems! Not fair, I tell you! People actually shoved me and went when I traveled alone with TWO kids! So not fair!

My dad reached Bangalore the next day and Antu is having fun at my grandmas place. Poor thing is too young to know whats happening. I knew my mom could handle it. I could nt predict how Antu will be since shes a little clingy to me. Ashu had spent loads of time with my folks when she was a baby. Antu - comparitively less. My heart did break that Im sending her away from me. I ve not spent a day or night away from Ashu yet.(except during the hospital stay when Antu was born) She has never gone even to a town away. But now at 15 months, Antu is thousands of miles away from home. Its a strange feeling. I dropped Ashu at school today morning and came back to the silent house. I feel so alone. Not a good feeling. Whatever I did with my life pre kids? What did Ashu and I do before Antu? Sigh!

The duo will be back on Sunday. 4 more days. I ve all the time to do some shopping peacefully. But do I want to? Nah! Kids! They just screw our lives like nothing else does. Come back already, Antu. We miss you! Even though Ashu says she does nt, shes only jealous. And Hd! What were you thinking? As if you needed more brownie points!


Anonymous said...

15 months daughter away from you.. how is she doing there?
ah, sorry i dint introduce myself.. my google reader suggested your blog few days back.. i read quite some interesting posts here and hence blog-rolled you. you are sweet, your posts hilarious and good.

and that you live in a heavenly place only added to the attraction, i hope of seeing that part thru your posts as n when u write.

n then i see that MM reads you :) i love her blog too.. so there.

only thing i was wondering is how you get so many anonymous comments and you reply to them as if you know who they are.. thats cool too..

hope u dont mind the stalking..
have a nice time.

Blogeswari said...

Enjaaai maadi!

Praveen said...

kutti paapa in Namma oouru?? I want to see her :)

R's Mom said...

Hats off to you and HD for managing this..infact hats off to your mom for doing this too. You are right about wondering about life before kids...I cant imagine what I did at home when R was not there...I havent managed a single evening without her as of now :)

Unknown said...

I can soo relate to you saying "I ve all the time to do some shopping peacefully. But do I want to? Nah! Kids! They just screw our lives like nothing else does" I sent my 3 year old for 15 days to my parents home n i was soooooooo restless. had so many plans .. did nothing but pine! .. :)
(((((Hugs))))) to u.. 4 days are not too far off!

L said...

Antu in Namma Bengaluru!! Yay!! :-)


Parul said...

What a coup, Boo, well done!

IBH said...

hugsie wugsie me...we are the clingy ones...:) kids always gets adjusted :( trust me :( boo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Whether or not you get the Mother Theresa Award, Boo, your husband is sure to get the Father Benedict Award. How sweet of him to travel across the world with a toddler so that you get a break! Mine wouldn't want to take our kid to the corner maligai kadai if he had his way.

I so understand your loneliness. Aren't you glad Ashu stayed back?

Manchus said...

OMG!! So Antu is already going places at such an young age. Literally!!

My MIL wanted to take Ro with her as she did not want him going to daycare. Also the fact that R is looking for job since April. But I put my foot down as I cannot be away from him. We managed to keep Rh at home so we can manage finances. But probably I should have given to my MIL's req. Especially after reading this....

Hats off to you!! And one thing I noticed is most of your lovely trips are impulsive decisions and they turn out great :)

Tharini said...

wow...that is so cool of you! And I can imagine how ure feeling right now. Thank God its only 4 more have some fun in the meantime ok? :) Brave girl.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

You are a brave girl !!
We crib about our kids all the time, but can't stay without them for more than a few mins ... max few hours .. right??

RK said...

vow... Bravo Bravo...
It was a coup indeed.
So what if you missed Mother Theresa award..
Looks like you'll get Kiran Bedi award :-D))

Please do have some fun and give Ashu the 'pre-Antu' kind of attention :-))

I also remember your post on taking a vacation alone once you wean Antu :-))

Wishes :-D)))

Sachita said...

How is antu handling it? or is she already enough of a daddy's gal to not notice missing amma?

Swaram said...

Antu is in India .. hw hs she been?

I am delurking again after a long time :P

Hope u n Ashu r hvng fun :) Being the elder daughter, I know hw jealous the younger one ws sharing the attention ;)

Sumana said...

Ahh i can see you racking your brains and telling it was not a great idea to think about snding the little one and missing her all the time. LOL kids do screw up our lives big time, how were prekids, that is exactly my question too. Man the brownie ponits again goes to HD???

Poppins said...

See the anyayam we dole out to older kids? Yes. Younger kids get to have more fun like spontaneous trips to see Patti (and be fussed over) because we are so much more relaxed. I mean, would you have sent Ashu away at that age because you wanted a child free week? No.

Enjoy the time with Ashu! Although I do have to admit that the thought of separating the two of them sisters does make my heart stop a little. But it will be fun for A&A - they'll be all over each other once Antu gets back.

And HD - smart man - you know how to keep the missus happy!

Diary Of A Stardusted Dreamer said...

Hi Boo, first time here and totally related to the 'life before kids' bit in your post. Currently I spend most of my life trying to put my 6 month old daughter to sleep, and when she does sleep I am at a loss for things to do with my time!

B o o said...

Tara - by the last update, shes having fun! She even "talked" to me on the phone! :) welcome here and your comment made my day!

Blogeswari - ennatha enjaai! a week just flies away, you know! ;)

Praveen - Shes too busy with her grandpa and grandma and great grandma! :)

Rs Mom - Cant live with them, cant live without!

Shruti - And I call three times a day and ask my folks what Antu ate! Gah! Im becoming my grandma! :D

L - Yup, she is!

Parul - Let Hd bring Antu back in one piece. Then we ll open the champagne! :)

IBH - That they do! We are the senti fools!

Inba - LOL at the Father Benedict award! Hd will be pleased to know! :)

B o o said...

Manchus - Im not sure about sending long term. That might be heart breaking. And separating the siblings for too long somehow does nt bode too well with me.

T - Im watching TV with a very low volume, sensing imaginary potty smells, buying baby food at the store, walking quietly in front of Antus room in the night,... No fun! :(

CA - Make it days! ;)

RK - read my recent post. Pre Antu attention my foot! I need some pre antu attention now!

Sachita - Daddy is busy with work. shes a grandpas girl out and out! :)

Swaram - We are having as much fun as a mom and a 4 going on 14 daughter can have! ;)

sumana - It was a great idea then! :)

Poppy - So true. Even if I were ready, Hd would nt have dared! We should ve had the second one first! :D

newmum - LOL! enjoy the peace while it lasts!

Poppins said...

LOL Boo - those are the exact same words I used recently - we should have had the second one first :p

Mama - Mia said...


what a coincidence! is end off Cubby with M just this tue and blogged about it too! ofcos Cubby was hundreds of miles away, but he had such a blast that i am glad i send him and M agreed! :)

am sure antu is having a ball too! and what a pleasant surprise for your mum! :) my mom was grinning non stop me thinks when Cub was around! :)



Subhashree said...

Antu nalla life enjoy panra... pannatum. Aana edhukku avala anuppuvaanen, ippo feel pannuvaaen?!

Shobana said...

I bow to your dairiyam Boo! Wow. Naren is almost 36months and not a single night has he been away from me. I say night, coz he was with my sis during the daytime for 2-3days, when I was with my dad in the hospital. Wow! Wow and wow again.

Kids they just turn our heart and mind to mush.

Like Inba mentioned, mine wouldn't take him alone downstairs even :( No, I am not exaggerating.

Anonymous said...

ah you are one brave woman! maybe even i should send N to bombay with R this time. N is 2 years old and i havent tried it yet.

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