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June 07, 2009

On a good day.

There was an unsual silence in the house. Antu was napping. I was in the kitchen.

Me - Ashoooooo! Where are you?
Ashu - In the bathroom, amma.
Me - Whatcha doing?
Ashu - Im doing something naughty, Amma. (vishamam panren, amma)
Me - Like what?
Ashu - Im wasting soap and wasting water, Amma.
Me - Why?
Ashu - Because I like it.
Me - Ok. Are you done?
Ashu - Yes, Amma.
Me - Dont waste water, ok? Lot of people are suffering without drinking water.
Ashu - Ok, amma. Sorry.
Me - Its ok. Go and play.
Ashu - Ok. (runs off to her room)

And I continued cutting the vegetables without even moving a step from the kitchen. Sometimes, this parenting gig is easy. Sometimes.


Praveen said...

I knw a mom who behaved like this when she saw her 5 yr old playing with soap and water.

she ran into the bathroom and yelled;
"cha cha cha enna karyam panra. thaniya kottindu, soap-a karanchundu, dress ellam nanachindu...po po"
indha ponna vechundu enna panarthu"

Sue Gir said...

Yeah this parenting thing is really easy this way and it works almost every time. And she learnt a valuable lesson of keeping other people in mind even while having fun. That's good.

Blogeswari said...

You have been tagged!

Anonymous said...

Imagine this scenario in water-starved TN.

Kid: Mum, I'm wasting water.
Mum: What? How dare you? Didn't I ask you to play with my vaira thodu instead?
Kid: That's so boring ma. In my lifetime I've never played with water.

WA said...

HaHa I am going thro a phase of easy parenting too. Whatever I say the response at the moment is, 'sure mum, ok mum, if you say so mum' Dear lord please let this phase last longer

B o o said...

Praveen - Oops. thats me on a bad day! ;)

Sue Gir - I hope the lesson is a keeper. This girl has come to a stage where she has started saying Sorry without meaning it. Shes becoming me!!! Gah!

Blogeswari - Hopping over.

Inba - ROTFLOL! You are too much!

WA - What I would nt give to see Ashu in that phase. but come to think of it, I dont think I have reached that phase as a daughter. Sigh! No hope for me!

Revs said...

See Boo,this star-parenting is what is going to make you a definite-qualifier for Mommy-heaven! :) Naan appovae sonnen!

dipali said...

:) Sounds so cool!

Noodlehead said...

lol! good for you :)

Mama - Mia said...


key word being simple, innit?! ;)



AMIT said...

Good post i liked it.

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